My Gaming Week in Review (8/14- 8/20)!

First things first: I need to give a HUGE shout-out to my friend Justin!!! He read my latest blog entry and decided to take it upon himself to find those issues of Nintendo Power that I wanted to read. He then sneaked over to my house while I was working and left them all for me (stored on a flash drive, of course!) in my mailbox for me to find when I got home! Luckily he texted me to tell me there was a surprise waiting for me when I got home, because my husband actually beat me home, checked the mail and didn’t know what to think about the suspicious package¬†LOL! Anyway, that was a really awesome surprise and I am flattered that he would take time out of his day to do something like that for me. So thanks, Justin! You rock! ūüėČ

So anywho, these past few weeks have been pretty hectic and I have not had a lot of time to relax and play games. That pisses me off, but hey, that’s life! I’m hoping things will settle down soon and I’ll be able to get back to doing things that are more fun.

With that being said, the only game I had time for this week was Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. I finally had enough gold fish to expand my yard, so now I can have more kitties come over and play!

Once I set up my areas, all kinds of kitties came to visit!

I got a picture of a new kitty named Willie…



And I received a memento from Speckles. Um, thanks for the damaged spoon I guess?


Even if I don’t have a lot of time to play, Neko Atsume is a great way to spend a few extra minutes. Hopefully next week will be more eventful game-wise! See ya!

Time For A Quick Update!

I haven’t written a blog entry in a couple weeks… bad me! Unfortunately for me, I came down with a really shitty cold and didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING- not even playing games! I pretty much just laid on the couch and watched tv, read some books, and dragged my ass to work.

I’m feeling better for the most part now, which is good! I’ve been doing some sporadic gaming here and there, though not as much as I would like! I am on vacation this week, though, so I may get some more gaming in! So far, I’ve been back to playing Pok√©mon Blue for the Game Boy. It’s slow going because I’m focusing on leveling up all of my Pok√©mon, but I’m really enjoying it. One of these days I’ll be all caught up with the Pok√©mon series!


My team is getting pretty strong. Just a couple more Pok√©mon to level up, then I’m off to the first Gym to see if I can whoop Brock’s ass! ūüėČ

I’ve also been getting back into Neko Atsume for the iPhone. I had abandoned my little kitty friends for awhile, but I decided to redecorate my yard and see who showed up. Look at all the kitties who came to play!

I love the personalities of all the cats too. What kind of personality type is “sore loser”? Haha!


I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to update this week, since my husband and I will probably be out and about quite a bit as we enjoy our time off from work. Bye for now! ūüôā

Stitches vs. Kabuki/ Tubbs Strikes Again!

Since I have been feeling like shit the past few days (thanks, bronchitis!) I haven’t felt like doing a whole lot. Today, I passed my time by playing quite a bit of Animal Crossing: Wild World. I’m inching closer and closer to paying off my house, so I worked hard towards that goal today! I did a lot of fishing… and I saw this screen A LOT:

Ugh, trash!

Normally it’s common to catch one or two junk items while fishing, but today I caught 13. Yes, THIRTEEN! Count them!

This has got to be some kind of record!

What the hell man! That was pretty aggravating. Nevertheless, I still managed to catch several valuable fish.

I also met my new neighbor, Antonio the anteater. He seems pretty lively and fun!

While roaming around town, Stitches pinged me and asked if I have ever received anyone’s picture. I told him yes, and he immediately told me it better not have been Kabuki that gave me one! He quickly gave me his picture, since I’m, ya know, his bestest friend!

Yay! I’ve been wanting his pic for awhile and I was very happy to receive it.

I also spied two snowballs close to each other, so I decided to take my chances and make a snowman. As usual, the results were not what I had hoped for.

Getting real tired of your shit, snowman!

Later in the day, Stitches pinged me again and asked what I thought of Kabuki. I told him I thought he was nice, and he got extremely jealous! Is there some kind of rivalry between those two that I don’t know about?!

When I was done playing for the day, I went to the post office and pay off more of my mortgage. Only 90,000 bells until my house is FINALLY paid off! I can’t wait! I hope to pay it off in the next day or two.

The end is in sight!

Besides playing Wild World, I also checked up on my kitties in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. I put out some new goodies and food, and soon the yard was hoppin’ with kitties!

Looks like they are having fun!

Later, Tubbs came and ate all the food out of the bowl. Save some for someone else!

Come on, Tubbs!

He’s cute and all, but it sucks when he comes and eats almost a whole bowl of food that you purchased! Freeloader!

That’s all for tonight. Bye!

Winter in Neko Atsume!

I wanted to check on my kitties in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector today. When I loaded the game, I was pleasantly surprised to find that snow was covering the yard and the music had changed to a beautiful holiday tune. I also love the little snow bunny on the table! (The snow bunny also happens to be one of my favorite items in the Animal Crossing series)

How pretty!

I hadn’t realized the game would correlate to real life seasons, so that’s a pretty cool discovery! I bought a couple new items for my kitties, including a¬†Blizzard Tent and a Bunny Kick Toy. Before long, Dottie showed up to play with the kick toy!

How cute!!

She looks like she had a blast with it. Again, I am reminded of my cat Misty when I see behaviors like this, because she does the same exact thing!

Misty loves her toys!

After Dottie left, my frequent visitor Snowball came by to hang out in a sock.

I can always count on Snowball to come visit me!

These kitties are so cute, it makes me smile every time I play. Good night everyone!

Still Collecting Kitties…

Two blog posts in one night? That’s a new record for me! Ha. Anyway, I have been ignoring my kitty collecting duties lately, so today I played a bit of Neko Atsume Kitty Collector to make up for it. I purchased a couple new items and placed them in my yard. Soon, I had several kitties playing!

Snowball (the all white one) has visited me 37 times!

I checked the game on and off throughout the day, which is customary for this game. I was thrilled to see that I had finally caught Misty hanging out in a box!

Misty the cat has made a few visits, but I never managed to get her picture until now. The reason why I was so happy to finally have a picture of this cat is because I have a REAL cat named Misty, and I’m pretty sure they share some of the same personality traits.

Just like her in-game counterpart, the real Misty loves boxes and is very lazy!

So far, I have seen 26 cats, and have pictures of 21 of them. That’s pretty good progress! I don’t mind taking my time collecting all the cats though. I have a feeling I’ll be sad when I’ve gotten them all!

Who will visit next? You never know!

First Impressions: Neko Atsume Kitty Collector!

I am a fan of Buzzfeed and I receive a few emails from them a day. One of the emails I received the other day had a link to a small post about a game called Neko Atsume Kitty Collector. I had never heard of it, so I read the article and was intrigued. A game about collecting cats? Sign me up! I decided to download it and check it out.

Meow Loading hmm??? This should be interesting…

Today was my first day playing the game, and I thought it was so cute! It’s a very simple game where your only goal is to collect cats. The way to do this is by setting out toys, food, and other items that cats deem as fun (hello, paper bags!) and wait for them to show up!

There are so many different items to choose from!

Now, the cats won’t show up immediately. That’s kind of the beauty of this game. It isn’t designed to be played for hours at a time. You put out the items to attract cats, then close¬†or suspend the app for a bit. After awhile, check back, and you may see cats in your yard!

I put out some food and a rubber ball, and the first cat that came to play was named Snowball! When you meet a cat, his or her data is added into the Catbook. You can check the Catbook for stats such as the cat’s personality, its favorite toys, and how many times it has visited you.

Each cat also has its own photo album, and you can save up to 18 photos per cat. This is cute because you can take pictures of the cats interacting with the different things you place in the yard, and it’s fun to look back on the photos you took of them!

What a cute picture!

When the cats leave your yard, they will leave you a gift to thank you for letting them play. Most of the time they leave you regular fish, which you can use in the store to buy more fun stuff for the cats! Sometimes you will get lucky and they will leave some gold fish, which can be spent on the premium items at the store.

That really is all there is to it. You don’t directly interact with the cats (no petting, no playing, etc.) There are no minigames to play or bosses to beat. Therein lies the charm of this game: it is adorable, unique, silly, and fun.

Throughout the day, I’ve checked my game a few times just to see what cats have come to play. It kind of has a fun, “gotta catch ’em all” type vibe, and I can’t wait to see all the different kitties available in this game! I leave you with a couple more screenshots of the kitties that have visited me so far. If you’re interested in this game, it is free to download for both iOS and Android, so check it out!