First Impressions: Dracula Mystery Trilogy!

When I installed Dracula Mystery Trilogy onto my PC, it actually installed in 3 separate parts! I’m not sure if all 3 parts are interwoven or if they are 3 different stories. Anyway! Since I’ve never played the game before, I decided to start with Part 1!

Pretty cool intro screen! I love creepy things! 😉

The game began with a cutscene of a young priest talking to an older priest about a mysterious death that recently occurred. The older priest wants to send the younger priest to Transylvania to investigate, and the younger priest happily complies. I think, anyway. For some reason I had a hard time paying attention to what was going on, lol!!

Anyway, the young priest  (whose name is Father Arno) arrives at his destination, and I began controlling him. At this point I realized I was actually playing a point and click game. Very cool! I actually really enjoy these types of games, though they are not for everyone. You really have to slow down and investigate your environment, or you may miss a vital clue!

I tried to get on the train and go back home, but I wasn’t allowed. Guess I’m stuck here now!

So I wandered down the silent, deserted street and I found the inn I was supposed to be staying at.

Something doesn’t seem right about this place…

I rang the bell, and a scary looking woman came out and just stared at me!


She turned out to be really nice, though, and she told me where my room was. She also told me there was a letter on my desk and there was a gentleman staying in the room across from me that wanted to speak to me.

Seems homey enough, I guess…

I found my room, which was small and sparsely furnished.

I see a sink, but no toilet. What gives?

I tried to sleep on the bed, but the game wouldn’t let me!

Screw what happened to that lady, I just want to go to sleep!

I then examined the letter I received, which contained a lot of boring vital information about the woman who died.

No way am I reading all this shit!

I also tried to talk to the guy who wanted to speak to me, but I couldn’t really interact with him. A dialogue box popped up that said he was a heavy smoker, but nothing else happened. Guess he wasn’t ready to talk to me yet!

I then went outside and explored a bit, and I ended up in a misty, spooky graveyard.

Looks lovely…

There was a (slightly creepy looking) gravedigger there, and he gave me a lot of information about the woman who died. After speaking to him, I went ahead and ended my game for the night.

Of course I wound up in a graveyard…


I only played this game for one day because of the type of game it is. Point-and-click games are usually pretty heavy on storylines, and I thought it would be a waste for me for invest only a small amount of time on it. I want to actually play through this entire game and learn the whole story someday, so I didn’t want to continue at this time.

I actually really like the game so far. It has a creepy vibe to it, like you just KNOW something bad is going on. You just don’t know WHAT, and that makes it unsettling. The cutscenes are a little blurry (but that could just be because I had it on fullscreen mode), but the graphics themselves are actually quite good. It almost reminds me of a haunted house I made in the program Cinema 4D when I was going to school for graphic design many years ago, so that’s pretty cool. Overall, this is a pretty cool game and I definitely want to finish it at some point!

Time To Play Dracula Mystery Trilogy!

Continuing on with my quest to try out all my unplayed games, this time I have chosen a game called Dracula’s Mystery Trilogy for the PC. It was released in 2011 by GameMill entertainment. This game was in the “cheap” PC games section at Target a few years back and I thought it looked pretty interesting. I didn’t buy it when I saw it for whatever reason, but my husband went back and bought it for me! Take a look at the front and the back covers of the game:

Doesn’t tell you much, does it? I just wanted it because it seems like it has some potential to be an interesting horror/ suspense game. Just because a game is cheap doesn’t mean that it is crap- that’s always been my philosophy anyway. I’ll try out almost anything! I’ll play this game for a couple days, then be back with my first impressions to let you know how the game is! 🙂