Gaming Goodie(s) of the Month: A Mixed Bag!

Even though March is more than halfway over, I still haven’t posted my February Gaming Goodies post… I’m slow, I know. Better late than never!

First up, I ordered a couple games from Amazon! I got Wii Fit U for the Wii U (obviously). I’ve been trying to work out more regularly (and I’ve been doing pretty good) and I switch between a few different exercise routines- one of them being Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus. I felt weird not having Wii Fit U, so I finally bought it! It came with a little pedometer too, which is nifty.


I also bought something I certainly didn’t need… おいでよ どうぶつの森, or Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori. That loosely translates to “Come to Animal Forest” but the game is, of course, the Japanese version of Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS. I’ve seen this game for sale before and skipped over it because I thought I didn’t need it… the thought nagged me for years until I finally caved in and just bought the damn thing! Like I need ANOTHER Animal Crossing town to tend to… 😉

Next up, we have one of the greatest items I have ever come across:


A GIANT KIRBY!! Look how awesome he is! My husband and I were at Books-A-Million and I was busy being distracted by Harry Potter goodies until he said “Oh no…” when he spotted a big pile of Kirbys! I have never seen such a big plush in person before and I wasn’t going to buy it at first, but he convinced me to. I’m a sucker for Kirby things.

This is how big he is next to a normal sized plush, just for comparison:


Lastly, look at these awesome Kirby socks! These were also at Books-A-Million.


Here’s eveything all in one lovely picture:


So there you have it! I have scored some pretty sweet stuff this month as well, including one that I’ve been waiting for for quite awhile (spoiler alert: ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS) so stay tuned for a post on that next month. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

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