Gaming Goodie of the Month: My First (Handheld) Console!

Last month, my featured Gaming Goodie was my first Pokémon card! This month, I decided to go back a little bit farther and revisit the console that started my gaming obsession… the Nintendo Game Boy!

“Misty, PLEASE just pose with it!” -me, begging my cat to stay still so I could take a picture. 10 minutes later, this was the best I could do.

Now, I did write a bit about how I got the Game Boy and my fond memories with it back in 2017, so check that out if you want! For those who haven’t read that article, here’s the lowdown: basically, I saw an advertisement on TV for the Game Boy when I was 6 years old and told my mom “I think I would like one of those.” My mom got me one for Christmas, and the rest is history!

I don’t know if my mom ever imagined what a huge part video games would play in my life from there on out. I was OBSESSED! I would play the Game Boy constantly, asking for “5 more minutes” when it was time to go to bed and no doubt costing her a small fortune in batteries!

I have so many good memories attached to that Game Boy. Playing Tetris and Kirby’s Dream Land over and over. Taking it to my friend’s houses down the street and us taking turns playing while the rest of us crowded around the tiny screen waiting for our turn. Spending the night at my friend’s house and us staying up until almost 2am trying to beat Tetris Blast. I could go on and on.

That clunky gray box has been with me for 27 years now, and though it isn’t in working order anymore (at least not until I attempt to fix it like I’ve been meaning to for like 2 years) it sits proudly on my shelf as the first handheld gaming console I ever owned. It started an obsession with my favorite hobby, and I’ll always treasure it!

10 thoughts on “Gaming Goodie of the Month: My First (Handheld) Console!

  1. This is a great choice! I have one old Game Boy that doesn’t work and one that still does. I rarely find myself playing it because it is hard to go back to it, but I have so much nostalgia and good feeling towards it that I will never get rid of mine. Thanks for sharing this part of your collection with us 🙂

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 Yeah playing games on the original Game Boy is quite the experience nowadays… I think my main problem is I have to hold it 2 inches away from my face to see anything, haha!

      1. Same here! It is funny now but back then, you had to buy a special light to attach to your Game Boy to play in the dark too. When I first got my Game Boy, those weren’t around (or at least I don’t think so) and so when it was dark, you couldn’t play at all. Things are much better now 🙂

      2. Haha oh yes, I had a worm light too! A little bit odd, but hey, it did the job! We certainly have come quite far. I remember when I first got the Game Boy Advance SP and it was backlit, my mind was blown haha!

      3. It was a big time feature, especially for Nintendo fans! I bought a Game Gear because it was backlit and I thought the graphics were so nice. The games, on the other hand, not nearly as good 🙂

      4. I had a friend who had a Game Gear, but I didn’t get one of my own until maybe like 5 years ago! 😉 I found it at a Flea Market dirt cheap along with some dirt cheap games, so I figured why not?! Yeah playing Sonic on that small screen is not as fun as it was when I was younger, that’s for sure haha!

      5. That is a great find! 🙂 It was an impressive machine for its day but it is hard to appreciate the system now and like the Game Boy it didn’t get as good of games as the Genesis did. The way it kills AA batteries is pretty scary too 😀

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