Gaming Goodies: March 2020!

Back in March (which, considering the state of the world, seems like a lifetime ago) I got a few super sweet Gaming Goodies that I’ve been wanting to share!

First off, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had won a drawing for an insulated tote bag from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Normally I have terrible luck with stuff like that and figured there was no way I would win, but I actually did! My bag arrived in early March, and look how cute it is!


It looks just like the little bags in Pocket Camp, complete with the rumpled look of a sack lunch! It’s so cute, I won’t put any actual food or drinks in it, because I don’t want to ruin it!

Next up, a couple PS Vita games:

While out and about going to different stores (which seems like a really novel idea right now), my husband and I stopped at our local GameStop, only to realize it was actually going out of business! As a result, they had all of their stuff on clearance. Surprisingly, they had a few Vita games… so we bought all of them except one, haha! My memory is terrible and I can’t remember the three games he got, but I picked up Code Realize: Wintertide and Lumines: Electronic Symphony. They were 50% off, so we paid about $30 for 5 Vita games. What a great deal!

Next, and probably my most important purchase of March:


ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS! Yay! I was really excited for this game, but I must confess: I was definitely having second thoughts about going out and getting it. I didn’t order it online, because I figured I would just go to Target when it was released because I had the day off of work. However, shit with the coronavirus was really starting to get real, and I had a lot of anxiety about going out! After some serious internal debates, I sucked it up and went to Target, and I’m so glad I did! I went right when they opened and the store was not busy, so I was able to get what I needed and get back home.

Also, as a bonus, I got this awesome little journal!


The journal was actually a pre-order bonus from Target, but when I grabbed the game, I noticed it mentioned that you could get a journal with the game. I asked a worker there and she gladly grabbed one from behind the counter for me- I guess they had some extras from their pre-order, but you had to ask in order to get one 😉

I also picked up this ADORABLE BLOOPER OMG:


So all in all, March was a pretty good month for some gaming goodies!


Thanks for reading!