My Gaming Month In Review: February 2020!

Wow, two months in a row with this type of post… I’m on a roll! Ha. Anyway, let’s get right down to it… here’s the progress I made with my games in the month of February!


Nintendo Wii

Image result for animal crossing city folk"

I didn’t make too much progress in Animal Crossing: City Folk this time around. I did play on Groundhog Day and got my Resetti model. I also played on Valentine’s Day and got a letter and some chocolates from Harry, how sweet! Festivale was on the 24th, but I didn’t play… so I might need to rewind time so I can check it out 😉

Nintendo Switch

Image result for the legend of zelda breath of the wild box art switch"

I’m still having an absolute blast playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! I ended up wandering into Hateno Village, where I found and completed the Myahm Agana Shrine which… was a challenge. It was some weird tilty piece of shit labyrinth puzzle that wasn’t a lot of fun! Anyway, after some exploration, I decided to finally pay attention to the main quest and “Seek Out Impa.” Cool! Now I have two more main quests: Free the Divine Beasts (that will take me literally forever) and Locked Mementos (that’ll probably take forever too). I also completed the Ta’loh Naeg Shrine, which was a training exercise- the first one I’ve encountered. Because I’m an idiot, I broke a few of my weapons trying to chop the Guardian into pieces before I realized you have to follow the onscreen instructions. Uggh.

Image result for yoshi's crafted world nintendo switch box art

I’m happy to say that I beat Yoshi’s Crafted World this month! Yay! I’ll do a more in-depth End Game Thoughts post a little later. Anyway, the final levels of the game were decently challenging. One level in particular, Be Afraid of the Dark (in Shadowville) featured a creepy clown looking character that chased you with an axe! Definitely did not see that coming! Anyway, I defeated Baby Bowser, recovered the final Dream Gem, and that was that! Such a fun game!

Image result for mario tennis aces nintendo switch north american box art

After beating Yoshi, I decided to play Mario Tennis Aces as my next “Switch Sunday” game. There are a few different game play modes, which is interesting. I first played through all the tutorials and played a few of the characters in Free Play mode just to get a feel for the game. I then played a little bit of Adventure Mode. I beat Bask Ruins, so now I’m getting ready to play Piranha Plant Forest!


Nintendo Game Boy

Image result for pokemon blue box art north america"

I continued playing Pokémon Blue a bit. I explored Route 13, battling trainers and gaining experience. I think I’m starting to form a team that I’m going to keep until the end, but we shall see. I was also SO EXCITED to nab a Ditto!! He was kind of a bitch, but I got him in the end.


Kindle Fire

Image result for wordscapes title screen

I’ve been playing a bit of Wordscapes here and there on my tablet when I have some downtime, and it’s a lot of fun- and a challenge too! I’m on Level 90, which isn’t too shabby… until I think of my aunt, who has completed over 20,000 (yes, I typed that correctly!) levels. I have a lot of catching up to do!



Of course, I’m still playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I’m now at Level 165 and have 180/183 animals invited to my camp. So close! I just can’t seem to get that last map from Gulliver. Anywho, I played through the events for this month, though I didn’t get the final prize because I didn’t craft everything from the scavenger hunt in time. That’s okay! As sad as I was to see the snow melt, I’m ready for springtime!

That’s about it for February 2020. Thanks for reading!

End Game Thoughts: Homescapes!

Game Title: Homescapes
Platform: Kindle Fire
Hours Played: maybe an hour

About The Game

Image result for homescapes title screen

Homescapes was released in 2017 for mobile platforms; I played on my Kindle Fire. In this game, you help a balding, middle-aged butler (named Austin) with a creepy ass smile restore his parents’ house to its former glory. I guess he moves back in with his parents and you are just some weird, unseen entity that plays a match-3 game so that the butler can earn stars that will magically pay for all the stupid shit this shitty house needs to be awesome again.

What I Liked

Image result for homescapes

Despite my crabbiness, it is kind of a cute concept for a game, and I liked the idea of methodically moving through the house and restoring each room. The house itself was pretty big, with lots of rooms to restore. That’s… about all I liked.

What I Didn’t Like

Image result for homescapes

Unfortunately, Homescapes falls prey to the typical match-3 bullshit that a lot of games seem to be fond of. There are a lot of gimmicks that quickly grew tiresome and sometimes, if your luck is shit like mine, you’ll fail the same level over and over.

Closing Thoughts

Image result for homescapes

This game definitely had potential, but really ends up falling flat. Why you have to play a shitty Candy Crush clone to restore rooms is beyond me. It would have been much better had they implemented different mini games or puzzle varieties. I wanted to like it, but after getting to Day 3 in the game, I got annoyed and uninstalled it. Sorry Austin, looks like you’ll have to find some other sucker to help you with your parents’ house!

P.S. I hope all my US friends have an awesome Thanksgiving! I’m really looking forward to it, although I have laryngitis and probably won’t be able to chat with my family much. Well, at least I can still eat! 😉

End Game Thoughts: Hay Day!

Game Title: Hay Day
Platform: Kindle Fire
Hours Played: about 6 (so far)

Okay, this post is kind of cheating a little bit. This can’t really be considered an “end game thoughts” post, because Hay Day doesn’t really have an end! I just wanted to write about my experiences with the first few hours I’ve put into the game- by no means have I “beaten” the game! But because I’m horribly lazy and uncreative, I am still lumping this post under End Game Thoughts!

About The Game

Image result for hay day

Hay Day is a mobile game that was released for iOS in 2012 and Android in 2013. I have had a passing interest in this game for several years, mostly because I loved the shit out of Farmville and wanted to play a game that was similar. I had a co-worker tell me about it when it came out, but I never downloaded it. Fast forward a couple years later, and I downloaded it on my iPad… and still never played it. Finally, I got a Kindle Fire tablet for Christmas this past year, downloaded it, and finally gave it a go!

The premise of Hay Day is simple- you run a farm. You have crops and animals that can make you some money, which you can use to make your farm bigger so you can buy more crops and animals and fancy buildings and all that other necessary shit!

What I Liked

Image result for hay day

This game is very chill. It’s more chill than Farmville actually, because your crops don’t die, your animals don’t get sick… you could literally leave your farm alone for years and when you come back, everything’s the same! It’s the perfect casual game to sit down and spend a couple minutes with. Plant some crops, feed some animals, then come back in a couple hours to collect your money. I like how the progression of the game is slow and steady, so you aren’t too overwhelmed with everything at once.

What I Didn’t Like

Image result for hay day

Your ability to earn money is awfully slow at first! You don’t really start out with much, but the game is meant to be played at a slow pace, so I really wasn’t too put off by it. As time goes on you are able to earn money more easily, which allows you to buy machines that can make bread, cheese, etc. so you can earn even more $$$! I played the game pretty consistently over a week’s time and was able to make decent progress. Of course you have the option of buying gems or whatever to speed up your process, but I refuse to fall prey to freemium shit!

One thing that PISSED ME OFF though: I accidentally bought and placed another chicken coop. No problem, I can just put it away, right? FUCKING WRONG. IT STAYS IN YOUR GAME AND YOU CAN NEVER PUT IT AWAY. I may use it someday, but for now, it’s empty, it’s taking up space, it’s in my fucking way! GOD!

Closing Thoughts

Image result for hay day animals

Hay Day is a nice relaxing game very reminiscent of Farmville- which is exactly what I was looking for. Why the hell didn’t I start playing it a lot sooner?! Anyway, I’ve put maybe 6 hours total into it so far. It’s kind of a “weekend game” for me in that I play it a few times throughout the day when I’m chilling on my days off. With no real end to the game, it’s something I can enjoy at my leisure for quite some time to come!