More Fun Stuff!

I had a gift card to Best Buy (leftover from Christmas) and there was only $8 left on it. About a month ago, all of the Animal Crossing Amiibo went on sale there, and suddenly I knew what I was going to spend my $8 on! 😉

Now, as you all probably know, I am a huge fan of Animal Crossing. However, when the Animal Crossing Amiibo all came out, I abstained from buying most of them. I got Isabelle and Digby, but only because they came with Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival. I LIKED the Amiibo well enough, but I try to only buy figures that I REALLY love, and none of those particular characters were my absolute favorites. But I can’t resist a good deal, and when I see Amiibos dirt cheap, I have to get them! 😉

I ended up getting Mabel and Tom Nook, both for $1.99 each…


And the set of Cyrus, K.K. Slider (okay, I do really love him), and Reese for only $3.99!


I’m pretty happy with my purchases! While I was there, I found this ADORABLE Mimikyu box set that I couldn’t resist:


Mimikyu’s story just breaks my little heart! Apparently its true form is so ugly and terrifying, it can’t show itself or people will die or something like that. So it puts on a rag to make itself look like Pikachu so it can make friends. 😦 Anyway, this set came with a pin and a special Mimikyu trading card.


Here’s a close-up of the pin, just because it’s so damn cute!


It also came with 3 booster packs! Now, I haven’t purchased Pokémon cards in a long time, but it was still fun to get these and open them up! Each pack came with 10 cards- 8 Pokémon cards and 2 trainer cards.


Here’s what I got from the first pack (Fates Collide)…


the second pack (Sun & Moon)…


and the third pack (also Sun & Moon).


I normally don’t keep “trainer” cards because I don’t actually play the card game, I just like to collect all the Pokémon! 😉 I did keep the Ultra Ball trainer shown in the third pack though, just because it looked fun and shiny!

On a subsequent trip to Best Buy, I bought this:

I love Mario Party games even though they can be extremely aggravating, and I own all of them. It’s my dirty little secret! Actually, I was thinking about planning some Mario Party posts, so stay tuned for that! 🙂

And just because it’s nice to treat yourself sometimes, and I’ve had a really shitty year, I bought myself a couple cheap things on Amazon. 😉 The first is Persona 4: Golden for the PS Vita!

Since I started playing Persona 4: Dancing All Night and realized that iT was semi-sequel to P4G, I figured I needed to start at the beginning and play P4G first! I’m so looking forward to diving into this game.

I also got the Super Mario Adventures comic book!

In case you aren’t familiar, Super Mario Adventures comics were actually first published in Nintendo Power magazines. This book is the entire collection of comics, and I can’t wait to read it! It’ll be a fun, easy read.


Also, this panel depicting a Boo biting Mario’s ass made me laugh way more than it should have:


Anyway, those are some more goodies I’ve acquired recently. 🙂

Unexpected Goodies From The Dollar Store!

Well, first of all, I just wanted to say that unfortunately, yesterday I went to my 3rd funeral this year 😦 My husband’s grandmother passed away two weeks ago. She suffered from dementia for many years so I don’t want to say it was a “good” thing, but I’m happy she’s no longer suffering. Seeing her decline over the years was very sad to watch, so it’s comforting to know she’s now free of that burden. Moving on to something a little happier…

While at the dollar store not too long ago, my husband got me a little present: A Pokémon Fun Pack! It looked super cute, and I couldn’t wait to open it up and check it out!

The first item inside was a felt poster of Pikachu, a Poké Ball, and Ash!


The second item was a sheet of adorable stickers. They are so cute, I almost don’t want to use them anywhere!


The third item is a sheet of stencils. The stencils are of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and a Poké Ball. It was hard to take a good picture of this, as it reflected the light too much. Hopefully you can see the stencils!


The final items in the pack were a 24-page coloring book and a set of crayons!

This is an adorable little pack. For only $1, you actually get quite a bit of stuff! 🙂

Even More Plushies!

During a recent trip to Walgreens, I was looking for who-knows-what when my husband came up to me with two little plush figures in his hand. “Bet you want both of these,” he said. I took one look and thought they were so adorable! I commented that they were probably a little pricey but I’d think about it. He put them in my basket, and we continued shopping. We got several things that day, so… I accidentally bought both of the plushies anyway! I wasn’t even paying attention since I had several things in my basket! Though they were $9 apiece (which is kind of a lot, considering how small they are) I’m happy to have them anyway!

The first one I got is a Goomba. So adorable! The only other Goomba-related item I have is a small plastic figurine, so this plush is a nice addition to my collection.


The second one I got is from the world of Animal Crossing, and it is… Timmy and Tommy?! Huh? I only got one of them, which one is it?!?!


It’s really bizarre that the name on this one seems to be interchangeable. At the very least, Timmy and Tommy should be sewn together and sold as one plush, instead of you having to buy two of the same plush just so you can call one Timmy and the other one Tommy! What a rip. Oh well, he’s still cute anyway! I’m just going to call this one Timmy.

Here they both are together!


I really love both of these, especially the Goomba. 🙂

By the way, I realize I haven’t been blogging much of my gaming adventures lately. I’ve just been super tired and when I sit down to play games, I just want to play them through instead of feeling “obligated” to summarize what I’ve been doing after each session. I’ll do a post soon to update what I’ve been doing, don’t worry! 🙂

New Kirby and Luigi Plush!

Recently, my mom was shopping at her local Best Buy and she came across two random plushies she thought I would enjoy! She bought them and shipped them over to me (along with some other non-related gaming goodies!) and I was pretty thrilled to receive them!

The first one I got was a cute little Kirby!


Yes, I know, I have many Kirby plushies, but this one is actually the smallest and softest one of the bunch! His facial expression is super cute, too. I love him!

The second one I got was Luigi!


I really love this one because I don’t have many Luigi items at all. He’s pretty small as well. When I sit them next to each other, Kirby looks pretty huge next to Luigi, which is kind of comical.


I actually went to my Best buy a couple days ago (and the goodies I got will be detailed in another entry!) and I saw the Kirby there, but not the Luigi. I was tempted to buy the Kirby just because, but I realized that might be a little excessive, haha! 😉

Goodies From Mom!

Recently, my mom and my stepdad moved to Texas, which is a HUGE bummer for me. I used to visit them almost every weekend, as they only lived about an hour away. Now they live many hours away! 😦 When they were getting ready to go, my mom decided to give me a couple of gaming related things she no longer used.

One of these things was an almost brand-new Nintendo DS Lite! I remember how excited she was when she got it. She played my copy of Brain Age and decided she really wanted the game for herself. So she got a DS Lite, Brain Age, Brain Age 2, and CrossworDS. She played her DS maybe 4 times, then it was abandoned for years!

Even though I already have an original DS, I gladly took her DS Lite. I figured I would keep this one on my bedside table in case I wanted to play a quick game before bed! Also, she gave me a case, a sleeve, a charger, and a couple extra styluses.


I charged it up and played it, and it works great. I can’t believe how much brighter the screen is compared to my original DS! Anyway, I already had the Brain Age games, so I gave those to my husband. I did keep the CrossWorDS game, though, because I used to play it over at her house and I really enjoyed it!

My mom also gave away her Wii and all the games she had for it. We had a lot of the same games, but I did take a couple of them. These included GT Pro Series…

Excite Truck…

and Wii Fit.

While I do have the Wii Fit Plus, I don’t have the original Wii Fit. I know I don’t really NEED it, since the Wii Fit Plus has all the original games plus more, but who’s going to argue with free? 😉 I’ve never played GT Pro Series, but I do like Excite Truck, so that should be fun. Thanks Mom! 🙂

Fangamer Goodies!

A little while ago, I heard about a site called I came across it while I was looking to see if there was a strategy guide for Stardew Valley. Though there isn’t an “official” strategy guide, people were raving about one you could purchase on Fangamer. I checked it out, and it looked awesome. After a couple weeks, I decided to go ahead and purchase one!

While purchasing the book, they had an offer where if you bought the strategy guide as well as the coloring book for Stardew Valley, you saved $3! Since I’m a sucker, of course I did it! 😉

Before I checked out, I perused the site to see if anything else caught my eye, and of course, I saw it: an Animal Crossing book! Did I purchase it? Take a wild guess!!! 🙂

I ordered from the site on a Monday, and the books came in that Thursday! Pretty quick! The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was how carefully everything was shipped. Each book was bubble wrapped twice and boxed up neatly. The first thing I unpacked was this adorable Kirby card made by a very talented artist whose Esty shop I need to check out! Also in that package was a small booklet showing some of Fangamer’s other items, an “M” pin from the Kirby series, and… some other thing. I’m not sure what it is from, but it’s still cool!


Second, I opened up the Stardew Valley Guidebook.

It is so adorable and detailed!

So much helpful information in this book! This guidebook is definitely a labor of love.

In with the guidebook was the coloring book!

It’s so cute, I almost don’t want to color any of it!

Excited, I opened up the second bubble- wrapped book and stared down at… Legend of the Hero?

Oh, man. This book looked cool as hell, but definitely wasn’t what I ordered! Bummed, I shot an email over to customer service and explained what happened. In less than 3 hours, I got a very nice reply! The gentleman that sent me the e-mail apologized and said he would send out the correct book right away. He even said I could keep the incorrect book, which I thought was an awesome gesture! I was fully prepared to ship it back.

So, Legend of the Hero is basically a Legend of Zelda inspired book. What I find unique about it is that it does not explicitly state that it is a Zelda book- so someone without any prior knowledge of the Zelda series would probably look at it and think it is a mythology book of sorts. Pretty cool!

Anyway, my correct book was immediately shipped and arrived at my house a couple days later!

This book is incredible! The amount of detail in the artwork and descriptions are so amazing, and this is a book I think every Animal Crossing fan will appreciate!

All three of these books were created and illustrated by Kari Fry, and I am officially a huge fan of her work! I will definitely purchase items from Fangamer in the future. They are quick and very easy to deal with. Even though they sent me the wrong book, they were so quick to correct their mistake and they were extremely nice about it as well. I would encourage everyone to check out their site! 🙂

Old Donkey Kong Stuff!

One of the things about moving is the undeniable fact that sometimes, your shit just gets shoved into a bag or a box and you don’t see it for months after you move in! There are still random bags and boxes laying around that we just haven’t had time to unpack yet, despite the fact that we have been in our new home for several months now.

One set of items I have not really put away yet are my socks! I’ve just been keeping them in a bag because I do not have a dresser (my old one was falling apart, so it did not come with me to the new house). Well, while going through the sock bag not to long ago, I uncovered these babies:


Can you believe this? Donkey Kong Country socks! Donkey Kong Country came out in 1994 for the Super Nintendo… and I’m pretty sure that’s when these socks came out. I was a kid so they were HUGE on me, but I wanted them so badly that I didn’t care. I wore them until they got holes in them and the designs got faded, but I never could bring myself to throw them away!

I also have been holding on to this:


This Donkey Kong Country 2 shirt has been around since 1995! I remember if you bought the game from Toys R Us, you would get this shirt as a free gift. I had gone with my mom and my grandma to the store that day to go Christmas shopping, but they would shoo me away anytime they picked up something for me, and I promised not to look in the cart. While they were checking out, I was standing a little ways away from them, but I noticed the cashier give my mom the DKC2 shirt! Nine-year-old-me knew the only way to get that shirt was to buy the game, so I knew I was getting it for Christmas that year! I didn’t say a word about it, though, because I didn’t want my mom to know that I had figured that out!

The shirt only came in adult Large, so the shirt was way too big for me anyway. My mom kept it for a few years, then gave it to me when I got a little older. It’s got a million holes in it, but I still wear it to bed every now and then if it’s super chilly! 😉

Import Goodies, Final Round!

Yeah, yeah, I actually got my last round of import goodies 2 1/2 weeks ago, but I’m slow posting stuff sometimes! Anyway! This last shipment contained the items I wanted the most, so I was really excited to receive them!

The first item I received was a Nintendo DS game called とっとこハム太郎  ナゾナゾ  雲の上の?城, which roughly translates to something like Tottoko Hamtaro: Nazo Nazo Q Kumonoue no ? Jou. What does that mean? Um… good question.  There isn’t a whole lot of information online about this game. However, I love Hamtaro, and this game was pretty cheap, so I couldn’t resist buying it!

Now onto one item I was SO EXCITED to get… どうぶつの森+, or Doubutsu no Mori+!

Quick history lesson here: どうぶつの森, or Doubutsu no Mori, was released for the Nintendo 64 in 2001, and is the first game in the Animal Crossing series (which I am completely obsessed with, obviously). Since the N64 was at the end of its life cycle, an “enhanced port” called どうぶつの森+, or Doubutsu no Mori+,  was released only 8 months later for the Nintendo GameCube.

Meanwhile, localization began in North America, and Doubutsu no Mori+ was released in 2002 as Animal Crossing. New content, altered events, and many other differences were present in the game. Nintendo of Japan was so impressed by Animal Crossing, they took that game, translated it back, and the result was…

どうぶつの森 e+, or Doubutsu no Mori e+! It was released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2003.

I am so incredibly excited to have these two games! Originally, I did not intend to purchase these games, but after realizing there were indeed many differences between these games and their American counterpart, I decided to take the plunge. I’m so happy that I did! I have yet to play either of these games, because I do not have a Japanese GameCube. That’s something that I’m working on and I hope to have really soon 😉

Also, I’m so pleased with the condition these games are in. They both came in their original boxes with complete manuals. Doubutsu no Mori + came with a memory card, while Doubutsu no Mori e+ came with an E-Reader. The only thing that was missing was 6 E-Reader cards that originally came with Doubutsu no Mori e+ (but not like I was expecting them anyway, since it is a used game!). The game discs look brand new, no scratches or scuffs. I’ve seen these games sold for rather high prices at times, but I paid $10 for Doubutsu no Mori+ and $17 for Doubutsu no Mori e+, so I got a great deal!









GameStop, Cybertron, and Target Goodies!

Some of my remaining Christmas money was burning a hole in my wallet, just begging to be spent, so Michael and I recently went on a little gaming shopping spree!

First, we went to a GameStop to look around. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t really like GameStop all that much, and I don’t shop there very often. I really only like to look through their games that are dirt cheap. Anyway, this particular GameStop really pissed me off!

First of all, I was going to buy a Boo amiibo, and the box was all banged up and there was a sticker slapped on it haphazardly. I don’t care about keeping my amiibos in boxes, but I know a lot of people do, and the carelessness of it just annoyed me. Second of all, the guy who worked there was really rude. Normally I don’t let things like that bother me, but I had a headache and wasn’t in the mood for bullshit. So we left!

The second GameStop we went to was much better. I did end up buying a Boo amiibo there, and I’m glad I did. He is too cool! I love the fact the he glows in the dark.


I also picked up Cooking Mama: World Kitchen for the Wii. I recently realized that I am missing like 3 Cooking Mama games, and I really enjoy that series! So I was able to cross this one off my list. 🙂


They also had Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call for the 3DS for a really cheap price! This game has interested me for quite some time, so I can’t wait to play it!


We then decided to hit up a little store called Cybertron, which we had never been to before. Since we just moved to this city a few months ago, we are still learning the area. My husband saw it online and it’s only about 15 minutes from our house, so we decided to check it out!

And man, am I glad we did! What a cool store! There are SO MANY games from SO MANY different systems, it was hard to decide where to look first! They had a decent selection of imported games too, which was super cool. They happened to have a promotion where it was buy one, get one 50% off so I ended up buying several games!

First of all, I picked up Jeopardy! 25th Anniversary Edition and Wheel Of Fortune for the NES. I know, there are many updated versions of these games, but they were only $2!


I also picked up Mario’s Time Machine for the SNES. Yes, I realize to many people, this game sucks, but oh well. It was cheap, and I’ve never seen it in person before, so I wanted it!


I got 2 Super Famicom games… one is called ライトファンタジー, or Light Fantasy- this is an RPG never released anywhere outside of Japan.


And one is called バンプレスト / コンパイル, or Super Nazo Puyo- Lulu no Luu- this is a puzzle game from what I understand!


I was really excited to get this games until I got home and realized I was a TOTAL IDIOT. Somehow I managed to forget all about the fact that the SNES is region-locked and will not play imported Super Famicom games. WOW. How did I forget that?! I know I can break the tabs inside the SNES so the cartridge will fit, but I’m not really that talented and will probably break the whole thing. Ugh! I’ve been looking around for a converter like the one I have for my N64, but they seem kind of expensive. Oh well, I’ll figure something out. At least these games only cost me like $5 each!

Moving on from my idiocy, I nabbed a game called Bio Freaks for the N64. I don’t know much about this game at all (in fact I’ve never even heard of it) but I looked it up. It’s a fighting game made by Midway. So maybe it will be similar to Mortal Kombat?


Also for the N64, I spotted 64で発見!たまごっち みんなでたまごっちワールド, which translates to 64 de Hakken! Tamagotchi- Minna de Tamagotchi World!


I was SO EXCITED to see this game! I’ve wanted this game for years. It’s kind of like Mario Party, but you have to raise your Tamagotchi and take care of it as you go around a game board. And yes, since I have a converter for my N64, I can play this game! I did test this game out when I got home since it sounded like the cartridge was rattling a little bit, but everything works great! It seems like an adorable game. At $13, this was the 2nd most expensive game I purchased that day, so not too shabby!

So what was the most expensive purchase that day? My shiny (used) PlayStation Vita! 🙂


I have been wanting a Vita for awhile, but for some reason I kept putting off getting one. My husband has one, but I wanted my own because I wanted to link it to my own PlayStation account and use my own memory cards for games instead of using his up! Plus, I’ve read about so many great games for the Vita that I want! Anyway, it was sitting there at the store for $130 bucks in almost brand new condition (there is one small scratch on the screen that you can’t even really see), came with a 4GB memory card and a free charger, and I had my Christmas money… so I bought it! 🙂

And just so I had a game to start out with, I bought Persona 4: Dancing All Night. I also have Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz that I bought awhile back, plus all of my husband’s games, so I have enough to keep me busy for awhile!

A few days after that, we went shopping at Target. I was surprised to see Paper Mario: Color Splash for the Wii U for $20 off, so I went ahead and nabbed it!


I also picked up this adorable Pokémon handbook.


And even though this isn’t exactly video game related…


I do enjoy board games and puzzle games, so I thought Cat Stax looked like fun! There are 48 different puzzles on cards to solve, and your goal is to fit the little cats perfectly in the grid for each puzzle. Seems like it will be challenging and fun!

So there are all the goodies I got with my Christmas money! 🙂 I told myself I wasn’t going to add to my backlog anymore, but fuck it, there is no way I can stick to that! 😉

Import Goodies, Round 2!

Last Monday when I got my wonderful copy of Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World and my Poochy amiibo, I also got a another surprise in the mail: たまごっちコレクション, or Tamagotchi Collection for the Nintendo DS! This is one of the games that I imported a few weeks ago.


I actually thought this game was similar to the Tamagotchi Connection Corner Shop games that came out for the DS (which I actually really enjoyed!) but believe it or not, this game is actually more similar to Tomodachi Life- just with Tamagotchis!


From what I understand, you actually turn into a Tamagotchi for some reason, and you can customize the way you look! You become friends with other Tamagotchis, play games with them, collect furniture to decorate your room with… it all sounds very fun and cute!


This game was released in Japan in 2011. It’s a shame it never made it to North America, it seems like a cute game! I’ll be sure to write about it when I play it! 🙂 I’m waiting on one more set of games that I imported, and they should be arriving any day now!