Book Review: Faerie Blood By Ashley McCleo!

Faerie Blood is the second (and final) book in the Fanged Fae series by Ashley McCleo. I enjoyed reading the first book a lot, so I was excited for this one. I wrote my review for this book on Goodreads back in May. Here’s the blurb:

War is brewing between the fae and the vampires.

Even worse, Mauri’s evil mother, Queen Nyssa, is to blame.

Mauri, a vampire-fae hybrid, disagrees with her mother’s dreams of dominating Faerie and the human realm through blood and fear.

To stop Queen Nyssa, Mauri journeys to Faerie to enlist an army. She soon learns, however, that the fae do nothing for free. And their price may be steeper than she’s willing to pay.

When other attempts to form supernatural alliances fail too, Mauri must choose the lesser of all evils to align herself with and do it fast.

Because Queen Nyssa has already thrown her plans into action.

And Mauri is the only one powerful enough to stop her.

Faerie Blood is the final book in the Fanged Fae series. It’s a paranormal thriller with cunning vampires, charming fae, sassy witches, and romance.

And here’s the absolutely gorgeous cover of the book:

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Here’s my review!

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review 🙂

Faerie Blood, the second (and final) book in the Fanged Fae series, begins with Mauri getting her vampire essence glamoured before she enters Faerie. Fae are naturally suspicious of vampires and are especially inclined not to trust nosferatu- so for Mauri, it is better to appear as a full Fae!

Mauri and her friends are headed to Faerie to try to convince her grandparents, the King and Queen of Ys, to amass an army to fight her mother, who wants supernaturals to reign supreme over both the human world and Faerie. After all, Mauri’s mother is the one who orchestrated the attack that turned her nosferatu and wishes for them to rule the world together.

While the Queen is quite pleasant, the King is very wary and has more of a haughty demeanor. He agrees to help Mauri, but tries to trick her into exchanging a blood oath, but Mauri will have none of it! She is determined to amass an army on her own. With the help of her friends (including an awesome rogue vampire) she gets an army together.

Mauri’s mother moves fast though, and the battle is a long and tense one. The outcome was a little different than what I expected, which is not necessarily a bad thing!

I really enjoyed this short series! The characters were all well-developed and I enjoyed the way they interacted with each other. I just felt like maybe Mauri needed a little more time to get her act together. I mean, she was turned nosferatu and then a week later she’s fighting her mother? I wish a few more months could’ve gone by so we could see her grow into her powers more. Nevertheless, this was a fun series and I’m sad to see it end already!

I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads!

Book Review: Blood Moon Magic By Ashley McCleo!

A few months ago, Ashley McCleo released the first book in her new series, The Fanged Fae series! Titled Blood Moon Magic, this duology centers on a character named Mauri coming to terms with her surprising heritage as Fae royalty- with the added twist that she was bitten by a vampire! I wrote the review for this book on Goodreads back in April. Here’s the blurb:

Mauri always knew she was different.

But exiled fae royalty? She never imagined that.

After a vampire bites Mauri, three hunky fae guardians appear and her secret history surfaces. As does the terrifying truth that Mauri must find the attacker—her vampiric sire—and kill him before the next blood moon.

If she fails she’ll become a lethal nosferatu, a creature totally subservient to her sire and a peon any vampire leader would desire to control.

With the blood moon only days away, Mauri is short on time and battling an increasing craving for blood. And her conflicting feelings toward one of her guardians aren’t helping either.

Can her fae guardians help Mauri find her sire before the next blood moon? Or will she be transformed and unleashed on a supernatural world she’s just beginning to understand and love?

And the cover, which might just be one of the most gorgeous book covers I’ve ever seen:

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Mauri is gorgeous! And the way the red mixes with gold is just beautiful. Anyway, here’s the review I wrote on Goodreads:

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review 🙂

After reading Ashley McCleo’s amazing Starseed Trilogy, I was so excited to start her next series! Blood Moon Magic, the first book in the Fanged Fae series, begins with the main character, Mauri, getting attacked by a vampire in a parking garage as she is leaving work. She awakens later to find three extremely handsome men with otherworldly characteristics telling her she is in danger and they have to protect her!

Naturally, Mauri has no idea what is going on, but she soon learns from the men (who turn out to be her Fae guardians) that she is a Fae princess! Since she was bitten by vampire, she is in danger of turning into a Fanged Fae, or nosferatu. A Fanged Fae is a powerful, lethal creature that is a cross between a faerie and a vampire. The only way Mauri can prevent herself from turning into one is to hunt down and kill her sire, or maker, before midnight of the next full moon… which is easier said than done!

Mauri is not one to give up easily, so she immediately sets out to find her sire, which leads her into dangerous situations. On top of that, she is also trying to hone in on her magical skills as well as her burgeoning vampiric skills in an attempt to defeat him. As days go on, though, she finds herself wondering if she wants to give up her vampire side.

Without giving away any spoilers, a person Mauri never would have suspected set her up so she would become a Fanged Fae. She has to make some difficult decisions and I feel for her!

I really enjoyed this book. Mauri is an excellent character! She is strong and beautiful and kicks ass too! The supporting cast of characters (her Fae guardians, Rowan the witch, and Elizabeth the vampire) are all wonderful as well. I absolutely cannot wait to see where this series goes next!!

I rated this book 5/5 stars on Goodreads!