My Gaming Week in Review (7/03- 7/09)!


Nintendo GameCube

Like I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I played Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the very first time! I won’t do a recap on it since I just wrote about it, but here’s a funny screenshot:



Nintendo 3DS

I played some Animal Crossing: New Leaf for awhile. It was nice to visit my town again! I came out of my house and noticed that I had something to dig up right by my house!

Hmmm, what will it be? Hopefully a valuable fossil!

I decided I needed to update my look a little bit, so I went dyed my hair purple and bought some new clothes! Now I have kind of a cute, sporty look!

I love it! For now. I’ll probably change my mind in a week!

I spotted Leif snoozing near my house, so I decided to help him out and pull some weeds.

Even though he’s so lazy, I love him!

I then spent some time shaking trees and picking fruit. I found an “amazing machine” in a tree and thought it sounded cool, so I immediately went to my house to check it out!

Sounds awesome!

Man, was I disappointed.

Um…. well, that sucks! 

There is nothing amazing about that at all! Ugh! Anyway, I also visited my villagers as I traveled through town. Hippeaux has an extremely fancy house!

Who knew he lived so richly!

I also found a house plot for Rolf, and I am very excited he is moving in! I had him in my Animal Crossing town many many years ago, and I love him- even if he is a bit grumpy!


I also chatted with Rizzo, who was camping in Blorp for the day.

I even stopped for a cup of coffee!

Drinking coffee with Kapp’n!

After awhile, I decided to do some fishing. I caught two new fish:  a guppy and an ocean sunfish!

After fishing and selling various items and fruits, I had quite a bit of Bells in my pocket, so I decided to pay off more of my mortgage. I’m getting there!

Blah, I’m always in debt!

I also played some Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer this week. When I started up the game, I chatted with Isabelle. She told me there were a bunch of new projects available for me!

Not today, my dear! 

However, I wanted to do a little something different this time, so I put off the projects for now. I haven’t used my NFC reader to scan an Amiibo card yet, so I checked that out today. If you aren’t familiar with using Amiibo cards in this game, you simple scan in a card and it “calls” the character on the card. You can then design their home! And since I have the first model of the 3DS, I had to get a separate scanner to be able to use the cards. Luckily, it came bundled with Happy Home Designer. 🙂

Anyway, the first customer I called was Stitches! Of course! I love him! Haha.

I chose a location that was bright and sunny with a little body of water nearby. It seems like he would really enjoy the trees and bright flowers too!

Geez, can I live here too?

I decorated the outside of his house with bright, fun colors. In his yard, I went with tons of flowers, a slide, and two sandboxes for him to play in. I also added a swing so he could look out into the water and relax.


Inside, I made almost everything “Kiddie” and I added a couple toys as well as some crayons and paint supplies for him to play with. I left the middle of the floor pretty open so he would have plenty of room to play!

Stitches absolutely loved his new home, and that made me very happy! 😉




I’ve pretty much made it a habit to play Solitaire before bed almost every night. And surprisingly, I’ve won a few games!


I also played The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed for the first time. I REALLY want to see that movie because it looks absolutely adorable! 😉 Anyway, I downloaded it a couple weeks ago and just decided to check it out earlier today.


This game is a pretty standard Match-3/ Candy Crush/ Juice Cubes type game, but with pets from the movie. At the beginning of the game, I’m greeted by Max, who is very excited!


Every level has a different goal, and it seems like every pet wants something different. Max, for instance, is waiting for his owner to come home.


After a couple levels, I unlocked Leonard, who apparently is a purebred metalhead! My kind of dog!


Leonard’s levels required me to match toys to turn up the volume on his speakers. When his owner leaves, he starts out listening to classical music, and he is sitting up very proper…


But once you give him some volume, he rocks out and starts headbanging! I love it!


I only played 5 levels of this game, but it is super cute and fun so far. I will definitely be playing more of it in the coming days!

Those were all the games I played this week. Thanks for reading!

Valentine’s Day Across the Animal Crossing Universe!

Since Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday in the Animal Crossing world that requires much player participation, I decided to combine the events into one blog post. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th (of course!) in all Animal Crossing games with the exception of Animal Crossing: Wild World.

First up is Doubutsu no Mori. Now, in Japan things are a little bit different. Barentein de (Valentine’s Day) is actually a holiday geared towards guys! On this special day, girls will send letters or gifts to the boys in their lives. So, if you are a male, you will receive a letter with a present from your female villagers. Since I am a girl, I didn’t get anything. That doesn’t mean that girls are left out, though- March 14th is Howaito de, and THAT is when girls receive their presents. Anyway, I snapped a picture of the bulletin board announcement for Barentein de:


Next up is Animal Crossing. Here is the announcement on the bulletin board:


And obviously I did not heed Pete’s advice, because my mailbox was full! That means that I didn’t get any Valentine’s! 😦 I was kind of bummed about that. I even saved and played later, after mail would be delivered again- but I got nothing. Boo. I did, however, get a letter from the museum. Apparently I tried to send away my golden rod:


What the hell was I thinking! I must’ve been asleep when I mailed that away! Good thing I didn’t accidentally send it to one of my villagers. Moving on…

In City Folk, Prince was my Valentine. He sent me a letter as well as a chocolate heart.

Here I am with my Valentine!


Lastly, in New Leaf, I got letters from Isabelle and my mom.

Isabelle sent me a chocolate cake, while my mom sent me a spring shirt. Here I am pondering whether or not to eat the cake while wearing my new shirt:


Also, please note that if you go to drink coffee from Brewster in either City Folk or New Leaf, it will actually be hot chocolate instead of coffee! This is a special Valentine’s Day treat.

That’s it for Valentine’s Day in all of the Animal Crossing games! Finally, I am all caught up blogging about February’s holidays. I didn’t mean to get so far behind! The only events left in February are a Fishing Tourney and a Flea Market, which I have blogged about before. See ya!

Festivale in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Like City Folk, Animal Crossing: New Leaf celebrated Festivale on February 8th.

Hurray for Festivale!

When I got started with my game, I noticed a couple of my villagers really getting into the spirit of Festivale.

I decided that I needed to look the part, too! I pulled a Festivale tank and hair accessory out of storage, then headed to the Able Sisters to get some Festivale pants. I then went to Shampoodle and dyed my hair blue, just to be extra colorful! I am digging this look 😉

I am looking fabulous!

Next, I stopped and had a chat with Pavé, who is just as insane in this game as he is in City Folk. What is with this guy?!


In New Leaf, you have to collect feathers to give to Pavé in exchange for furniture. I’ll admit, I like this version of the holiday much better. You can still interact with your villagers to win or trade different color feathers, but you also find  feathers floating around town to catch with your net. To me, this makes it much less aggravating because you are not obligated to talk to your villagers and play their ridiculous games of chance.

Anyway, I wandered around town for a bit, picking weeds as I kept an eye out for feathers. I also fell into a pitfall, which wasn’t very nice!

Who put that there!?!

I hit the jackpot when I caught a rainbow feather! Pavé just LOVES his rainbow feathers. I handed it over to him, and he was thrilled. He gave me a Pavé chair for my efforts.

At this point, I wanted to play more, but my 3DS was running low on battery life. I headed to my house to display my Pavé chair with the other Pavé furniture I had collected in previous years. I hope to have the complete set one day!

The floor and wallpaper are actually just a random pattern, but it fits!

That’s it for Festivale in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Later!

Groundhog Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Much like Groundhog Day in City Folk, Groundhog Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a pretty quiet affair. As I loaded up my game, Isabelle told me it was Groundhog Day and that I should visit her at the plaza. And wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what I went and did! 😉


She gave me a Resetti model in honor of the “groundhog” that would predict how soon spring would come. She also seemed to agree with me about spring coming early.

That’s right, my town’s name is Blorp. Do not ask why.

I then walked over to the photo cutout that was up, and I took a picture of myself with Resetti. I made sure I looked nice and grumpy!

I make this face a lot in real life when I have to deal with people, haha!

I decided to put my shiny new Resetti model on display in my house for awhile. One of these days I will change the furniture so it won’t be decorated for Christmas!

One of these days I’ll also get rid of my ridiculous bedhead…

Also, when I started up my game, Isabelle told me I had a new neighbor. I tried to visit him, but he wasn’t up so early in the morning. I can’t say I blame him!

Welcome to Blorp, you crabby bastard!

That’s it for Groundhog Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Next up, I will be writing about Festivale in Animal Crossing: City Folk! See ya!

Fishing Tourney in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Today was the fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! During the fishing tourney, you have until 6 p.m. to catch the biggest fish. I like to play toward the later part of the day, when someone else has already set the record. That way I can see what I have to beat, and normally if I beat the record, it’s close to 6 p.m. and no one else can beat ME!

Bring it!

As soon as I exited my house, I headed over to Chip so he could explain the rules to me.

I headed down to the beach in search of horse mackerels. Lucky me, I caught one on my first try! My character looks a little stoned, so I’m surprised she caught anything at all. 😉

Haha, what were you doing before you caught that fish?!

I caught a few more fish for good measure, then took them up to Chip for evaluation. NONE of them were big enough to take over first place! Crap! It wasn’t looking good for me.


I headed on down to the beach to fish a little more. I only had about 6 minutes left to fish, so I figured my chances weren’t very good. To my surprise, I caught an 18.50 inch horse mackerel, which I knew would take over first place!

I rushed over to Chip, who confirmed that I was now in the lead. He also gave me a puffer fish tv, which I was super excited about! I’ve been wanting one of those!

With only a couple minutes left of the tourney, I decided to sell off the other fish I had caught. I also took a quick trip to Main Street to visit the museum and say hello to some of my past villagers.

Flurry, why did you move? I loved you!

As I crossed the railroad tracks back into town, I was alerted that the fishing tourney was over. All right, time to see if I won!

Wow, I’m really having trouble keeping my eyes open!

Following Chip’s instructions, I headed into the tent for the awards ceremony. And… yay! I got first place!

Look how cute and happy everyone is! I snagged a gold trophy for my efforts.

Everyone is so happy! Aww!

That’s it for the fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I had a lot of fun. Tomorrow, there is a fishing tourney in both Wild World and City Folk, so be expecting entries about them as well. Good night!

New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

The last New Year’s Day celebration takes place in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I walked out of my house holding a balloon and sporting some wacky hair! What happened last night?!

Who gave me this balloon?

I headed over to the plaza, where Isabelle greeted me with a gift and some warm wishes for 2016.

I also took a couple pictures in the cutout that was located nearby!

While walking around town, I ran into Phineas. He gave me a bronze badge for collecting items. I still have a long way to go before I reach gold!


I chatted up Winnie, who had this to say:

Whatever you say!

Before saving the game, I checked out the zodiac monkey Isabelle gifted me. I actually like it a lot!

He’s kinda grumpy, but still cool!

Well, that’s all for New Year’s Day in New Leaf! Now I’m happy to say that all my New Year’s Day coverage is complete. See ya next time!

An Animal Crossing Kind Of Day…

I was feeling a bit under the weather today, so naturally I turned to video games as my source of entertainment to keep my mind off of how crappy I was feeling! First up, I played Animal Crossing: Wild World!

When I first started playing, I avoided the dreaded “insurance salesman”…

Get lost, Lyle! I already bought your damn insurance!

I shook a space station out of a tree…

How is a space station hidden in a tree? Only the Animal Crossing gods can say for sure…

And Octavian gave me some great insight!

Hmmm, interesting… and completely true!

I also meet a new villager in my town, Bree the mouse!

Nice to meet you, Bree! 

Of course, since I was shaking trees, I got stung by bees several times. Kabuki not-so-kindly told me how terrible I looked.

YOU’RE offensive!

After insulting me, he had the nerve to ask me if I could find him some green furniture! I knew I shouldn’t do him any favors, but Nookington’s just HAPPENED to have a froggy chair, so I begrudgingly went and bought it for him. To my surprise, he had this to say to me:

So for now, all is forgiven. Just don’t insult me any more, pal!

As I was doing some fishing, Octavian caught my attention. Apparently, he was very happy that he came up with a new nickname for me.

His facial expression is too adorable!

I took a break for a bit, then came back after 8 p.m. to catch a song by K.K. Slider.

Not one of my favorite songs, but I still needed it for my collection, so thanks!

After I wrapped up my day in Wild World, I decided to move on to Doubutsu no Mori. It was snowing yet again, and I had 3 pieces of mail to sort through! The first two were from the Farway Museum, telling me they had identified an Apatosaurus head and a Triceratops body. That should fetch me some nice cash! The third was my first letter from the Happy Room Academy, telling me my house was too small and narrow and that you could get injured if furniture isn’t used properly. What gives?!

Why don’t you people buy me a bigger house then!

Ignoring that rude letter, I went to Tanukichi’s shop. He had two tools today! One was a net, which I immediately bought. The second was… a shovel. ENOUGH WITH THE SHOVELS! He also tried to sell me some nasty wallpaper, but I wasn’t buying!

Since I was out and about, I stopped by the train station to hear Totakeke play his music.

My first song in Doubutsu no Mori- K.K. Etude!

Since I don’t have a radio yet, I can’t play his music in my house. I just stored it in my dresser for now.

I also noticed that I had a new villager on my map, so I ran to her house to meet her! This is Kizzu (Astrid). She is very colorful!

Her name translates to “Kids”. Maybe because of the baby head sticking out of her pouch?

I collected some fruit, ran by the dump and police station, and headed back to Tanukichi’s shop to sell my goods. By the time I sold my fossils and other random items, I had enough Bells to pay off my first house loan! Excited, I ran to the post office and made my payment.

Afterwards, I went back to Tanukichi, who thanked me for my timely loan payment. He suggested we upgrade my house since mine is a little on the small side, and he allowed me to choose my roof color.

Here, I am telling him I want my roof to be black.

I’ll find out how much debt I have now once the expansion is complete! It should be done tomorrow.

Finally, I decided to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS. I love this game, but I haven’t shown it any love lately. =( I blame the fact that I am trying to pay off my houses in the other Animal Crossing games, plus the fact that I’ve been bouncing back and forth between a few other games. Anyway, a couple weekends ago I took my 3DS with me to Best Buy and I knew I had received some StreetPasses, which meant I had new homes in my Happy Home Showcase to browse. That was my main reason for loading up my game and playing tonight.

When I first came out of my house, I almost felt disoriented! I hadn’t played this game in so long, I kind of forgot what I was doing.

Look at that bedhead! How long was I asleep?!

I ran into some of my villagers, who confirmed I had been gone for a long time indeed.

What kind of rumors, Katt?! Tell me now!

Why does it seem like longer than 4 months? I went into my house, which was decorated for Christmas… wow. These decorations are from LAST CHRISTMAS. At least I’m ready to go this season!

I felt guilty, so I walked around and talked to everyone I could find. I didn’t fix my bedhead, though. I had better things to do!

I headed up to the HHS, and Digby brought me in. I had 6 new houses to peruse, which was pretty cool! I even received a balloon from a person I had previously StreetPassed, and I saw an updated version of his home.

It’s always nice to see how other people decorate their homes!

Afterwards, I decided to catch a song by K.K. Slider, as I had done in my other games. In a moment of total dumbassery, I completely forgot where I could find him! It took me a couple minutes to realize he was in Club LOL. Whew! Thought I was losing my mind there for a minute.

Uggh…. I’ve never heard this song before, and I DID NOT like it!

I was just about done playing, but I spotted Leif the Sloth sleeping behind a tree.

Wake up, sleepyhead!

I then saved and exited the game, only to find out I had a notification! Why didn’t that load when I first played? I loaded the game up again and got a letter delivered to me by Pete, and look who was sleeping a little closer to my house!!

Silly sloth!

With that, I wrapped up my game playing for the night. See ya!!