Gaming Goodies: March 2020!

Back in March (which, considering the state of the world, seems like a lifetime ago) I got a few super sweet Gaming Goodies that I’ve been wanting to share!

First off, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had won a drawing for an insulated tote bag from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Normally I have terrible luck with stuff like that and figured there was no way I would win, but I actually did! My bag arrived in early March, and look how cute it is!


It looks just like the little bags in Pocket Camp, complete with the rumpled look of a sack lunch! It’s so cute, I won’t put any actual food or drinks in it, because I don’t want to ruin it!

Next up, a couple PS Vita games:

While out and about going to different stores (which seems like a really novel idea right now), my husband and I stopped at our local GameStop, only to realize it was actually going out of business! As a result, they had all of their stuff on clearance. Surprisingly, they had a few Vita games… so we bought all of them except one, haha! My memory is terrible and I can’t remember the three games he got, but I picked up Code Realize: Wintertide and Lumines: Electronic Symphony. They were 50% off, so we paid about $30 for 5 Vita games. What a great deal!

Next, and probably my most important purchase of March:


ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS! Yay! I was really excited for this game, but I must confess: I was definitely having second thoughts about going out and getting it. I didn’t order it online, because I figured I would just go to Target when it was released because I had the day off of work. However, shit with the coronavirus was really starting to get real, and I had a lot of anxiety about going out! After some serious internal debates, I sucked it up and went to Target, and I’m so glad I did! I went right when they opened and the store was not busy, so I was able to get what I needed and get back home.

Also, as a bonus, I got this awesome little journal!


The journal was actually a pre-order bonus from Target, but when I grabbed the game, I noticed it mentioned that you could get a journal with the game. I asked a worker there and she gladly grabbed one from behind the counter for me- I guess they had some extras from their pre-order, but you had to ask in order to get one 😉

I also picked up this ADORABLE BLOOPER OMG:


So all in all, March was a pretty good month for some gaming goodies!


Thanks for reading!

Gaming Goodie(s) of the Month: A Mixed Bag!

Even though March is more than halfway over, I still haven’t posted my February Gaming Goodies post… I’m slow, I know. Better late than never!

First up, I ordered a couple games from Amazon! I got Wii Fit U for the Wii U (obviously). I’ve been trying to work out more regularly (and I’ve been doing pretty good) and I switch between a few different exercise routines- one of them being Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus. I felt weird not having Wii Fit U, so I finally bought it! It came with a little pedometer too, which is nifty.


I also bought something I certainly didn’t need… おいでよ どうぶつの森, or Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori. That loosely translates to “Come to Animal Forest” but the game is, of course, the Japanese version of Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS. I’ve seen this game for sale before and skipped over it because I thought I didn’t need it… the thought nagged me for years until I finally caved in and just bought the damn thing! Like I need ANOTHER Animal Crossing town to tend to… 😉

Next up, we have one of the greatest items I have ever come across:


A GIANT KIRBY!! Look how awesome he is! My husband and I were at Books-A-Million and I was busy being distracted by Harry Potter goodies until he said “Oh no…” when he spotted a big pile of Kirbys! I have never seen such a big plush in person before and I wasn’t going to buy it at first, but he convinced me to. I’m a sucker for Kirby things.

This is how big he is next to a normal sized plush, just for comparison:


Lastly, look at these awesome Kirby socks! These were also at Books-A-Million.


Here’s eveything all in one lovely picture:


So there you have it! I have scored some pretty sweet stuff this month as well, including one that I’ve been waiting for for quite awhile (spoiler alert: ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS) so stay tuned for a post on that next month. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Gaming Goodie(s) of the Month: Just a Couple Things From Best Buy!

For February’s Gaming Goodie post, I wanted to show a couple things I picked up at Best Buy recently! It’s nothing major, but still, I think they are pretty cool!

This picture doesn’t do it justice… the colors are stunning!

First, look at this GORGEOUS Dark Samus amiibo that I found! I’ll admit, I didn’t know this existed. Sometimes I am shit at keeping up with stuff. Anyway, I passed on the original Samus amiibo that came out awhile back, but this one was just too gorgeous to pass up. The colors are even better in person!

New one on the left!

Then, I got another adorable little Kirby Squishme (on the left)! I already had one (on the right) and this one was the only one at the store. How could I leave him all on his lonesome?! My husband saw this first and actually hid it from me so I wouldn’t see it… then he told me about it and I grabbed it, haha! Don’t they look cute together?


There you have it! Just a couple little things I picked up. I didn’t need these things, but I had to use my giftcard on something! I also bought the entire Beavis and Butthead DVD collection but yeah… that’s not exactly video game related, lol!

Gaming Goodie(s) of the Month: Starting the New Year Out Right!

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it’s 2020 already?! A new year, a new decade… hopefully lots of great stuff will happen this year! 2019 definitely had its ups and downs… I had lots of fun times with family and friends, threw my middle fingers up and walked away from a job that was awesome but had the most incredibly toxic environment I’ve ever been in, etc.! But enough about that shit, because I got some cool gaming goodies for Christmas that are helping me start 2020 out right! 😉 Let’s take a peek!


First off, my husband got me a Super Mario tumbler, which is really cool and also works great! I took some tea to work in the morning and by the time I got home 9 hours later, it was still cold. He also got me a Pac-Man board game, which is unique and a lot of fun! He also found me an adorable Yoshi pillowcase (which is actually reversible and has Mario on the other side!).


Next, my mom got me a few Switch games, some of which she bought in the months leading up to Christmas- she just hoarded them all to give them to me as a gift! 😉 I received Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD, Pokémon Sword, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Luigi’s Mansion 3. I got Ring Fit Adventure, which I haven’t tried yet but plan on doing so this week- hope I don’t get too sore, haha! Lastly, she got me the Pokémon Sworld/Shield strategy guide. I’m glad to see they are still making strategy guides for some games, because I love them!


Last but not least, I received an awesome Bokoblin plush from a really good friend of mine! Now, these guys are not exactly cute in Zelda games, but this little guy is so ADORABLE!!!


There you have it! I was so happy to receive all these excellent gaming things. Happy 2020!

Freeloader and C64 Mini Fun!

As many of you know, a little while back I bought the last two Animal Crossing games I needed for my collection: どうぶつの森+ (Doubutsu no Mori+) and どうぶつの森 e+ (Doubutsu no Mori e+). Okay, it was like 2 1/2 years ago… read the blog post where I talk about getting them here! Anyway, I had big plans to either mod my GameCube or buy a Japanese GameCube, but I did neither of those things. My husband and I received a GameCube from his mom’s collection after she passed away, and I figured I would mod that one. Nope. Turns out that’s way more of a pain in the ass then I thought it would be due to the fact that Nintendo uses some weird ass screws to hold everything together. So one day while browsing online, I found:

Image result for freeloader action replay gamecube

The Freeloader/Action replay combo! These suckers are really hard to come by, at least in my experience. Every single time I looked up the Freeloader (which tricks your GameCube and allows you to play games from other regions) it was expensive and not worth getting. For whatever reason, I found this Freeloader/Action Replay combo for like $29, and I jumped on the chance to get it! (For the record, I have no interest in using Action Replay)

When it came in, I was SO EXCITED! At first, I couldn’t get it to work. It wouldn’t let me click on anything! After turning my system on and off a few times, though, I was able to get it working. I popped in どうぶつの森+ (Doubutsu no Mori+) and…


YAY!!! So amazing! I played a little bit of the game, just to get a feel for it. I was so happy!

I did turn the system off and reload a few times just to make sure everything was saving properly, which it was. I am a little uncomfortable with constantly opening and closing my GameCube though, so my husband and I think it’s best if I use his mom’s old GameCube instead. I haven’t tried out どうぶつの森 e+ (Doubutsu no Mori e+) yet, but I will!

Also, I just wanted to mention really quickly that since I have a need to purchase All The Small Things (haha, shitty Blink-182 reference), when I saw that there was a mini version of the Commadore 64… well, obviously I wanted it! I saw it at GameStop for $90 but gave it the middle finger and moved on because no way did I want to spend that much on it! Two weeks later, Amazon had it on sale for $35, so…


Of course I got it! It’s so darn cute just like all the other mini systems I have. I haven’t tried it out yet, and I’m kind of bummed that the little keyboard is just for show, but oh well. I’m still glad I got it!

Christmas Goodies!

Yeah, I’m posting about my gaming related Christmas goodies in May… but isn’t that my style? 😉


As you can see by the lovely picture above, I got several gaming related goodies for Christmas! I got 3 Nintendo 3DS games (Pokémon Ultra Sun, Pokémon Ultra Moon, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon). I actually traded Dark Moon for the Luigi’s Mansion GameCube remake, since I already had Dark Moon 😉 I also got Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Switch, 2 amiibo, and a Boo coffee mug! Haha it’s so cute! How could you not love Boo?


I am super behind on Pokémon games, so I haven’t tried Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon yet, but I have been playing some Smash Bros. when I get a chance! It’s so much fun, but there was one thing I was looking forward to in this game more than anything:


Yes!! Finally K. Rool gets some attention. He has been my absolute favorite villain ever since I played the original Donkey Kong Country in 1994. I mean yeah, he’s completely ridiculous (why does a reptile need to steal bananas anyway?), but that’s part of the fun! You can bet I got his amiibo the day it came out too 😉


A couple days after Christmas, I also received this giant Yoshi from my awesome friend Callula!!

So there you have it! Some fun little Christmas goodies. See ya!

Creative Pin Board!

Every once and awhile, I like to do creative stuff. Problem is, I kind of suck when it comes to artsy fartsy things! My creativity lies more in my words, and even that’s a bit of a stretch sometimes. Sure, I have a degree in Computer Graphics and Design, but I consider myself retired from that field. Anyhow, I saw a YouTube video from Cinnamoniboni. She posts all sorts of fun videos, many of them gaming related! In one video, she painted a corkboard to put all of her little pins on them, and I thought it was such a cute idea! The video is below if you want to check it out.

Now, I don’t have a ton of pins or anything like that, but I have a few that I’ve been wanting to put somewhere- I just never knew how to display them. After watching the video, I thought I would try it out, since it didn’t seem overly complicated!

I started with a standard corkboard that you can find at just about any office supply store. I got mine at Office Max. I forgot to get a picture of it in its unpainted state, but here’s what the wrapper looks like, in case anyone actually gives a shit:


I decided to paint the whole board black. I wanted a dark background with little dots of color! Hey, I said I wasn’t artsy. I can only do simple things!


Originally, I was just going to have yellow dots of color…


But then I decided some silver would look nice…


And some blue…


And finally, some red! Looks like a party!!


After giving the board time to dry, I added a few of my favorite pins to display. I have some Mario pins, Harvest Moon pins, and a Kirby pin too! My favorite pin on the board is the Pokémon Mimikyu, the little pin near the center of the board. I do have other pins, but I didn’t want to clutter up the board too much, so I may just rotate the ones I choose to display.


This was a fun project, and it wasn’t that difficult to do. If it was, I would’ve tossed it and pretended it didn’t happen haha! I like doing creative things like this, so maybe in the future I’ll have more to show! 😉

Cute Kirby Goodies!

Hey everyone! Can you believe 2018 is almost over?! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate 🙂 Mine was busy and fun and I’m sad it’s over! At least I still have a few days left to enjoy before having to get back to the grind. Anyway, on to the post!

Everyone who knows me knows that I can be a sucker for cute things. I can’t help it! And when Kirby is involved… my willpower almost disintegrates (Almost. I’m still a cheapskate after all!). So a couple months ago, I discovered some cute Kirby stuff that I couldn’t pass up!

The first thing I found was something called a Squishme. I found this totally by accident when I was shopping at Target. I don’t know how I even saw it- it was on the bottom shelf of one of the toy aisles that I normally never even look down. Anyway, LOOK AT THIS!


The best part is, this isn’t one of those shitty blind bags where you can only hope you get what you want- the item inside the bag is fully visible. Yes, on the packaging it says there are 8 to collect… but I have some restraint, you know! I settled for picking my favorite pose, where it looks like Kirby is puffed up and flying!


So cute! He is super squishy and smells like strawberries for some reason? Now, I try not to squish him too much because I don’t want to ruin it! He just chills on my desk for right now.

Then, I was browsing on Amazon and I came across these insanely adorable Kirby Terrariums! There were six of them and well, they were a much better value if I bought all six 😉


I did kind of freak out for a minute when I opened the box, though, because they all looked the same! I was really going to kick myself in the ass if I wasn’t paying attention and bought six of the same item.


Luckily, that wasn’t the case! Anyway, each little terrarium has a small scene for you to put together. And these pieces are TINY!


Here is each terrarium all set up:

I am so glad I bought these. They are SO CUTE and unique! I think my favorite one is the one with the snowmen 😉

So there you have it! And since I got a couple Amazon gift cards for Christmas, who knows what kind of fun stuff I’ll find next!

Birthday Goodies (Extremely Belated Post)!

Well, my birthday was way back in July, and I’m just getting around to posting the video game goodies I received… better late than never I suppose! I’m the master of putting shit off, what can I say!

Anyway, I got some neat game-related goodies! First of all, I got some super cute plushies of Toad, Goomba, Parakoopa, and Pikachu!


And while Patrick from SpongeBob Squarepants isn’t explicitly video game related, he fits in with the rest of them! 😉

I also got the Mario amiibo from Super Mario Odyssey. He looks fabulous all dressed up!


And just look at these very cute Pokemon figurines!


Next, I got three games for the Nintendo Switch: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, and Mario Tennis Aces!


My extremely talented cousin painted me this amazing picture of one of my favorite Animal Crossing characters, K.K. Slider!


Last but certainly not least, I got an NES Classic Edition as well as a Sega Genesis Flashback Deluxe!

So yeah, I got some pretty cool stuff for my birthday. I’m especially happy to have an NES Classic, since it wasn’t exactly widely available when it first came out. I’m glad I was able to post this entry before Christmas, haha!

My Animal Crossing Collection Part 2: Toys!

In the first part of my Animal Crossing Collection post, I showed you all of my games and strategy guides. This time, I’ll show you my various “toys” (which is basically just a collection of figures and a plushie). Enjoy! 🙂

First up, I have two little figurines that I hold near and dear to my heart. Many years ago for Christmas, my husband made me clay sculptures of two of my favorite Animal Crossing characters, Octavian and Rhoda! Annoyingly, Octavian is now missing a couple legs and Rhoda is missing a leg too, which is very sad! I blame it on moving, as the figures are pretty delicate. Taking a picture of them doesn’t really do them justice, either: the detail is so amazing in person! (Also, my lighting sucks…. Octavian is a deeper red and Rhoda is a deeper blue than these pictures show)

Next, I have a small collection of amiibo. Here’s what’s funny about me: I LOVE Animal Crossing… but I didn’t have much desire to collect all of these amiibo. They aren’t cheap ya know! 😉 So I decided that I would only purchase the amiibo that I REALLY wanted, instead of getting them all just for collection’s sake. A couple of these amiibo I got really cheap, and a couple I received as gifts 🙂

Lastly, I have one lonely little Animal Crossing plushie, which I’ve shown on here before. I still don’t know if he’s Timmy or Tommy!


Here’s my whole collection:


So there you have it! Not a ton to show, but I still like what I have. For the final Animal Crossing Collection post, I’ll show everything else Animal Crossing- related that I have 🙂