Bowser vs. Kirby!

I earned a free play today on Nintendo Badge Arcade, so I choose a machine with Kirby characters in it. I got a Kirby (yay) so I put him on the home screen of my Nintendo 3DS. It’s a funny little scene: an angry Bowser is breathing fire, and Kirby looks like he’s sucking it up!

I am easily entertained.

As you can see, MY real life Bowser could care less about starting trouble with Kirby.

Bowser doesn’t want any trouble!

In fact, he’s more of a lover than a fighter.

Bowser will chill pretty much anywhere, or on anything!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

First Impressions: Nintendo Badge Arcade!

A couple weeks ago, I received a download on my 3DS called Nintendo Badge Arcade. Last night, I finally decided to check it out!

After it took *forever* to load up, I was greeted by an overzealous bunny rabbit who couldn’t wait to explain the game to me.

Um, hi…?

Basically, this is a collection game. You play crane games to collect many Nintendo-themed badges, which you can then use to decorate your home screen with. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

After showing me a few examples, the bunny offered me 5 free plays to collect some badges. I swept the area in 3 tries, which I thought was pretty impressive for my first time playing.

I admired my new badges, then the rabbit told me my free plays were up and from now on, 5 plays could be purchased for $1. Wait, what?! I have to pay REAL money to keep playing?! And what about the 2 plays I didn’t even get to use because I completed the game early? Suddenly, this game didn’t seem so fun.

Bummed, I backed out of the arcade section and checked out some of the other options. There’s a help section, a section where you can view your badge collection, and a practice section. At each section, the bunny was more than happy to explain every last detail to me. I’ll admit, he was really starting to get on my nerves!

Settle down, Satan! Leave me alone!

The last section I came across was a practice section. This part redeemed the game a little for me. Once a day, you get 5 tries to practice a randomly chosen crane game. While you don’t get to keep any of the badges you win, sometimes one of the badges you grab will be worth a few free plays, which you can then turn around and use in the actual game. I won 3 free plays, so I used them up on a Super Mario Maker themed crane game.

I wanted that Bowser badge because my bearded dragon is named Bowser! After playing, I set up my home screen to make it look like he was about to burn Mario’s ass!

Pretty neat looking! Get him, Bowser!

I want to like this game more than I actually do. It is a really neat idea and it appeals to people  like me who like to collect every little thing in a game. However, where I have a huge problem with it is the fact that you have to PAY $1 to play! I have a hard time paying for something that is not tangible or useful. I don’t mind buying some DLC every now and again, but it’s hard to justify paying for something just to decorate your home screen with.

I will probably play once a day for awhile just to see if I can earn any free plays. Stupidly, I didn’t realize that you could change machines whenever you wanted- last night I played the same machine even though I had won all the badges available in it. Today, I switched off between a few of the machines and won some Mario, Yoshi, and Animal Crossing themed badges. Maybe some day they’ll have some Kirby themed badges? 😉 I know I’ll never collect all of them since I refuse to pay actual money, but it’ll still be fun to see what I can collect!