End Game Thoughts: Yoshi’s Crafted World!

Whyyyy is this week over already?! My husband and I had the entire week off of work- my birthday is 7/26 and our anniversary is 7/29, so it’s something we do every year. Now, since we are still in the midst of a pandemic, we didn’t stay anywhere, but it was still nice to have a whole week off to relax and do whatever the fuck we wanted! I’m going to try not to cry yet- we still have the glorious weekend to do whatever, so I’ll try to enjoy that and not think about the misery I’m going to feel come Monday. Anyway, here’s an End Game Thoughts post!

Game Title: Yoshi’s Crafted World
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Hours Played: about 8

About The Game

Image result for yoshi's crafted world nintendo switch box art

This adorable little gem of a game came out in  March 2019 for the Nintendo Switch. I started playing it January 5, 2020 and beat it February 16, 2020- my first game I beat in 2020, go me!

Anyway, Yoshi’s Crafted World begins with Kamek starting shit because Baby Bowser is a whiny little shit who wants these damn Dream Gems to make his dreams come true, or something. While trying to steal them, Kamek just ends up making a mess and the Gems go flying all over the damn place. All the Yoshis figure they better go get those Dream Gems before those bastards do, so off they go!

What I Liked

Yoshi's Crafted World (Nintendo Switch) Screenshots

This game is SO CUTE! It is an absolute joy to play. I love the graphics and how everything looks like it’s made out of paper/cardboard/crafted objects (though I do prefer Yoshi’s Woolly World in terms of style). The levels and the bosses are fun and unique to play, and there’s a lot of little extras to keep you coming back for more!

What I Didn’t Like

Yoshi's Crafted World Screenshots for Nintendo Switch - MobyGames

I really don’t have any complaints about this game! It’s fun and enjoyable to play, and the final levels of the game are decently challenging. I guess the only thing I have to say here is that the music is just okay- I didn’t mind it, but I wish there was more variety with the tunes.

Closing Thoughts

Yoshi's Crafted World screenshots - Image #27128 | New Game Network

This game is wonderful and is a joy to play. I appreciate how much extra content there is besides “just” the levels- there are Poochy pups to find, souvenirs to gather, costumes to purchase, hide and seek to pay, the Hidden Hills levels to conquer… the amount of content is really nice and keeps you coming back after the credits roll!

8 thoughts on “End Game Thoughts: Yoshi’s Crafted World!

  1. There really is something special for anyone in the Yoshi games – Crafted World was one I grabbed out of random but my sentiments echo yours! It’s just so relaxing, and oozes charm. It’s funny, everyone talks about Animal Crossing as “the game” if you want relaxing gameplay, but all I ever felt was like my list of chores never got done. Somehow, Yoshi’s Crafted World was far more relaxing for me to play than AC. Hah, who’d have thought.

    I’m a good bit into the game, I haven’t played in some time, but I was trying to collect _everything_ on the first go which is very difficult and I definitely burned myself out trying to achieve. Which leads me to my other point, and that’s that it’s exactly as challenging as you want it to be. The collectibles are really well hidden and requires an experienced eye to find.

    Well, off to continue playing Yoshi’s Crafted World, now that you’ve gotten me in the mood to play it again! 🙂

    1. I agree, Yoshi games have always had so much charm and they are just fun to play!! Aww well I do LOVE the Animal Crossing series and have every single game in the series (minus one that was only released in China) and they are super relaxing to play! I think the problem with the latest Animal Crossing is some people might feel like they have to do everything as quickly as possible or they might miss out on stuff- but I think the journey is more important than the destination in this case. It takes me years to complete stuff in AC games- in some of the older games, I still don’t even have my house paid off, don’t have all the furniture, etc. It’s just something I play to relax and don’t worry too much about it! Everyone has different playstyles though- that’s just what works for me so I don’t get overwhelmed 🙂

      Oh, I know what you mean! When I first started Crafted World, I was trying to complete every single little thing and collect everything, but I started feeling like it was a bit of a chore. So I just focused on completing the game first so I could come back to the collectibles later! And you’re right, some of those collectibles are definitely well hidden!!

      Glad I got you in the mood to play again!!! 🙂 Have fun!!

  2. Your plot synopsis about Kamek and Baby Bowser starting shit made me laugh! 😀 I really enjoyed this game and would like to play it again one day. It is just beautiful and charming. I’m really glad to hear you liked it too!

    1. lol well what can I say, I’m not exactly a professional writer!! 😉 I just have fun with it! Aww I agree, I want to revisit the game again too- I still have stuff I want to collect!

      1. It was funny more because the synopsis was completely accurate and described it in a way that Nintendo would never approve of 🙂 I can’t remember if you mentioned it but if you get the chance, make sure to unlock the bonus levels in the game. The final one of those was so charming and cute that it was worth the effort to unlock 🙂

      2. Haha yeah, I don’t see Nintendo approving that 😉 I did unlock a few of the bonus levels, but not the very last one! I’ll be sure to go back at some point, because I do want to eventually unlock everything 🙂

  3. I played the demo of this and really liked it! I think Nintendo does really well with the paper aesthetic (hence the whole Paper Mario thing). I’ll have to pick this one up at some point.

    Aw, staycations ARE the best. Mine is in the beginning of September, and I’m just looking forward to sleeping and catching up on projects. I need to figure out which ones I’m going to work on.

    1. It’s such a cute, fun game! It’s one of those games that’s impossible to be mad at because it’s so charming!!

      I do love staycations! Unfortunately, I already feel like I need another one ugh! But yay, yours is coming soon!! I hope you’re able to get a lot of your projects done 🙂

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