Gaming Goodie(s) of the Month: Just a Couple Things From Best Buy!

For February’s Gaming Goodie post, I wanted to show a couple things I picked up at Best Buy recently! It’s nothing major, but still, I think they are pretty cool!

This picture doesn’t do it justice… the colors are stunning!

First, look at this GORGEOUS Dark Samus amiibo that I found! I’ll admit, I didn’t know this existed. Sometimes I am shit at keeping up with stuff. Anyway, I passed on the original Samus amiibo that came out awhile back, but this one was just too gorgeous to pass up. The colors are even better in person!

New one on the left!

Then, I got another adorable little Kirby Squishme (on the left)! I already had one (on the right) and this one was the only one at the store. How could I leave him all on his lonesome?! My husband saw this first and actually hid it from me so I wouldn’t see it… then he told me about it and I grabbed it, haha! Don’t they look cute together?


There you have it! Just a couple little things I picked up. I didn’t need these things, but I had to use my giftcard on something! I also bought the entire Beavis and Butthead DVD collection but yeah… that’s not exactly video game related, lol!

3 thoughts on “Gaming Goodie(s) of the Month: Just a Couple Things From Best Buy!

  1. OMG, not Beavis & Butthead…. hated that cartoon but your cousin Jason used to laugh just like him…drove us 😜…. Always love your posts….can wait to show you my finished product…love ya!

    1. HAHA Beavis and Butthead is hilarious! Of course Jason would copy their laugh LOL!! 😉 Thank you!! 🙂 I just read your post… so cool so far! I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Love you too!! ❤

  2. Dark Samus looks really cool. I don’t really remember that character from the Metroid Prime games (though if my guess is right and Dark Samus came from the Gamecube era, that was quite a while ago…) but they did a great job with it. That Kirby is awfully cute too! 🙂

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