My Gaming Month in Review: September 2017!

It’s officially fall, October is here, Halloween is right around the corner… this is one of my favorite times of year! We don’t really have much of a “fall” where I live, but I live vicariously through my Animal Crossing towns! Wow, I just realized how sad that sounded… ha! Anyway, here’s a look at the games I played in September!

I continued playing Doubutsu no Mori for the N64 so I could pay off more of my debt! The rainy season continued… nearly every time I played, it was raining!

However, on September 30th, it was a nice, sunny day with lots of bugs jumping around. It was as if summer was saying goodbye!


I was eager to make more money to pay off more of my mortgage, but when I went to Nook’s, I discovered the lottery was happening! I forgot that on the last day of the month, there is a lottery and you can’t sell anything. Dammit! I couldn’t even play, because I didn’t have any tickets. 😦


I still made a small payment towards my mortgage anyway. I now owe 213,000 Bells!


In Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for the Wii, Owen sent me a love letter!

He still seems a little pushy, haha.

I entered the Harvest Festival vegetable contest, but apparently I had no idea what I was doing, because I got last place! Ugh!


Finally, Fall turned into Winter! Winter is so beautiful… and I love when the snow falls! I also love the music that plays during this season. It’s like a mix between Animal Crossing and the Sims! 🙂


However… why the fuck do giant rocks randomly appear in my field sometimes?!


I had enough money and materials to upgrade my house, woo hoo! I was surprised the change was immediate. I figured I’d at least have to wait a day!

Finally, I got Renee’s wish! Three people down, seven more to go!

I decided it was time to get another animal, so I bought a foal and named it Rodeo. How cute!


I also met the snowman, who is totally awesome! He gives you presents every morning if you give him a nose, haha! I gave him a carrot to use as a nose, which was just what he wanted!

The first present I got from the snowman was a perfect potato. This is just what I needed to make Humphrey the Hippo a veggie pizza so his ass would go back to the circus. Whew!

Lastly, Owen said he wanted to talk to me. He asked me to be his girlfriend, so now it’s official! 🙂

As of the end of September, I was on Year 1, Winter, Day 8.

Oh, and, um, it said my pet snake and I were practically twins. Thanks?


I wanted to get into the Halloween mood, so I decided to play a game I’ve had on my iPad for awhile called Haunted Halloween Escape.


This game is exactly what it sounds like- you have to escape from a haunted room. The graphics are a bit blurry and not that great.

Some parts of the game are silly- like, why is this ghost blocking the desk?


Don’t get me started on this cheesy vampire.


I found the recipe to escape… and discovered I kind of suck at puzzle solving.


When I escaped, Dracula was at the door, but after I gave him some candy, he went away. No, I’m not kidding.


Maybe I shouldn’t have played this game before bed, but I felt like it was more irritating than anything. The graphics weren’t great, some of the puzzles weren’t even clear, and there were also a few misspellings that were kind of silly. A decent game to waste a half hour on, I suppose, but not one I’ll be playing again.

I did make a small amount of progress on Juice Cubes for the iPhone, stopping on Level 36. It forces you to wait at this point until you collect “map pieces” which is kind of lame. But since summer is over, my time playing this game is over for now! 🙂


I made a little bit of progress in The Legendary Starfy this month too. I played a level in which you had to swim through bubbles, and surprisingly it was kind of fun!


Overall, though, I feel like I just want to get through these levels as quickly as possible. I don’t really care about finding any extras, I just want this game done.


I beat the boss of Sogwood Forest and got the 5th shard, go me!


Another stage, another annoying gameplay mechanic… you have to spin/ step on a button to make the water rise, and it really sucks!


As of the end of September, I was on Stage 5-2 Glitzem Grotto: Rickety Ride.


Lastly, this month I checked in on all my little friends in Tomodachi Life! Since my cousin recently had a baby, I decided to add him into the mix. Welcome, Cameron! 🙂


The first food I fed him- a cheeseburger- turned out to be his super all time favorite food!

Meanwhile, Don dreamed that he was a skeleton keychain dangling off of a backpack. Wow.


So, that about wraps it up for my gaming month in review. See ya next time!


My Gaming Week in Review (6/26- 7/02)!

I didn’t play too many games this week, mostly because I was focused on Kirby Planet Robobot! I can’t help it, the game is addicting!! 😉


I played no console games this week. Boo!


Nintendo 3DS

Yep, this week it was all about Kirby Planet Robobot! This game captivated me from the moment I began playing it! And this week, I beat the game (the Story Mode, anyway)!

I picked up where I left off last week, on Level 4 of Area 4- Gigabyte Grounds. In this level, I used the Robobot Armor a lot, which is always a treat. Part of the level was also in Jet form, which has become one of my favorite parts of the game! The end of the level even had a face off against Core Kabula, which is a throwback to one of the very first bosses in Kirby’s Dream Land, Kabula! I didn’t get a very good screenshot of her (she was moving too quickly), but trust me, it was super fun!


Level 5 involved a lot of bomb blasting, and the music in this level was totally bad ass.


The Area 4 boss was Mecha Knight, a souped up version of Meta Knight that crazy Susie and her boss Mr. Haltmann must have dreamed up. He was pretty rude, but I managed to kill him anyway.


After I defeated Mecha Knight, Area 5- Rhythm Route opened up for me.


Level 1 looked and sounded cheerful enough, but I soon realized those thumping musical notes in the background meant business! I had to be careful not to step in front of them at the wrong time, or I would be smooshed up against the screen. This happened a couple times, and was not pleasant!


Level 2 was another charming city-type level, with lots of Waddle Doos driving around. There were also some adorable sleeping turtles in this level! Too bad I had to get in the Robobot armor and punch them out of my way! 🙂


Level 3 was a casino level, which was fun and entertaining. This time around, I had to avoid giant pool balls- until I got in the Robobot armor and destroyed them! Man, I love that armor…


Level 4 was interesting. There were parts where I had to walk on a floor lit up with green LED panels. Certain panels would travel on the floor, lighting up red with skulls on them. If I stepped on those panels, I would get shocked! This made things somewhat fast-paced at times, but still enjoyable.


Level 5 took place on a moving train. Not too difficult, but still fun! I really enjoy all the diverse levels in this game.


The boss of this area was Dedede Clone! Look how surprised Kirby is!


The Dedede Clone behaved much like the King he was modeled after- he tried to suck me in and beat me up with his hammer!


At one point, he split into multiple smaller versions of himself, which was a little creepy.


Just when I thought I was done, the Dedede clones hopped into a machine called D3 and started really acting crazy! This part was a little difficult at first until I learned the patterns of the machine. Finally, he/ it/ they were defeated!


After that freak of nature was dead, I moved on to Area 6- Access Ark.


Level 1 was a bit strange. It seemed like I was just walking down endless corridors with tons of pictures of Mr. Haltmann hung up everywhere. The music was creepy too!


Level 2 looked pretty cool, but there were lasers trying to kill me constantly! A lot of the level was auto-scrolling too.


Level 3 had the same look as Level 2, but involved the use of the Robobot armor. The creativity in this game never ceases to amaze me!


Level 4 made me feel like I was stuck inside a computer or something! The world seemed to be slowly becoming unhinged- and it also seemed like it was trying to kill me! At certain points, shapes would be quickly drawn in the background, then be pushed to the foreground to squish you!


Level 5 was similar to Level 4, with an epic fight against Gigavolt II at the end. He was a jerk, but I managed to beat him!


I entered the boss door, and was pitted in a fight against Mecha Knight+. I wasn’t expecting this as the final boss, so after I beat him, I was pretty sure it wasn’t over.


Sure enough, I finally got to meet the lunatic behind Planet Popstar’s invasion- Mr. Haltmann himself! He droned on about his perfect machine, then jumped into a gaudy gold mecha suit and just about kicked my ass. His insane laughter will haunt my dreams for sure!


Nevertheless, I defeated him… but I wasn’t done yet!


The machine (which was named Star Dream) that Haltmann had created suddenly became self-aware… and it wasn’t very nice! Susie, who decided Haltmann was an idiot, presented me with my Robobot armor and told me to get in.

This part, by the way, was Area 7- Mind in the Program. It doesn’t show up on the World Map, and my guess is you can only access it by defeating Haltmann first.


Anyway! Meta Knight suddenly flew by with his ship (the Halberd), and I fused together with it to create some totally bad ass version of it!


I fought against the Star Dream, which kept creating random missiles and other weird things for me to shoot at. It exploded, and I was done…


or not! Most of Star Dream was destroyed, but I guess the core was still alive and well. This part was a little difficult, as it fired at me mercilessly. Piece by piece, the core’s armor was stripped away, until it finally blew up. Was I done…?


HELL NO! This boss seemed to go on forever! Now Star Dream was a totally creepy … thing that had a face! I could almost feel the insanity at this point. It shot everything it had at me, from numbers to random items, all in an attempt to kill me. It took me a couple tries, but I finally whittled its life away. And did Star Dream die?


NOT YET! I actually yelled at the game, “Jesus Christ, it’s still not done!” Which made my husband die laughing and tell me how I am “cute” when I yell at games! Anyway! The last part was easy, as Star Dream hardly fought back as I unscrewed every piece of it. Finally, IT EXPLODED AND WAS GONE.


Afterwards, Kirby floated off through space and landed safely back on Planet Popstar, which was returning to normal.

The credits rolled, and I had fun playing the mini game that went along with it (punching the names as they scrolled by). The question mark after the words The End made me a little nervous- I didn’t want to have to fight Star Dream AGAIN any time soon!


As it turns out, I unlocked two additional game modes when I completed Story Mode! That would explain the question mark (whew!). MetaKnightmare Returns allows you to play the game as Meta Knight, which sounds amazing! The Arena is all boss fights.


I just want to say that this game was AMAZING! The replay value is very high, too, considering there are two whole modes I haven’t even explored yet, as well as two subgames I haven’t played. Plus there are many more stickers to collect as well as Code Cubes I missed! This game is definitely one I really enjoyed. ❤



I played some more Solitaire this week, though I don’t know why I bothered- my losing streak continues! I played 6 hands, and lost them all! This is probably my worst losing streak ever.


I also played a little bit more Crossy Road. I still suck at it, but I unlocked two new characters this week. One was Jaguar…

and the other was Chimney Sweep. (okay…?)

That’s it for the games I played this week. If you haven’t picked up Kirby Planet Robobot yet, I highly recommend it. It’s amazing! See ya next time!

My Gaming Week in Review (6/19-6/25)!

I thought I would do a little something different and start writing a “gaming week in review” blog post on Saturdays. I normally post blogs during the week about games I am trying out, games I purchase, or other odds and ends, but there is a bit more gaming that goes on that I don’t always write about 😉 I’ll break it down into three categories: Console, Handheld, and Mobile. Enjoy!


Nintendo Wii
The only game I played on a console this week was Animal Crossing: City Folk. I finally decided to spend some time weeding my town so it would look nice for once! I did the area near my house previously, but got lazy and never finished it. Oh, and I randomly planted some flowers that my “dad” sent me on Father’s Day right by my mailbox. I bet I will run over them by accident for sure!

Why in the hell did I get sent flowers on Father’s Day? Shouldn’t I be the one sending the gift?

I was playing at night, so I took some time to enjoy the fireflies (and Truffles creeping in the background).

Truffles was pacing because she lost her house key. Sorry!

Prince told me probably the greatest truth of all time.

Truer words were never spoken, my friend!

And I met my new neighbor, Caroline the squirrel. She’s kind of cute!

Caroline is also my mother-in-law’s name…

I did finish the weeding, which I was very happy about. Now my town better stay nice! 🙂


Nintendo Game Boy
Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I re-bought 星のカービィ (Hoshi no Kirby) because I felt lame ever since I traded it in many years ago. I of course only played the first level of it, but it was still a lot of fun.

I love this game!

Nintendo 3DS
I played a few more levels of Kirby Planet Robobot! I am now in Area 4: Gigabyte Grounds.

Sounds very “techy”!

The first level was neat- it looked like some kind of weird, post apocalyptic spaghetti dinner disaster! Seriously. Why are there forks in the background with noodles/ wires wrapped around them, and why am I walking around on pieces of bread? I don’t know, but I love it!

I love Kirby’s expression in this shot! 

The second level looked much like the first, except there was more fence climbing and lots of poison clouds being blown around that I had to avoid. Also, there were fans that kept trying to push me into enemies and shit. Rude!

Touching those clouds probably isn’t a good idea…

The third level looked pretty cool, and had pretty awesome music to go along with it. There was a lot of trickery with the foreground and background, which was so much fun!

This level was awesome!

I would have played more, but yep… you guessed it… my 3DS needed to be charged!


I played several games on my iPhone this week, included good ol’ Solitaire. Normally I do well with this game, but I played like 4 hands and lost every. single. one. Ugh!


I also played Juice Cubes. At one point, I was stuck on Level 19, which I found highly irritating. I got passed it, though, and I am now on Level 21.

I played/ sucked at Crossy Road a little more too, and I unlocked two new characters! They are New Year’s Doll…

And some weird guy called Capoeira.

He’s pretty funny, because he walks on his hands and flips and does all kinds of weird stuff! This game makes me laugh, even though I am awful at it.

So those are the games I was into this week! I will definitely be playing Kirby Planet Robobot more soon. That game is very addicting! 🙂

First Impressions: Crossy Road!

I know, I know. Sometimes I’m a little “late to the party” when it comes to games released for iOS/ Android. I tend to overlook games when they first come out for the App Store, because I only have so much storage on my phone! And since my iPad is older, a lot of newer games won’t work on it. Besides, I have so many games to play already. I do enjoy games on my iPad and iPhone, though, so every now and then I’ll scroll through the App Store and see what catches my eye.

One game that I’ve seen (and heard) a lot about is Crossy Road, released in late 2014 by Hipster Whale. It’s basically an endless Frogger-type game where the whole goal is to get as far as you can without dying. There are many obstacles, including cars and trains that will immediately flatten you, trees that will get in your way, and rivers to cross. The blocky, Minecraft style graphics are pretty neat as well. A few days ago, I finally decided to download it and play it!

Let’s play Crossy Road!

Let me just say that this game is pretty tough and unforgiving! Pretty much any mistake you make results in instant death. You can’t even stay still for long periods of time, or a bird will swoop down and eat you! Or carry you away. Or something.

Despite this fact, I found myself playing it over and over, just trying to get a little further each time. The board constantly changes, so you are never going through the same motions twice. The board also changes depending on what character you are using, which I think is pretty neat!

I am especially in love with the Pac-Mac Board!

How cool is this?!

Speaking of characters, there are TONS of unlockable characters in this game! Right now I have 7/159 characters, so I have a long way to go. Check out some of the ones I have unlocked so far:

I REALLY want to unlock Floppy Fish, because it looks funny! I also really want to unlock The Dark Lord, because… well, if you know me, you wouldn’t be surprised. 😉

By the way, the default character is the chicken.

Go little chicken!

Of course, there are a few characters available only by purchasing them with real money, but I doubt I’ll be doing that!

You unlock characters through a little coin machine type thing, which you can play when you get 100 coins. According to Wikipedia, “Coins can be obtained in-game via landing on them during gameplay, watching advertisement videos, completing tasks, collecting a free gift given every few real-time hours, and using real money to buy them in various amounts.” You can also pay 99 cents for a specific character right away if you’re impatient- nope, I won’t be doing that either!

Overall, this is a REALLY fun game, and I would recommend it to anyone that’s got a couple minutes to spare. You don’t have to devote that much time to it, there are tons of wacky characters to collect, and the game board is always changing. It’s a shame I didn’t download this sooner!

I also want to mention that there is a sequel of sorts to this game called Disney Crossy Road. It’s very similar to Crossy Road, except with Disney characters and themed boards with certain objectives to complete. Despite the fact that I’m not a huge Disney fan, this game still looks like fun. I may still download it at some point! 🙂


My Sneaky Little Juice Cubes Habit!

A couple years back, I downloaded a game called Juice Cubes on my iPad. It was published by Rovio Stars and developed the company Pocket Playlab (who, as far as I know now, has completely taken over the game- I don’t think Rovio has anything to do with it anymore). Despite the fact that it looked like “another” match-3 game, I was drawn to its bright graphics.

I started playing the game and for awhile, I was hooked! The graphics were so fun and the music was so upbeat and beachy, it was like I was on summer vacation while I was playing! The game itself was pretty fun, too. It did get a bit aggravating in some of the later levels, but I still played through them.

I took a break for awhile, then one day decided to revisit my game, only to find that it no longer worked on my aging iPad! Despite the fact that it was supposed to run with the iOS version I had on my iPad, the game crashed  at the title screen every time. I was so bummed! I had gotten pretty far in the game, and I didn’t want to start over.

Makes me so ready for summer!

…and yet for some reason, I kept thinking about the fun, bright little game! Finally, I decided just to download the game on my iPhone, even though I knew I would have to start from the first level.

Level 4.

I’m so glad I did! I started playing the game last night, and I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the adorable little fruits and heard the beachy tunes.

Level 5.

I only played to level 5, so the game is still pretty easy at this point. Nothing much needs to be done except for achieving a certain amount of points, which is pretty easy to do. I know in some later levels, these annoying sand castles eat up your fruit and you can’t make matches, and in other levels your little cubes are frozen. It definitely gets challenging, but I can’t wait to see how far I can get this time. I just looked the game up, and it looks like there are around 550 levels. It looks like I’ll be keeping my sneaky little Juice Cubes habit up for quite some time! 😉

My Progress in Angry Birds!

Since the week is coming to a close, I wanted to post all the levels I’ve beaten thus far in Angry Birds. Below you will find screenshots of each chapter I’ve beaten, along with they date they were released.

First off, here’s the levels I had already beaten before making this game a priority to beat:

Poached Eggs- 12/11/2009

Mighty Hoax- 2/2010

Danger Above- 4/2010

The Big Set Up- 6/2010

Ham ‘Em High- 12/2010

Mine and Dine- 6/2011

Birdday Party (Part 1)- 12/2011


Surf and Turf- 3/20/2012

Bad Piggies (Part 1)- 10/09/2012


Now, here’s the levels I have completed this week:

Birdday Party (Part 2)- 12/11/2012


Bad Piggies (Part 2)- 12/11/2012


Bad Piggies (Part 3)- 5/07/2013


Red’s Mighty Feathers (Egg Defender)- 7/03/2013


I am currently on Red’s Mighty Feathers (actual levels) Level 3.


Whew! So many levels down, so many more to go. I’m inspired by my progress, though, so I think I’m going to continue playing Angry Birds this upcoming week to see how far I can get!

I’m A Big Fat Liar!

“Sure, it can get frustrating at times, but I’ve never encountered a level so hard I want to delete the game and never play it again.” -me, in a blog post a few days ago regarding the iOS game Angry Birds. Now, I am not usually a liar, and please understand- up until a couple days ago, I truly meant what I said. But… that was before I encountered the horrible atrocity that is known as Egg Defender Level 15.

Note: The following post is bound to be laced with profanity, so if that’s not your thing, do not read it! 😉

Let me explain these “Egg Defender” levels in Angry Birds. They are part of the Red’s Mighty Feathers world, and they are not ordinary levels. The screen holds a fixed position, and there are unlimited red birds to shoot at the pigs. The pigs come at you in waves, and they are all riding annoyingly shitty contraptions that you have to destroy to get to the pig. The pigs are trying to steal your egg, and if even one gets away with it, it’s game over for you.

At first, the levels were kind of fun. It got harder as I progressed, and I would even say that a few of them were somewhat annoying. Nothing I couldn’t handle! Then came Level fucking 15.

The first asshole pig flew in on a contraption held afloat by a propeller, some fans, and a lovely thing that looked like a vase. The vase thing sucked me up if I got to close to it, so I aimed my bird behind the propeller to blow up the TNT box. No problem. Bye bye piggy!



The next little bastard dropped down from the sky, and I had a little trouble with him. I finally figured out that if I just bombarded him enough, I could eventually blow him to pieces.


The next two pigs were a major pain in my ass. Their contraption was held up by fans, which sounds and looks ridiculous. Two vase things were ready to suck me up, something else was shooting oranges at me every time I aimed my bird anywhere, and there were two balloons that couldn’t be popped thrown in for good measure. It took me a bit to figure out how to bring this one down, but finally I destroyed the damn thing.



Now the part that really pissed me off! Pigs 4, 5 and 6 were riding some crazy ass contraption I can’t even really explain. Just look at the screenshot below!



Anyway, the pig up front was the most annoying little asshole I’ve ever encountered. Over and over, he detached from his friends, sucked up my egg, and flew away faster than I could shoot him down. Over and over, I. Lost. To. That. Fucking. Pig! Aiming is a little slow in these levels, and you can’t shoot another bird until the one you shot makes contact with something. I was just too slow most of the time. Finally, I got lucky and managed to shoot that bastard out of the sky right as he was about to leave with my egg. After I got rid of him, his buddies were easy to destroy.


As for the final pig? It happened so fast, I don’t even remember what really happened. He swooped down on me, then crashed. I managed to pop him right before he escaped offscreen. Finally, this hellish level was over!



Whew. This is not a level I EVER want to repeat. I must have played it 30 times! Now it’s back to regular levels in Angry Birds, and I’m very happy about that. I applaud Rovio for making different types of levels, but I’d rather stab my eyeballs out than play them again.

Time To Finally Beat Angry Birds!

…you know, at least until there is another update! I’ve been a fan of the original Angry Birds game since it was first released back in 2009. At its core, it really is a great game. Sure, it can get frustrating at times, but I’ve never encountered a level so hard I want to delete the game and never play it again. My problem is this: I haven’t kept up with the game very well. As a result, there are SO MANY levels I haven’t played.

I’m sick of this being the case, so I thought now would be the perfect time to get back into the game! I fully updated it, and it seems I left off on Part 2 of the BirdDay Party, which was released for the game’s 3rd anniversary.

The latest update was in December 2015, when Part 6 of the BirdDay Party was released to honor the game’s 6th anniversary! I am very far behind. 😦 No matter. I’m determined to start popping those piggies again and finally catch up with the game! I also am way far behind on all the Angry Birds spinoffs as well, but I can only worry about one thing at a time here!

First Impressions: Fish Frenzy Mania!

As I mentioned a couple days ago, I am playing two iPad games this week: The Sims FreePlay and Fish Frenzy Mania. I had played The Sims FreePlay previously, but Fish Frenzy Mania was a game I had downloaded and hadn’t yet played- until the other day, that is! 😉

The World Map.

Fish Frenzy Mania is (another) match-3 type game created by Team Lava. In this game, you match cute little ocean/ beach themed bubbles. What’s interesting about this game is you actually have to match the bubbles several times before they “pop,” and they get bigger and bigger each time you match them. You’ll know they are about to pop when they start quivering like jello on the screen!

The levels start out pretty simple, presenting you with the task of popping the bubbles to win. As you progress, you may have to pop bubbles near sand to clear it, near statues to break them or near treasure to collect it.

The first time I died was on Level 12. That’s when I realized that, just like most games like this, you only have a certain number of lives! In this case, that number is 5. It doesn’t really bother me, though. I’m not impatient- I’ll just go do something else while I wait for my lives to fill back up.

Well, I knew there had to be a catch somewhere…

The ONLY thing that bugs me about this game are the “challenges.” Look at the screenshot below:

What the hell!

Yes, a “challenge” is nothing more than blatant advertisement to try to get you to download other games. How annoying! Luckily, this doesn’t really pop up very often. I also haven’t been bothered to connect to social media, so I’m glad about that.

All it all, Fish Frenzy Mania is a cute, fun game. I love the beachy vibe! It’s not exactly a groundbreaking game or anything, but it’s fun to play when you have a few minutes to spare. I’m on Level 22 right now, and there are currently 252 levels in the game. I’m not sure if Team Lava will add more on or not. Either way, it’s a fun game that’s worth a download if you want to pass a little time!

Week of iPad Gaming!

I decided to show my iPad games some love this week, as it has been sorely neglected lately. I do have an older iPad, so some of the games and apps I downloaded no longer work on them or will not update any further. Many of them still work just fine, though- and it’s a good thing, because I am pretty stubborn and see no need to shell out money for a new iPad just yet! 😉

With that being said, I chose two games to focus on this week: The Sims FreePlay and Fish Frenzy Mania. I initially picked The Sims FreePlay, then decided to pick a secondary game since some actions in The Sims can literally take HOURS to complete.

I have had this game for quite some time, but never got very far with it. I had created characters based on myself, my husband, and my best friend. In the game, my best friend still had her maiden name as her last name, and she got married two years ago- has it really been that long since I played this game?!?

Anyway, I’m still trying to figure all the game mechanics out. Like I said, it differs from the other Sims games in the fact that each action actually takes up chunks of real time vs. Sims time. So, if you put your Sim to bed with the “deep sleep” action, for example, he or she will actually sleep for 7 to 8 hours! This makes The Sims FreePlay a great game to play for a few minutes at a time, then check back on it several hours later.

I attended first to Brandi, the Sim I created after myself. My Sim has a dog running around in her yard for whatever reason, which makes her very happy! It makes the real-life me happy too- I love dogs! 😉

After hanging out with the dog, I sent her off to work. She’s on her way to becoming a scientist!


Since Michael and Crissy do not have jobs, I set them with the task of growing crops. Hey, they have to make money for me somehow!

That’s it for The Sims FreePlay for right now. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next!