My E3 Wishes… And What Came True!

As everyone who loves gaming knows, E3 was held in June like it is every year. I always look forward to it on a more passive level… I have ideas about what I WANT to see, but I keep my expectations low so I’m not disappointed! Over at, we all chimed in on what we wanted to see at the show. It was fun to read what everyone was most excited about!

Since E3 has come and gone- but I still wanted to share my article with y’all- I figured what I would do is post my original article and add a paragraph after each section explaining if my wish came through or not! Here is the link to my original article, in case you want to see it! Without further ado, let’s begin…


With the next E3 around the corner, I got to thinking about what my E3 wishes were.

More information about Pokémon and Luigi

First off, I’m interested in learning more about Pokémon Sword and Shield! I love Pokémon, and this new generation looks really neat. I know there was already a Nintendo Direct for these games, but maybe we’ll still get more news. I’ve been playing Pokémon Blue lately, so I’m just in the mood for Pokémon I guess!

Pokémon sword and Shield LadiesGamers

Note: This wish did indeed come true! While a dedicated Pokémon Direct aired a few days prior to E3, Nintendo still showed more gameplay from the newest games. It looks so amazing! I definitely want Pokémon Sword because, um, I just like swords!

I also cannot wait for more information on Luigi’s Mansion 3. Luigi’s Mansion is one of my absolute favorite games of all time, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was pretty fun too. Can’t wait to see what spooky surprises are in store!

Note: This wish came true as well! Luigi’s Mansion 3 looks awesome! It’s set in a hotel, so I don’t know if the “mansion” part of the title can really hold true, but anyway… it has the same familiar look and feel of the other games in the series, with new abilities and different ways to explore. Also, Gooigi really just cracks me the hell up. I don’t know why!

Dreaming about Donkey Kong

This is probably a bit of a pipe dream, but I’m secretly hoping another Donkey Kong Country game will be announced. The original trilogy of Donkey Kong Country games on the Super Nintendo were the best, but I’ll take another game in the same vein as Donkey Kong Country Returns/Tropical Freeze too. I’m still holding out hope that maybe the original trilogy will get a remaster- not likely, but a girl can dream!

Note: For about 15 seconds, I actually thought this was coming true! A video clip showed Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and K. Rool in DK’s treehouse crammed up against a window staring at something… I about died because I thought they were revealing a new DK game! But no… it was just a trailer showing the inclusion of Banjo-Kazooie in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Fuck me. 

Animal Crossing in every region

Lastly (and probably most importantly for me) I’m waiting to hear some news on Animal Crossing!! As you all probably know, I’m a huge Animal Crossing fan and love every game in the series. I’m anxiously awaiting the day I can play Animal Crossing on the Switch. And since the Switch is region-free, I’ll probably want a copy from every region so I can enjoy all the different holidays and events 😃

Note: This wish came true as well! Yay! We finally got to see some awesome footage for the latest game in the Animal Crossing series: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s not coming out for the Switch until March 2020, but I’m okay with waiting a little while longer if it means they are perfecting the game! Everything about it looks amazing. I cannot wait! I don’t know if I’ll be able to do the one game from every region thing, though, because I read something about how only 1 island can be saved to your Switch at a time or something. Uggh.

So there you have it, just a few things I hope I get to see at E3. I’m never one to have high expectations though, because I don’t want to be disappointed. We’ll just have to see what happens!

Note: I’m actually pretty surprised that most of the stuff I wanted was shown in one form or another. Just… come on, Nintendo… get back together with Rare and give me a new Donkey Kong Country game with the Kremlings in it!! A re-master of the original trilogy with new features and maybe a few new levels would please me too… I’m waiting…