My Animal Crossing Collection Part 1: Games!

I thought it might be fun to share some pictures of my obsessive crazy collection of Animal Crossing stuff! I was originally going to make this one long post, but I figured it might be better to split it up into a couple different ones. Anyway, as many of you know, I have been a huge fan of Animal Crossing ever since it was announced for North American release back in late 2001/ early 2002, and since then I have amassed a humble collection of games and other crap that makes my little black heart happy! This first post will show all of my games, along with their respective game guides. I don’t have guides for Happy Home Designer or amiibo Festival, because they were only released in Japan and I don’t have the Japanese versions of these games. Enjoy!

**Games are listed in order of release date**

1. どうぶつの森 (Doubutsu no Mori)- Nintendo 64


Doubutsu no Mori was released in Japan in April 2001. I finally acquired this game back in 2015 and it was one of my happiest days ever, because I was so thrilled to finally own the game that started one of my all time favorite series!

2. どうぶつの森+ (Doubutsu no Mori +)- Nintendo GameCube


Doubutsu no Mori + was released in Japan December 2001. I originally held off on purchasing this game because I erroneously thought it was the same as the North American version of Animal Crossing. After realizing it was a different game, I bought it! Now if I can EVER find time to mod my extra GameCube to play Japanese games, I can actually play it! I’m happy just to own it, though.

3. Animal Crossing- Nintendo GameCube


Animal Crossing was released in North America in September 2002, and was the first Animal Crossing game I ever played. And it was love at first sight! I spent countless hours befriending villagers, hunting down every last bug, fossil and fish, and decorating- and re-decorating!- my house. I also got many of my friends addicted to this game- sorry for that, guys! 😉

4. どうぶつの森 e+ (Doubutsu no Mori e+)- Nintendo GameCube


Doubutsu no Mori e+ was released in Japan in June 2003. Like Doubutsu no Mori +, I thought this was pretty much the same thing as the North American version of Animal Crossing, maybe with a small update. After realizing there were some differences, I bought it, and now I’m just waiting to play it once I mod my extra GameCube!

5. Animal Crossing: Wild World- Nintendo DS


Animal Crossing: Wild World was released in North America in November 2005. I was so excited for this game, I pre-ordered it, which is something I don’t do very often! I remember thinking how awesome it was to be able to play a portable Animal Crossing game. I was a little bummed that they took all the holidays away, but it is still a fantastic game!

6. Animal Crossing: City Folk- Nintendo Wii


Animal Crossing: City Folk was released in North America in November 2008. I was super excited for this game because it took all the fun stuff Wild World had to offer and added the holidays back in, which was cool! However, I was slightly disappointed that City Folk seemed to be pretty much a port of Wild World- even the music was the same! Also, the grass wear irritated the shit out of me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love this game though!

7. Animal Crossing: New Leaf- Nintendo 3DS


Animal Crossing: New Leaf was released in North America in June 2013. Aside from Animal Crossing on the GameCube, this is my favorite game in the series! I had so much fun with all the new features, and I really loved how the holidays were done. The inclusion of the island was awesome too!

8. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer- Nintendo 3DS


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer was released in North America in September 2015. This game really allowed for creative freedom as you got to design homes for all of the villagers! I thought it was neat that you could scan in amiibo cards to get whatever villager you wanted. Curiously, you could never design your own home 😦

9. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival- Nintendo 3DS

See above picture 😉

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival was released in North America in November 2015. I’ll be honest, there isn’t much to this game at all. It’s like a Mario Party- lite game: a board game without any of the mini games. It got crappy reviews, but I still like this game anyway. It’s kind of relaxing in a way, plus it does have other modes that you can unlock if you don’t want to play the board game part of it.

10. Animal Crossing: Wild World VC- Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console


Animal Crossing: Wild World was re-released for the Wii U VC in North America in October 2016. I wasn’t aware of this for almost 2 months and I hurriedly downloaded it when I realized it was available! Yes, it’s the same game as the DS, but I don’t care. I was happy to start a new little village and re-experience the game all over again!

11. Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo- Nintendo 3DS


Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo was released in North America in December 2016. A downloadable update was available from the eShop that added all the new features to your existing New Leaf game, but I wanted the physical copy of this game! It added a lot of cute features to New Leaf, including a campsite and daily goals.

12. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp- iPhone/ Android App


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released in North America in November 2017. This fun little mobile game has kept me entertained with new events, new animals, and new items to craft! It can be a little repetitive at times, but I really appreciate how the developers try to keep things fresh. In fact, I play this game every morning before I have to leave for work- it calms me down and gets me prepared for the day.

So there you have it! All the games in my Animal Crossing collection. Here’s a couple shots of everything all together:

And yes, the Wii U gamepad represents Animal Crossing: Wild World VC, and my old iPod represents Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I’m a weirdo, I know! 🙂

Christmas Money Goodies!

Along with the great gifts I received for Christmas, I also received some cash and gift cards, which is always great! That means I treated myself to several gaming related goodies. Did you really think I would spend that money on anything else? 😉 Fine… I did buy some photo bins for my 5 billion photos I have printed out… anyway! On to the goodies!

The day after Christmas, my husband and I ventured out to GameStop and Target and came home with several goodies!


Quantum Break was my husband’s choice, but all the rest were mine hee hee 🙂 They were pretty good deals… Yo Kai Watch 2 was only $11 (Target had it in their clearance section), Summon Night 6 was I think $20, and The Walking Dead was free because GameStop was running a promotion! Sweet! And I’ve had my eye on that Goomba amiibo since it came out!

Side note: the back cover of Summon Night 6 is funny as hell, and the game cartridge has the cutest little character on it! I’m not familiar with this series, but did some research on it and seems like it’ll be fun.

Then the next day my husband ventured to a different Target and found THIS:


An SNES Classic in the wild?! For a reasonable price?! I could hardly believe my eyes. I’m so happy to have one!


In a subsequent trip to Target and Cybertron (a local video game store I’ve mentioned before in other posts) we bought this stuff:


The Zelda case is awesome and holds my New 2DS XL perfectly, so I love it! I took a chance on Tengen for the Sega Genesis because I’ve never heard of it before, but it seems like a fun little puzzler.

I got myself a couple game guides off of Amazon:


Along with some more Animal Crossing cards. Hey, I only needed to spend only 65 FUCKING CENTS to get free shipping, so I picked some AC cards to throw me over 😉


Then I bought 2 games that made me very happy:


New Kirby releases are always must- haves for me, and I love Mario Party games even though they are often infuriating!

Then just today, I bought these two games at Best Buy:

The Longest 5 Minutes definitely has an interesting premise: you actually start the game at the final boss, but you lose your memory and have to piece everything back together to figure out who you are and what you’re doing! I’ve been wanting Radiant Historia for a little while and I didn’t realize it was out, so I was happy to pick it up!

I also downloaded Kirby’s Blowout Blast on my 3DS, which is ridiculously cute and fun!

On my 2DS XL I wasted no time starting my SNES/ Game Boy collection, as I bought:

Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble
Donkey Kong Land
Donkey Kong Land 2
Donkey Kong Land 3
Pokemon Trading Card Game
Super Mario Kart

Horray for gift cards! 🙂 Now hopefully I can actually play all these games…

Christmas Goodies!

Yeah, yeah, it’s February and I’m just now writing about what gaming related goodies I got for Christmas… so what! 😉 I started off the new year just wonderfully… I had laryngitis that lasted 3 weeks! I finally got rid of it and felt pretty good up until Tuesday night when I started getting stuffy… and now I have a lovely cold. Ugh! I don’t have time for this shit, I have a new piercing and tattoo I want to get and I need to get well so I can heal up properly! 😉

Anyway, turns out Santa was pretty damn good to me on Christmas! I received a Nintendo Switch, a Pro Controller and a carrying case along with a New Nintendo 2DS XL:


Two editions of Monopoly Gamer as well as an additional game piece (Luigi):


Two Switch games:


Two Nintendo 3DS games:


And two more Kirby keychains (dammit, now I have two Meta Knights haha):


So, I got a lot of great stuff! I am so thankful to have a Switch, and it has received quite a bit of playtime so far. I’ll write about that in another blog post, though! I also am happy to have a 2DS XL, because I had been wanting one to download SNES and Game Boy games on. It’s perfect!

Santa (or should I say Mrs. Claus?) was good to my husband as well, because he has been really enjoying a shiny new PlayStation VR setup! It’s been super fun to play, and it doesn’t make me as dizzy/ sick as I thought it would. I can’t play it for long periods of time, but I’m glad I can have fun with it too!

Of course, I bought myself some more gaming goodies with my Christmas money, so I’ll show all that stuff in the next post! 😉

Kirby Keychains.

A billion months ago (or maybe it was just back in October), my husband surprised me with a couple little goodies he found while he was out and about! He bought me a couple Kirby keychains (or Backpack Hangers, as it says on the package)! I had never seen these before, so I was pretty excited!


As you can see, they are blind bags, which means that you don’t know what you’re getting inside. I’m a little wary of stuff like this, because it always seems like I get screwed and end up buying multiple of the same item! I take my chances when it comes to Animal Crossing cards though, haha… anyway! My husband told me he felt the packages to make sure they seemed totally different. Here’s what was in the first bag:


A cute lil Meta Knight! He’s heavy, so he doesn’t really stand up well. But then again, it’s designed to clip onto a purse/ backpack/ etc., so I can’t fault it too much. In the second bag we have:


An even cuter lil Kirby! He looks slightly puzzled but still so adorable! I’m glad I got these adorable things to add to my collection of Kirby items! 🙂

Other Random Shopping Goodies!

A few months ago, I picked up a couple cute things at Walgreens and at Target that I’ve been wanting to share!

First of all, at Walgreens I found this amazing Chain Chomp plush!

I love Chain Chomps, and there aren’t too many Chain Chomp items out there, so I was excited to pick this up!

At Target, they had a Timmy & Tommy amiibo on clearance.


I couldn’t resist them! They are super cute, especially in person.

Lastly, I found this interesting card game (also at Target):

I’ve never played a Super Mario Bros. card game before, so I’ll be interested to see how fun it is. I’m pretty easy to please though, so I’m sure I’ll have fun with it no matter what! 😉

Snorlax + Pikachu= Awesome!

Way back in July after my birthday, I was trying to figure out what to spend my Amazon gift card on. As a browsed vast Amazon storefront, I came across something that was way too cute to pass up: a little group of figures consisting of one Snorlax and a bunch of Pikachus. Apparently it’s some sort of balancing game where you try to see how many Pikachus you can balance on the Snorlax before they all fall off. Because I am a sucker  for cute things, this is what I purchased!

Check out the box:

Here is Snorlax, in all his snoozing glory:


Here is the stand he goes on, so he can sleep easy:


Here are all the sweet little Pikachus!


And here is the whole thing set up:


As you can tell, this set is rather small, and it was $22! I’m glad I had a gift card to be able to buy it, because the price is a bit steep considering how small it is. But this is so adorable to have on my desk, and I’m glad I got it anyway 🙂

P.S. It is a little difficult to balance the Pikachus on the Snorlax… much easier to have the Pikachus just laying around the Snorlax instead!

Final Animal Crossing Goodies!

As everyone probably knows by now, I love Animal Crossing. A LOT. So much so that I have every version of the game, even the ones that were only released in Japan. (This excludes the Chinese iQue version, which I’ve explained before). Anyways! When I purchased Doubutsu no Mori+ and Doubutsu no Mori e+ a little while ago, I thought I had pretty much completed my collection…

But still, something was nagging at me. First off, my copy of Doubutsu no Mori e+ was missing the e-Reader cards it came with, which is to be expected since it was a used game. Second, I love game guides… and I had no game guides for these games. Soooo what do you think I did? 😉

I bugged my husband to order them off of eBay, of course! Haha! I found both game guides for around $18 (suprisingly, as they seem to be really expensive for some reason) and a pack of unopened Doubutsu no Mori e+ cards for $7!

Here’s a look at the package the cards came in, along with a little fold-out booklet that tells you how to use them in-game:

And here are the cards I got!

It’s so neat to have these. I have some English version Animal Crossing e-Reader cards and those are extremely hard to come by, so getting Japanese version cards is extra special! 🙂

By the way, on the back of every card you can find more information about the villager, a code you can give to Tanukichi, and a code you can swipe with your e-Reader!

Here’s a couple pictures of the Doubutsu no Mori+ guide book:

And the Doubutsu no Mori e+ guide book:

So there you have it! Now I finally have pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted that is Animal Crossing related! Maybe at some point I’ll do a post showcasing my whole collection so everyone can see how completely nuts I am, haha!

P.S. I am SO EXCITED about the mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! My phone doesn’t have a ton of memory but I will literally delete everything off of it if I have to so I can play! 😉

Vacation Goodies!

While my husband and I were on vacation two months ago (ugh, I’m so slow at posting!), we stopped at a few game stores to see what they had in stock. I always enjoy stopping at little mom and pop stores because you never know what kind of goodies you are going to uncover! As it turns out, we found quite a few games for pretty decent prices!!

For the Super Nintendo, we picked up these games:


Now, I rented Aaahh!!! Real Monsters as a kid from Blockbuster and I’m pretty sure I thought it sucked. Otherwise, I would have begged my mom to buy it for me! But when I saw it cheap couldn’t resist it just for nostalgic purposes. Batman Returns is a game my husband loved as a kid. And Jurassic Park… this was another stinker I rented as a kid. My uncle and I tried in vain to figure out what the hell we were supposed to be doing, and I remember being really disappointed that the graphics looked nothing like the movie! 😉 Again, I bought this for nostalgic purposes.

I really enjoy playing imported games, and when I saw this one it looked cute, so I took a chance on it!


When I got home, I discovered that the name of this game is 実況パワフルプロ野球 4, or Jikkyo Powerful Pro Yakyu 4, which is… a baseball game?! FUCK! I’m not exactly a fan of sports games. Normally I don’t just randomly buy games without looking into them a little bit, but I took a chance on this one. Actually, this is a long running series in Japan and it seems kind of fun, so who knows, I may actually enjoy it!

For the Playstation, we picked up these two:


These were both my husband’s picks. Tunnel B1 is something he vaguely remembers playing years ago and wanted to revisit, and Duke Nukem is a game he said he had been looking for for awhile. Except… when we got home, we discovered he already had it! I should have looked at my Backloggery when we were there to make sure we didn’t already own it. Whoops!

For Playstation 2 we got:


I wanted this game when it came out, but it wasn’t very popular for whatever reason so I never saw it in stores much. When I did, it was expensive! It was only $7 at this particular store, so I snagged it. I’m kind of sad it doesn’t have a case, but such is life.

For Playstation 3 we got:


These are both my husband’s games, just a couple he has been wanting to play for awhile 🙂

On to the PSP, we got:


PoPoLoCrois! This game looks absolutely adorable. I can’t wait to dive in!

Moving on to the PS Vita:


Now, I saw this game awhile back on my blogging pal Rob’s site I Played The Game! and he wasn’t exactly a fan of the game at all. He played the PS4 version, so maybe the PS Vita one is a little different? Doubtful, but still… it wasn’t too expensive and I need more Vita games, so hopefully this doesn’t totally suck!!

Lastly, for the XBox:


This is one of those games that I wanted and then forgot I wanted because I literally want thousands of games! Haha!!

Also during that same week, we took a bunch of NES games from my father-in-law. They were all my mother-in-law’s games and since he doesn’t play video games, he said we could have them. My husband remembers playing some of these as a kid, but he left them with his mom when he moved out of his parent’s house. There are a couple games we already have in there, but a lot of ones we don’t! It should be fun to play through them all.


So there you have it! I added way too many games to my backlog, but I’m not ashamed. I love a good bargain! 😉

P.S. I don’t mean to bitch, but I am SO TIRED of having to peel fucking price tags and stickers off of games that I buy! I mean, just look at the picture of Grabbed by the Ghoulies! I will probably end up just throwing that case away and putting the game in a different one because it’s in such bad shape! At least they don’t put stickers right on the games… nope, wait, they do! Every single SNES game I bought as well as the N64 game all have sticker residue on them that I have to clean off!! Okay, rant over. I’m sure many of you share that sentiment 🙂

Birthday Goodies!

So, my birthday was a month ago, and I am just getting around to writing this post… man I am so far behind! Oh well, eventually all the posts I want to write will get published! Anyway, I did get some good stuff for my birthday (including a fabulous new Google Chromebook that I am using right now since my aging laptop has been giving me issues), and I did get a few video game related items!

First of all, my husband bought me this awesome Animal Crossing puzzle!


I didn’t even know something like this existed and I LOVE IT! I am going to put it together and then frame it. It’ll look great in my office/ game room 😉

Second, my mom bought me several Amiibos! She found a lot of them on clearance at her local Best Buy so she bought some and hoarded them until my birthday! Here’s what I got:

And I have to laugh at these two:


She bought one Waddle Dee, boxed it up, forgot about it, then bought another one! And… I already had one! So now I have three Waddle Dees, haha! 😉

She also bought me two Japanese import Amiibo, which are pretty awesome.


Lastly, she got me a plush Mario (which is great, because I don’t have one)…


And these super cute little Kirby plush!


So, that’s it for my birthday goodies. It’s always fun to get more video game related items! 😉

Oh, and P.S.: while I was out shopping a couple days after my birthday, I picked up this adorable shirt! I couldn’t resist!! 😉


Clearance Goodies!

Oops! About a month or so ago, I bought a couple cute plushies at Walgreens that happened to be on clearance, and I completely forgot to write about them! They were only $3.50 each, so I couldn’t resist! 😉


Baby Luigi and Baby Donkey Kong are too cute! Baby DK’s head is so huge, he has a hard time staying upright, haha! I wish Baby Mario would have been there too, but that’s all right. These plush are normally $8.99 each, so I got a great deal!

By the way, I probably won’t be posting for the next week or so, as I have some busy days coming up! Yesterday was my last day of work for 9 glorious days. My husband and I normally take off the last week of July because the 26th is my birthday and the 29th is our anniversary. Assuming the weather holds up, we are hoping to hit up the beach, the pool and maybe some springs. 😉 Have a great week everyone!