Celebrating Kirby with: Hoshi no Kirby!

All righty, let’s start celebrating Kirby’s 25th anniversary! 🙂 As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m going to play through all the Kirby games I own as a way of celebrating the little pink puffball! A couple things to note:

  • I’m only going to play virtual console versions/ re-releases if I currently have them. Some I have downloaded, some I have not!
  • I’m only going to play games that have Kirby as the main character- no cameos! Sorry, Super Smash Bros. 😉
  • I’ll play a game for a maximum of three days before moving on. If I beat the game in that time frame, great; if not, it’s all good!
  • I’ll be playing the games in chronological order. Can’t do it any other way!

With those things out of the way, the first game up is Hoshi no Kirby for the Game Boy!


Hoshi no Kirby was released in Japan in 1992. It’s the only Japanese Kirby game I have, and I’m quite fond of it… even if it is just Kirby’s Dream Land. 😉

Anyway! I’ve beaten Kirby’s Dream Land many times over, but never played all the way through Hoshi no Kirby! It’s a pretty short game, so I knew I could make it through in one sitting.


I started out in Green Greens…


which is a pretty easy, breezy level.


The boss is Whispy Woods, a tree that always has a bad attitude for some reason!


Next up I ventured into Castle Lololo…


which ups the difficulty just a bit, and has cool spooky enemies!


The bosses are Lololo and Lalala, who like to push boxes at you for no reason at all. Cute little jerks they are!


Next I traveled to Float Islands…


I always loved the water here for some reason. The little stars in it make it seem so inviting!


The boss of this stage is Kaboola. I did well against her (yes, she is a girl) but suffered a REALLY CHEAP FUCKING DEATH after I defeated her. I got stuck up in the corner of the screen and died right when I was going down to collect my star. That meant I had to fight her all over again! Lame! Ugh, whatever, I carried on…


to Bubbly Clouds!


This stage is home to one of the most terrifying creatures in the Kirby universe: Scarfy. Cute and cuddly looking, it quickly turns into some hell beast that wants to eat your face off if you try to suck it in. Check it out biting me:


Anyway, the boss of this level is Kracko. A giant floating cloud with an eyeball… that’s not nightmare inducing either, no sir!


After kicking Kracko’s butt, I headed to Mt. DeDeDe…


In this final stage, you have to replay all the bosses again before taking on King DeDeDe himself.


He takes a little bit of patience, but as long as you don’t try to rush, he’s easy to beat!

After DeDeDe was defeated, peace was restored to Dream Land!


Oh yeah… after the credits roll, this screen pops up.


This little cheat code allows you to play the “Extra Game” of Hoshi no Kirby. In this version, enemies are faster and more plentiful and the bosses are harder, too!


So there you have it for Hoshi no Kirby! I’m happy I finally played this one all the way though, just to have it checked off my backlog.

Next up is Kirby’s Dream Land for the Game Boy. Yep, I know I just played the Japanese counterpart, but I said I was going to play ALL the games I had, so there! 😉

Oh yeah, and P.S.: I had originally intended to play this game on my actual Game Boy. I figured it would be cool for nostalgia purposes to play the game in its true form! However, I couldn’t get my Game Boy to work for the life of me. 😦 I suspect something is wrong with the screen, but I’m not 100% sure. I may try to repair it (which I have no experience with) so hopefully it’s not dead!

My Gaming Week in Review (6/19-6/25)!

I thought I would do a little something different and start writing a “gaming week in review” blog post on Saturdays. I normally post blogs during the week about games I am trying out, games I purchase, or other odds and ends, but there is a bit more gaming that goes on that I don’t always write about 😉 I’ll break it down into three categories: Console, Handheld, and Mobile. Enjoy!


Nintendo Wii
The only game I played on a console this week was Animal Crossing: City Folk. I finally decided to spend some time weeding my town so it would look nice for once! I did the area near my house previously, but got lazy and never finished it. Oh, and I randomly planted some flowers that my “dad” sent me on Father’s Day right by my mailbox. I bet I will run over them by accident for sure!

Why in the hell did I get sent flowers on Father’s Day? Shouldn’t I be the one sending the gift?

I was playing at night, so I took some time to enjoy the fireflies (and Truffles creeping in the background).

Truffles was pacing because she lost her house key. Sorry!

Prince told me probably the greatest truth of all time.

Truer words were never spoken, my friend!

And I met my new neighbor, Caroline the squirrel. She’s kind of cute!

Caroline is also my mother-in-law’s name…

I did finish the weeding, which I was very happy about. Now my town better stay nice! 🙂


Nintendo Game Boy
Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I re-bought 星のカービィ (Hoshi no Kirby) because I felt lame ever since I traded it in many years ago. I of course only played the first level of it, but it was still a lot of fun.

I love this game!

Nintendo 3DS
I played a few more levels of Kirby Planet Robobot! I am now in Area 4: Gigabyte Grounds.

Sounds very “techy”!

The first level was neat- it looked like some kind of weird, post apocalyptic spaghetti dinner disaster! Seriously. Why are there forks in the background with noodles/ wires wrapped around them, and why am I walking around on pieces of bread? I don’t know, but I love it!

I love Kirby’s expression in this shot! 

The second level looked much like the first, except there was more fence climbing and lots of poison clouds being blown around that I had to avoid. Also, there were fans that kept trying to push me into enemies and shit. Rude!

Touching those clouds probably isn’t a good idea…

The third level looked pretty cool, and had pretty awesome music to go along with it. There was a lot of trickery with the foreground and background, which was so much fun!

This level was awesome!

I would have played more, but yep… you guessed it… my 3DS needed to be charged!


I played several games on my iPhone this week, included good ol’ Solitaire. Normally I do well with this game, but I played like 4 hands and lost every. single. one. Ugh!


I also played Juice Cubes. At one point, I was stuck on Level 19, which I found highly irritating. I got passed it, though, and I am now on Level 21.

I played/ sucked at Crossy Road a little more too, and I unlocked two new characters! They are New Year’s Doll…

And some weird guy called Capoeira.

He’s pretty funny, because he walks on his hands and flips and does all kinds of weird stuff! This game makes me laugh, even though I am awful at it.

So those are the games I was into this week! I will definitely be playing Kirby Planet Robobot more soon. That game is very addicting! 🙂

Hoshi no Kirby is Mine (Again)!

Many years back, I was at a GameStop when I stumbled across a Japanese Kirby game for the Game Boy! I was really surprised because I had never seen the game before, so I didn’t even know which game it was. I bought it, of course…

…and then traded it in the next day for Pokémon Blue! The reason I traded it back in was because when I got it home and played it, the only words that were in Japanese were the title screen- everything else was in English! I guess I felt kind of gypped or something, who knows. Pretty shortly after I traded it in, I regretted my decision. I still wanted that Japanese Kirby game, even if it wasn’t that different from what I had!

Fast forward to present day, when I found said game on Amazon.com for a ridiculously cheap price! I couldn’t resist buying it, and it came in today!

Hello old friend!

The game is officially called 星のカービィ, which translates to Hoshi no Kirby. It is known as Kirby’s Dream Land in North America. I immediately tried the game out, and was so happy to see the title screen pop up with no issues!

So fun!

I played through the first level just to test the game out, and it played beautifully.

Fly, Kirby!!

I played this game on my Game Boy Advance SP, not my Game Boy. My original Game Boy has a problem where it doesn’t display the whole screen, so I don’t play it too often anymore. Luckily, there are many other options when it comes to playing my original Game Boy games! 🙂

Anyway, I’m so happy to have this game back in my possession! I always kicked myself in the butt for trading it in, so I was happy to have another chance to purchase it!

Oh yeah, and by the way: Game Boy games aren’t region locked! I’m able to play without any sort of modification to my system. Ah, I miss the simpler days of gaming sometimes…