End Game Thoughts: Galaga!

Game Title: Galaga
Platform: NES Classic
Hours Played: probably 30 minutes or so

About The Game

Galaga flyer.jpg

Galaga is a sweet little arcade game originally released in 1981. I’ve played it on a few different platforms, but for this particular End Game Thoughts post, I played it on the NES Classic, which was released in 2016.

Galaga almost reminds me of Space Invaders, because you are shooting all kinds of baddies that want to kick your ass!

What I Liked

This is a really fun game. I like to fire it up every now and then just to see how far I can get. Turns out, not very far! I kind of suck at it, but I like it anyway. It’s a fun way to spend a few minutes here and there! I like the different ways the enemies act- keeps you on your toes!

What I Didn’t Like

Image result for galaga new classic

Hmm… can’t really think of anything I don’t like! Aside from the fact that I suck, but that’s not the game’s fault… it’s mine!

Closing Thoughts

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This game is fun and fast-paced, and my slow reflexes don’t do me any favors. It doesn’t make me mad though… I just try to get farther each time I play! On this particular play through, I made it to level 4 and beat my high score. Maybe next time I’ll make it to level 5, haha!