First Impressions: Stardew Valley!

Like I mentioned a few days ago, I finally bought and started playing Stardew Valley last week! I’ve wanted this game for so long because it seemed like a great mix between Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and maybe even a little bit of Minecraft/ Terraria. Plus, the fact that this game was all created by one person just blows my mind! Anyway, here’s my first impressions of the game!


The game didn’t take that long to download, which I thought was nice. I’ve never used Steam before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect! Immediately after clicking to start a new game, I was presented with a robust character customization screen!


I tinkered around with the options for a bit (so many shirts to choose from!) then thought about what I wanted to name my farm. I decided to give a humorous nod to my grandfather and name it Spartacus Farm. It’s a long story, but sometimes when I was a kid he would come out of his room randomly and yell “I’m Spartacus!” for no reason. It used to crack me up because it was so random and silly!

It took me a minute to decide what kind of farm I wanted, too. I know there was a recent update that allowed you to choose a different type of farm, but in the end I decided to stay true to the original game and just pick the standard farm. I figured I can always create another character later and choose a different farm!

So the game begins with me working some boring ass job and just hating life in general. I opened a letter from my grandpa, who told me to go live on his farm in Stardew Valley. If only it were that easy to just ditch the world and go live on a farm…


Upon arrival in Stardew Valley, I met Robin, who showed me to my farm. What a mess this place is!


After meeting the mayor, I was pretty much free to do whatever I wanted. I had a new goal to complete, which was to meet everyone in town. I immediately set off and met several people on my first day. Some were nice, like Evelyn…


And some seemed a little off-putting, like Haley!


I did a little bit of exploring just to get myself used to my surroundings, too. I found a cute playground but I couldn’t play on it!


After awhile it started getting dark, so I wanted to head back to my farm. Luckily there is a map to use, because I got so lost!


The next morning when I woke up, I had a letter from some man named Willy who wanted to meet me! It sounded a little odd, but I went to see him anyway. Turns out, he wanted me to have his old fishing pole. Um, okay…


I basically spent the next few in-game days just exploring and trying to get myself used to where I was. Some other interesting places I came across were an arcade…


a cemetery…


and some creepy, dark alleyway! The music even turned spooky when I got in this area, so who knows what that’s all about.


Anyway, after like 5 in game days, I still hadn’t met everyone! That annoyed me, so I looked to see who I hadn’t met, then used a Wiki Guide to find out exactly where they all hung out. Hey, I have no problem using a guide if I need one! I didn’t want to waste too much more time trying to find these jerks. So I finally met Elliott on the beach, Linus near his tent, and Maru at her house.

I had previously seen Maru in her house, but she was in her bedroom and I couldn’t go in because we weren’t “good friends.” Fine!

I also tried to talk to Haley one day, but it said she was ignoring me! That pissed me off, so I started following her around. After a minute, she started running from me! Haha! I chased after her for a bit, then left her alone. What a snooty bitch!



All in all, I’m really enjoying this game. The controls were a little weird to get used to at first, but I’m not a huge PC gamer, so I’m not used to playing with a mouse and keyboard! Overall, though, this seems like a really fun, addicting game. I can’t wait to see what happens in the coming months and years in Stardew Valley! I’m very glad I finally bought it 🙂

First Impressions: Yoshi’s Woolly World!

First of all, I just want to thank you guys for all your support. Your messages and comments mean a lot to me. Dealing with my grandfather’s passing is rough stuff, but I’m grateful for all of your kind words!

Second of all, I’ve recently been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by bobaandgames! That’s really cool. I’ll be doing a blog entry on that award next 🙂 Now, onto my blog entry!

One thing I thought would be a fun “New Year’s Resolution” of sorts was for my husband-

Hang on, you know what… I’ve been doing this blog for over a year, and I always just type “my husband.” His name is MICHAEL, so from now on when you read about Michael, you know who I am talking about! 😉

Haha, now that that is off my chest… I thought it would be fun for Michael and I to team up and tackle a game together. We used to do it way more often but as of late we’ve always just tackled our own backlogs separately. I proposed the idea to him, and he was on board! I figured I would pick the first game, since it was my idea 😉

Since the Wii U is set up in the living room, it seemed fitting that we would play a Wii U game first! I was going to pick Super Mario 3D World, but when I saw Yoshi’s Woolly World sitting there, looking sad in its wrapper, I knew that would be a great game to start with!

Just starting up the game made me smile- the intro screens are too adorable!


There are two game modes to choose from, and we choose Mellow Mode. Yeah, we made sure the game was easier, don’t judge!


After a short introduction where Kamek, who is always a huge pain in the ass, turned all of the Yoshis into yarn, the game began!


We didn’t do two player co-op, we just set it to one player and switched off every level. We played through the entire first World. The game is so cute! I love how it feels like Yoshi’s Island but looks like Kirby’s Epic Yarn. In the first World, we learned basic game mechanics…


Bounced high in treetops…


Turned into a floating umbrella…


Hung out with some Chomp Rocks….


Defeated Big Montgomery, a giant mole with a bad attitude….


Balanced on windmills…


Dealt with bomb-throwing Shy Guys…


Turned into a giant….


Hung out at the beach…


Turned into a motorcycle…


Played on some giant… yarn balls…


And defeated Burt the Bashful! He doesn’t like his pants being pulled down, but then again, who does? 😉


To wrap up the night, we played through the first level of World 2, which had some weird wavy walkways in it!


We also knitted two Yoshis back together: Treetop Yoshi…


and Yoshimelon!


Apparently collecting all the yarn in each level will knit back together another Yoshi. We definitely missed a few, but we’ll probably go back for them another time. I always like to play though and beat the game first, then go back for extras later.


This is a very fun, sweet game! I love the aesthetic, and the gameplay is fluid and easy to pick up. I cannot wait to play through more of it and knit even more Yoshis back together! 🙂




First Impressions: Fantasy Life!

I really, REALLY want to clear out some of my backlog this year, so I’m getting started right away by playing games I’ve bought but haven’t even touched yet! Some of my games are still packed away so I decided a portable game would be best to start with for now. I settled on Fantasy Life, and game for the 3DS that I bought some time ago. It was still sealed in its wrapper and everything. Sad! I’ve been interested in Fantasy Life for awhile. I love how you can choose a Life for yourself (the game capitalizes the “L” in Life, so I will too!), build that Life up, then switch to a completely different path! This seems like it will keep things very fresh and exciting. I know how I am, and I’m sure I’ll eventually want to master all 12 different Life paths. I’m a glutton for punishment, I know!

The title screen…

The game starts out with a surprisingly robust character customization screen. I spent quite a bit of time trying out all the different facial features, eyes, hair colors, etc. on my character. Of course, I modeled her after myself. I seem to have an issue making random characters! Right away, the game asked me to choose my Life path. After thinking long and hard about it, I decided to become a Mercenary first. It just sounds cool!

Allegiance to none… haha, me likey!

After a short introduction to the land of Reveria, the game began with me falling out of my bed. My nosy landlady was concerned for me, then she said I needed to check the mail. Okaayyy lady! Talk about random!

Mind your business, PAM.

I received a letter from the King, telling me to come see him after I had received my Mercenary license.


With that, the Prologue began!


I went to the Guild office and got my novice Mercenary license from a guy who seemed snarky and weird. Oh well.

I’m not talking to you ever again if I can help it, loser!

With license in hand, I started to make my way to the castle. However, I ran into a butterfly that was being bullied by two dim-witted assholes!

These idiots are bullying an insect. Just let that fact sink in.

I decided to help the butterfly, and the jerks searched my pockets and took my candy. Seriously.

If I’m a mercenary, why couldn’t I just chop their heads off or something?

The butterfly was happy I helped her (um, at least I think its a her? I’m just going to keep typing that unless I’m proven otherwise). She then left me to go up to the castle, so I followed suit. When I got there, however, the guards told me I was dressed sloppy and couldn’t see the king like that!

So passive- aggressive! 

Meanwhile, the butterfly was being told she couldn’t see the King because they didn’t allow insects inside. She tried to play it cool because she knew me, but they weren’t letting either of us inside. I literally have no idea what’s going on here…


The butterfly then had the sneaky idea of turning herself into a bowtie and attaching herself to my clothes. That way, I would be more “dressed up” and she could see the King inconspicuously.


Surprisingly, this scheme worked, and I met the King. He leaves a lot to be desired.

He basically congratulated me on choosing a Life path, then gave me 300 Dosh (the game’s currency).


With that, the Prologue was complete!


After I exited the castle, the butterfly was going to go off on her own. However, she really wanted to just stick close to me, so I told her she could. She was so excited!


After that, I ended my game for the night.


This game is cute so far. The story is a little weird, and I don’t know what a random talking butterfly has to do with anything, but I’ll just run with it! The graphics are a little choppy, but that doesn’t really bother me. I’m anxious to see what happens when I actually start performing tasks as a Mercenary!

First Impressions: Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo!

I actually had some time over the holidays to dive into Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome amiibo for the 3DS, which I was really happy about! I was happy to have the opportunity to start fresh and see firsthand how the Welcome amiibo updates were incorporated into New Leaf!

After answering a few questions for Rover, I stepped off the train and into my new town of Tilt! (Fun fact: Tilt is the name of the arcade my husband and I met at almost 14 years ago!)


Despite telling these cute but hard-headed animals that I was NOT their mayor, they wouldn’t listen to me, and I became the mayor anyway. My new secretary, Isabelle, told me I needed to become a resident before I did anything else.


I found my pal Tom Nook, who set up a tent for me to camp out in until I had enough to make a down payment on a house. Dude, if I’m the mayor, you should treat me a little better than that! Asshole…

Anyway, after that, I planted a tree and officially become the mayor of Tilt!

I then met my new villagers: Poppy, Purrl, Ruby, Tucker, and Genji.

I got a present in the mail from Nintendo, but it was just the instruction manual for the game. Thanks?

I also learned more about MEOW coupons, which you get by completing certain town initiatives like the one below:


You can then trade coupons for items at the campground, which is run by a cool dude named Harvey!



I love the hippie vibe! I’ve had several campers, including Pavé, Zipper T. Bunny, Blanca, Jack, Saharah and Franklin! I haven’t scanned any villager cards just yet.

Since it’s winter, I’ve been making snow people every day, even though this tends to happen:


I didn’t drop that in the pond- a dung beetle pushed it in there! Those things can be so annoying sometimes.

I also found Wisp’s lamp, so I can summon him whenever I want! He’s so cute.

I’ve had several new villagers quickly move in, including Frank, Pashmina, and Julian, with Eloise on her way!

I’ve also managed to fall in a few pitfalls… rude!


I didn’t get to participate in the New Year’s celebration, but I did visit Isabelle and Crazy Redd earlier in the day, and I got a snazzy New Year’s hat to help celebrate!

Last night when I played, the Northern Lights were quite stunning.


Oh, and one last thing… Nookling Junction has yet to sell a damn slingshot, so I’ve had many balloons go sailing right past my head! 😦



I have nothing but praise for this game! I am really enjoying my new town, and I love all the new features that were added to the game. The campground is probably my favorite addition, because you never know who is going to show up each day! I’m so glad my husband got this game for me! 🙂

First Impressions: Lifeline!

It’s been a busy few days around here, since Thanksgiving was Thursday! Hope all my American friends had a great one! 🙂 Now the holiday season has begun, which I am pretty happy about. It’s such a nice time of year!

Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous posts, I recently played a game called Lifeline on iOS. I actually downloaded this game quite awhile ago when it was free on the App Store, and although it has always intrigued me, I never got around to playing it. Then I recently came down with the cold from hell, and I didn’t feel like doing shit for days! It was even too much effort to play a game like Animal Crossing- that’s how horrible I felt! So while browsing through my phone, I came across Lifeline, and I figured it was the perfect time to start playing!


Lifeline is a game that is not designed to take up very much of your time. The intro screen really says it best:


So the premise is, an astronaut named Taylor has crash-landed on a distant moon and he has no idea what happened. He sends out a transmission signal to attempt to get a hold of someone, and he somehow manages to get through to you!

This game kind of reminds me of a choose your own adventure novel. Taylor will talk to you and the game will prompt you with a couple different responses. Sometimes he’s asking you to help him with an important decision, sometimes he just wants to chat. He’s a bit of a smart ass at times, which is kind of fun!

What I thought was really cool about this game was the fact that the game does not need to remain running! Sometimes Taylor would be busy for long periods of time, and when he starts talking again, it shows up as a notification on your phone.


The whole point of this game is for Taylor to get rescued from this alien moon. The problem is, weird things keep happening all around him…

I don’t want to post too many of my screenshots, since I don’t want to ruin the game for anyone! However, around the third day of playing, things started to get a little tough. It was obvious that Taylor was being influenced by the mysterious circumstances surrounding him, and it was hard to keep him focused!


Nevertheless, I managed to successfully get Taylor rescued on my first play through of the game! I couldn’t believe it! I thought for sure I’d have to play through the game several times to get to the ending.


I was happy I beat the game but then I realized… I had no incentive to play the game again. None. I mean, if Taylor would have died, I would have immediately restarted and tried to figure out where I went wrong and what path I could send him down to change things. But since I won, I don’t feel like playing the game anymore, at least not for a long time. Despite this, it was a really cool game, and at times it actually did feel like there was a real person I was communicating with! There are other Lifeline games, which I may check out at some point.

First Impressions: Animal Crossing: Wild World (VC)!

Finally, after weeks of packing, moving, unpacking, organizing, blah blah blah, my house is starting to look like a house and not a war zone! There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are coming along nicely! My office contents are still all boxed up for the most part though, as we are getting ready to paint in there. This means that most of my video games are still packed away, because I don’t want to set everything up only to move everything around again to paint! I did, however, unearth my 3DS and my Wii U! (Too bad all of my Wii U games are still packed up, but whatever) I was happy when I found out that Animal Crossing: Wild World was released on the Wii U Virtual Console a few weeks back! I have been waiting for this game to come out ever since it was released in Europe almost a year ago, I believe. I was so busy moving, the release snuck right by me until I read about it on Jeff’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf Blog. Since I just set my Wii U up in the living room, I decided to download it!!

Sooooo exciting!!

I was so excited to see the screen load… even though it looked a little different than I had imagined. The “DS” screens are pretty damn small on my tv, so I had to look down at the gamepad to see what I was doing! Even then, it was a little hard to see.

Well this is… different.

Anyway, I met Kapp’n in his cab, and I answered a few basic questions for him.

Soon, I arrived in my new town, Satanica!

Home sweet home!

I LOVE my town’s set up! All of the shops and city buildings are on the left side of the map, while my house is nestled away all by itself on the right side. It’s like I have my own little private sanctuary near the beach, which is something I wish for in real life! 😉 I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before a villager moves in near me, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Love my town map!

I got a good look at my character for the first time. She’s kinda cute, though her hairstyle is gonna have to change, haha!

Well, she has blue eyes like I do in real life!

I barely had time to enjoy my new digs before Tom Nook came to pester me about paying him. Check out my thrilled expression!

Uggh, can I just enjoy my new town for 5 MINUTES please!

Of course, Tom Nook wanted me to work for him to pay off some of my debt. After planting some trees and flowers, I met my 3 new neighbors: Nan, Apollo, and Filbert. I also introduced myself to the mayor, Tortimer.

So, I was enjoying the game, but honestly, the screen was bugging me a little bit. I was a little disappointed that everything looked so tiny. Then I realized… you can change the screen settings! DUH! I’m so dense! To be fair, this is my first DS game on Virtual Console, so I wasn’t aware of the settings! 😉 Anyway, I played around with them for a few minutes, but ultimately, I like it set up this way:


So the top screen is small and on the left side, and the bottom screen is the main focus on the right side. Not much goes on on the top screen in this game, so this is the perfect set up. As a side note, it’s kind of a bummer that everything is right handed. I’m a lefty, so it’s nice when there’s an extra setting to accommodate my awkwardness! I’m totally used to it, though, so it’s not too big of a deal.

Moving on! I wanted to finish my jobs for Nook, because he was starting to get an attitude with me!

Wow, thanks douche!

After a few more quick tasks, I was done! If only it was this easy in real life.

I wish…

Once I was done working, I immediately shook a few trees to gather some cherries, sold them to Nook, and bought the net and fishing rod he had in his shop! There better be a damn shovel for sale tomorrow.


Since it is Saturday, I figured K.K. Slider would be performing, but nope! He was nowhere to be found! Maybe because I just started the game, he wasn’t there. Who knows.

Aww. an empty stage… how sad!

However, despite this being the first day of me playing, the game announced that the Flea Market was happening today. As I entered my house to place my hammock that Nan had given me, Apollo busted in and tried to buy each of the four measly pieces of furniture I had! No way buddy!

That’s my only light source right now…. so no, you can’t have it!

After that, I walked along the beach, picking up shells and catching fish. I then ended my game for the night!

My first fish!


I was so happy to see this game come out on Virtual Console. Even though I own (and still actively play) the DS version, it’s still really cool to see this game on the big screen. The game seems to have ported over quite nicely, and I’m sure I’m going to be enjoying it for a long time!

First Impressions: 101 in 1 Explosive Megamix!

Like I wrote yesterday, I tried out a game from my backlog last week called 101 in 1 Explosive Megamix for the Nintendo DS. Now, I bought this game for like $1.99 at GameStop, so I got it cheap. Thank the lord I got it cheap, because if I would’ve paid $20 for this game… ugh!

Anyway, I bought this game because I do love game compilations, if they are done well. Clubhouse Games for the DS is still one of my favorite games, and I spent hours upon hours playing it. But this game…. nah, it’s not quite in the same league.

First of all, when I tried to start this game, my DS wouldn’t even read it! I tried several times, but it never worked. It even caused my screen to freeze up, which isn’t a very promising sign. I cleaned the contacts of the game cartridge with some alcohol (and was transported back to the NES/ SNES days!) and luckily, that seemed to solve my problem.

Because this was a used game, there was already save data on it. I briefly checked it out, but whoever owned this game didn’t really get that far, so I just deleted it and started my own file.

There are only a handful of games available to you at the start, and the rest you have to unlock with coins you earn by playing games. Oh, the games. That’s the main point of this thing, right? Too bad most of the games I played were cheap, boring, and uninspired!

Take Basketball for example. You’re supposed to flick the ball with your stylus from the bottom screen up to the hoop in the top screen. Good luck with that! The game seemed sluggish and unresponsive, and if you missed, the ball would just bounce around lamely for about 5 seconds before you could shoot again. After a minute, the game was over.


What about Tornado Hockey? That sounds fun! Well, NO, it’s not! It’s a rip off of air hockey that has absolutely NOTHING to do with tornadoes. I don’t get it. Anyway, when the game first started, the puck was bouncing back and forth between my paddle and the CPU’s paddle. I just stared at it for like 10 seconds, but nothing happened. When I moved, the CPU moved, and for one crazy second I thought I was actually just playing against myself. Moving on…


Circus and Soccer both shared a similar premise: your shit can’t touch the ground, or it’s game over. For Circus, it was hoops, and for Soccer, it was- surprise!- a soccer ball. Again, with sluggish touchscreen response, these games were pretty much no fun at all.


Card Castle just flat out pissed me off. The whole point is to draw a triangle to build cards on top of each other. But once I got to this point:


the game flat out REFUSED to recognize any more drawing that I did. I drew perfect triangles, shitty triangles, I scribbled all over the screen… nothing. Talk about frustrating!

They weren’t all bad games, though. I really enjoyed Sushi, where pieces of sushi rolled across the top screen and you had to spear as many of them as you could before time ran out. Darts was also fun and fairly accurate, which was surprising.


The last game available for me to play was Aquarium and wow… this game made no sense at all. Just read these instructions:


So, I’m leading a smiley face around fish, eating bubbles and cheese? What the fuck where these people smoking when they came up with this idea? Hey, I realize a lot of games don’t make sense, so I’ll try anything. It probably would have even been funny if it was executed properly. Too bad the smiley face is hard to control and it pops after about 2 seconds.



Despite my criticisms, this isn’t the WORST game I’ve ever played. There were a couple good games hidden among a bunch of mediocre-to-highly-annoying games, but there are many more to be unlocked. I just don’t know if I will ever get around to unlocking them all, but I’m sure there are bound to be a few more good ones in there. It’s a shame, really, because the graphics aren’t all that bad and the menu interface is kind of cute. Part of me wants to keep playing it, but I have much better games to attend to right now. Oh yeah, and the music makes my ears bleed. If you ever play this game, turn that shit off!