My Gaming Week in Review (2/05- 2/11)!



Yesterday, my in-laws came over for dinner and we were going to play a board game afterwards, but it was too hard for my mother-in-law to sit up and play one at the table. My husband surprised us all by bringing out Anticipation, a Trivial Pursuit type game made by Rare way back in 1988!


Michael and his parents used to play this game a lot when he was a kid, so it was a blast from the past for everyone! I myself did not play this game until Michael and I met 14 years ago, but it’s a fun game that I still enjoy playing from time to time.

We decided to play in teams; Michael and I on one team, his parents on the other. His mom was actually doing pretty good! Like I said, this game is similar to Trivial Pursuit. Your game piece moves along the board, and you land on a colored square. Each square has a different category. Some of the clues are pretty easy:


While others are extremely vague. None of us figured out what this was:


The goal of the game is to collect one square of each color in each of the three levels. Whoever passes all three levels first is the winner!


It was a close game, but Michael and I ended up winning. It was fun! It was nice to see my mother-in-law having some fun, since she hasn’t been feeling well lately. Anyway, playing this game made me really happy and I want to play it again soon!

P.S. Sorry for the glare that is present in all the above photos. From where I was sitting, it was hard to get a good picture!


I visited my little Animal Crossing village of Branvil this week for the first time in 5 months. The first thing I noticed when I started up the game was that it was snowing, yay!! I think the snow is one of my favorite parts of the game, especially since I never get to see any in real life!


Sydney moved away, which was a bummer. She’s a cutie!


Maple acted like she didn’t know me.


And Wart Jr. made me laugh with his crazy comment. Apparently I’m a real shady character…


And just like always, Queenie was a big BITCH to me! Why doesn’t she move the fuck away already!


I met my new neighbor, Buzz. He’s pretty handsome, I think!


He has kind of a weird house, though.


I found a snowball hiding in the flowers, which was kinda strange.


After saying hello to everyone, I spent the rest of my evening pulling weeds and shaking trees! I deposited some money in my bank account, too. I wish it was this easy to make money in real life!


Wii U

As I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I finished our playthrough of Yoshi’s Woolly World this week! What a great game it was. Since I’m going to do a separate blog post about finishing the game, I’ll leave you with a screenshot of an oddly-titled level we played!



Nintendo DS

I played just one level of The Legendary Starfy this week. Apparently the Hot-Spring Snapper (a really rude rock/ turtle thing) was terrorizing Hotcha Springs, and it was up to Starfy to stop him!


I had to outrun lava, which was super. It moved kinda slow, but I still almost died trying to take this picture!


The battle against the Snapper wasn’t too bad. I couldn’t get a decent picture of him to save my life, because he wouldn’t stay still!


I am now on Level 3-1 Chillydip Cove: Snow Starfy. This should be fun!



I played some more Cooking Fever this week.  I’m still working on leveling up my Fast Food Court. It not really as bad as I thought it was going to be grind-wise- I find I can upgrade my stuff after playing one or two levels and getting some coins from them. I just don’t upgrade anymore when the upgrade requires gems, because I feel like I need to save my gems to unlock other places. Here are my current stats:


I am currently on Level 36 of the Fast Food Court. Only a few more levels until I am finished!


I also played more Pokémon GO. I was very happy to catch a Growlithe- so cute!

I evolved my Ekans into an Arbok.

I also evolved my Exeggcute into an Exeggutor. Finally! Seems like that took forever.

I also played a game called Strike! Ten Pin Bowling.It’s a simple bowling game that both my aunt and my mom played awhile back- I don’t know if they still do or not! Anyway, it’s a fun, free little game that is a great way to pass a couple minutes.


For some reason, though, the game erased all my previous high scores! That annoyed me a little bit. Oh well, not like I’m very good at it anyway!


I played some Solitaire this week too, and it seems I’m back on my losing streak.




Finally played some Stardew Valley this week! I haven’t played this game for a couple weeks, and I missed it! 🙂 Anyway, I continued clearing out my farm, and I came across this tiny, cute tree!


I ran into Haley, who was a bitch as always.


I finally figured out how to fish!


It’s really fun. I only managed to catch one fish and everything else I caught was trash, but it’s all good. I need to catch more fish, because I am broke!

One of my current objectives is to build a coop. With how expensive it is and how many resources I need, it’ll take me awhile!


One night when I went to sleep, a fairy came and made one of my crops grow. I don’t know what that’s all about, but thanks, little fairy!


I also grew to Level 1 Farming.


On the 10th of Spring, Year 1, I had a nice surprise when I woke up and was greeted by a friendly dog!


Marnie explained to me that he was a stray and asked if I wanted to adopt him! BUT OF COURSE I DO! 😉


I named him Wicky as an homage to a disabled dog that I worked with who has been gone for almost 2 years now. His name was Nykon, but his nickname was Wicky! He was near and dear to my heart and I loved him so much.


While continuing to clear out my farm, I found a geode. When I took it to the blacksmith, it was some rare mineral or something, and it was advised that I donate it to the museum!


I didn’t even realize it, but when I donated it, I completed an objective in my journal, so I got a nice little reward for it!


I then grew to Level 1 Foraging.


I am currently on 11th of Spring, Year 1. This game is becoming addicting!


While my husband was out and about earlier this week, he came across some VR (virtual reality) headsets for only $6! They are compatible with both of our phones, so he bought one for each of us. I’m going to do a separate write up on this, but here’s a pic of the headset:


So, looks like I was able to do a lot more gaming this week! That’s always a good thing. Thanks for reading!

My Gaming Week In Review (9/04- 9/10)!


Nintendo 64

I finally revisited my Doubutsu no Mori town of Weezey- it’s been a couple months since I’ve played! Checking the bulletin board, I realized that there were fireworks every Saturday in August, and I missed them all! Bummer! A second notice on the board told me that there is a full moon (the harvest moon?) visible on 9/15, so I’ll have to try to remember to play.

It was pretty late when I played, so most of my animal friends were already asleep.

Since there wasn’t too much going on so late at night (or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it) I just walked around picking weeds and digging up stuff! I dug up some furniture, but when I placed it in my house…


It was two of the same item! How dumb!

While walking through town, I noticed a house I hadn’t seen before. The sign told me it belonged to Garigari (Nibbles in North America). She was already asleep though, so I decided to visit her the next day!


The next day starting the game, there was a nice, steady rain. I had never bought an umbrella, so I went to the store and bought one. All they had was a red one with white polka dots, which isn’t really my favorite. It’ll do for now, though. While walking around, I noticed that TWO of my neigbors had the same umbrella! I guess it’s a popular style!

I then went and met GariGari. She is a little silly looking, but cute! The inside of her house was an eclectic mix of themes.

I also dug up 30,000 Bells, which was pretty awesome!


Nintendo GameCube

I also showed some love to my Animal Crossing town of Branvil this week. I haven’t visited there in a couple months, oops! Oddly enough, it was raining in this game as well.


I got a very rude letter from my mom!


What the hell! Anyway, after squashing roaches in my house, I traveled to Nookington’s, where I discovered the same umbrella I had just bought in Doubutsu no Mori for sale there as well! Too weird. I didn’t buy it, though, as I like my current flame umbrella much better 😉


I then walked around and said hello to a few of my villagers who were still awake (they seem to go to bed much earlier in this game!). I also paused to watch Octavian stare at a fish in the pond, which was so cute! I woke up Gulliver, too, which took forever! He gave me a Mannekin Pis, yippee!

Besides that, I just walked around, pulled weeds and enjoyed the rain!

Nintendo Wii

I also showed a little bit of attention to my Animal Crossing: City Folk town of Spookie this week… and yep, it was raining there, too!


I knew I didn’t have a whole lot of time to play, but I still said hello to the villagers I ran into. Nan in particular seemed happy to see me!


I was so tired of my bedhead, so I stopped by Shampoodle for a new hairstyle. I was surprised when Harriet told me I would look good with a boy’s hairstyle, and she wanted to know if I wanted one! I hesitated for a moment, then decided to go for it! The result was very different… but I don’t mind it! 🙂

Lastly, I stopped by GracieGrace to see all the furniture I can’t afford! I really loved the cool psychedelic umbrella I found in there. It was only 3400 Bells, so I bought it! I also bought a new outfit at the Able Sisters, just to give the witch outfit I had been wearing for like 3 years a rest 😉


Nintendo DS

I visited my Animal Crossing: Wild World town of Booland this week as well- and came across something TERRIBLE!


Stitches was all packed up and ready to move out! OH NO YOU DON’T! I cannot bear to think of Stitches moving away from me! I must’ve talked to him like 100 times, trying to convince him to stay.

Finally, just when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to convince him otherwise, he acted like he was leaning toward staying. Whew!

I also visited my other neighbors, who provided me with entertainment as usual! Sometimes they say the silliest things!

The next day, I had to play again to see if Stitches decided to stay in Booland or not. I was a little nervous, but once the title screen loaded, I was happy to see him walking around! Yay! I still played and talked to him, and he made no mention of moving. Stitches will remain in Booland for awhile longer! 🙂



I played a little bit of Crossy Road this week, which I haven’t played in awhile. I played several times, and I unlocked three characters, which were Epoch:

Pudding (wtf?):

and Capybara:

This is such a fun little game! It’s just perfect for when you have a couple minutes to pass, and I love unlocking new, weird characters!

I also caught several new Pokémon in Pokémon GO this week! They were Goldeen:





and Caterpie:

I also hatched 3 eggs this week, which gave me a Spearow, a Geodude, and a Caterpie!

I also accidentally entered a Gym and started a battle. Needless to say, I got my ass handed to me. I knew none of my Pokémon were strong enough, but I didn’t know what I was doing! I need to read up on Gyms more before I start messing around in them.


Finally, I leveled up to Level 7 and got two new medals; one for catching 10 Grass-type Pokémon and one for catching 10 Bug-type Pokémon.

So, it was a pretty productive week in Pokémon GO! I am still enjoying this game a lot. Catching Pokémon and hatching eggs is so fun!



My Gaming Week in Review (7/03- 7/09)!


Nintendo GameCube

Like I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I played Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the very first time! I won’t do a recap on it since I just wrote about it, but here’s a funny screenshot:



Nintendo 3DS

I played some Animal Crossing: New Leaf for awhile. It was nice to visit my town again! I came out of my house and noticed that I had something to dig up right by my house!

Hmmm, what will it be? Hopefully a valuable fossil!

I decided I needed to update my look a little bit, so I went dyed my hair purple and bought some new clothes! Now I have kind of a cute, sporty look!

I love it! For now. I’ll probably change my mind in a week!

I spotted Leif snoozing near my house, so I decided to help him out and pull some weeds.

Even though he’s so lazy, I love him!

I then spent some time shaking trees and picking fruit. I found an “amazing machine” in a tree and thought it sounded cool, so I immediately went to my house to check it out!

Sounds awesome!

Man, was I disappointed.

Um…. well, that sucks! 

There is nothing amazing about that at all! Ugh! Anyway, I also visited my villagers as I traveled through town. Hippeaux has an extremely fancy house!

Who knew he lived so richly!

I also found a house plot for Rolf, and I am very excited he is moving in! I had him in my Animal Crossing town many many years ago, and I love him- even if he is a bit grumpy!


I also chatted with Rizzo, who was camping in Blorp for the day.

I even stopped for a cup of coffee!

Drinking coffee with Kapp’n!

After awhile, I decided to do some fishing. I caught two new fish:  a guppy and an ocean sunfish!

After fishing and selling various items and fruits, I had quite a bit of Bells in my pocket, so I decided to pay off more of my mortgage. I’m getting there!

Blah, I’m always in debt!

I also played some Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer this week. When I started up the game, I chatted with Isabelle. She told me there were a bunch of new projects available for me!

Not today, my dear! 

However, I wanted to do a little something different this time, so I put off the projects for now. I haven’t used my NFC reader to scan an Amiibo card yet, so I checked that out today. If you aren’t familiar with using Amiibo cards in this game, you simple scan in a card and it “calls” the character on the card. You can then design their home! And since I have the first model of the 3DS, I had to get a separate scanner to be able to use the cards. Luckily, it came bundled with Happy Home Designer. 🙂

Anyway, the first customer I called was Stitches! Of course! I love him! Haha.

I chose a location that was bright and sunny with a little body of water nearby. It seems like he would really enjoy the trees and bright flowers too!

Geez, can I live here too?

I decorated the outside of his house with bright, fun colors. In his yard, I went with tons of flowers, a slide, and two sandboxes for him to play in. I also added a swing so he could look out into the water and relax.


Inside, I made almost everything “Kiddie” and I added a couple toys as well as some crayons and paint supplies for him to play with. I left the middle of the floor pretty open so he would have plenty of room to play!

Stitches absolutely loved his new home, and that made me very happy! 😉




I’ve pretty much made it a habit to play Solitaire before bed almost every night. And surprisingly, I’ve won a few games!


I also played The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed for the first time. I REALLY want to see that movie because it looks absolutely adorable! 😉 Anyway, I downloaded it a couple weeks ago and just decided to check it out earlier today.


This game is a pretty standard Match-3/ Candy Crush/ Juice Cubes type game, but with pets from the movie. At the beginning of the game, I’m greeted by Max, who is very excited!


Every level has a different goal, and it seems like every pet wants something different. Max, for instance, is waiting for his owner to come home.


After a couple levels, I unlocked Leonard, who apparently is a purebred metalhead! My kind of dog!


Leonard’s levels required me to match toys to turn up the volume on his speakers. When his owner leaves, he starts out listening to classical music, and he is sitting up very proper…


But once you give him some volume, he rocks out and starts headbanging! I love it!


I only played 5 levels of this game, but it is super cute and fun so far. I will definitely be playing more of it in the coming days!

Those were all the games I played this week. Thanks for reading!

First Impressions: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door!

Continuing on in my quest to try out all the unplayed games in my backlog, I decided to give Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door a little playtime! This game was released in 2004 for the GameCube. I remember I actually did GET the game in 2004- I was out shopping with my uncle, and he actually lent me the $20 to buy the game because it was on sale. I didn’t play it right away because I hadn’t yet beat Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64, so I didn’t want to play its sequel. Well…. 12 years later I still have not finished Paper Mario, so I wanted to at least play a little bit of this game! 🙂

Title Screen.

The Thousand Year Door starts off with Mario receiving a letter from Princess Peach, telling him she is on vacation (what else is new!). She’s in a town called Rogueport, and she says there is treasure there. She even includes a treasure map!

Poor Luigi, he never gets to go anywhere!

Mario can’t resist the adventure. With that, the Prologue begins!


I arrive in Rogueport, but something seems a little… off about this town. Doesn’t really seem like a vacation destination. Plus, the townsfolk are really damn rude!

Soon, I overhear a conversation between a cute little Goomba and a… bomb? I don’t know what he is.

What ARE you?

The little Goomba sees me and hides behind me, prompting the bomb to pick a fight with me! Hey, I didn’t ask to be involved!

Crap, why does Mario always have to get involved in battles that aren’t his?

The bomb was easily defeated, but he wasn’t happy about it. He set a bunch of his minions to swarm around me and the Goomba, but they were really dumb… so they didn’t notice us getting away!

When we reached the main hub of Rogueport, the Goomba introduced herself as Goombella.

You’re cute, but you owe me!

Goombella must be a girl after my own heart, because she said what I normally say any time I go out in public 😉

Haha I understand your pain!

After chatting with Goombella for a minute, a Toad came over to us and started talking. He was unaware that Princess Peach had sent me a letter, and he had no idea where she was! He said she just disappeared. However, he said he wasn’t up to the task of finding her, so he was off to relax while I tried to find her.

Uggh! What a lazy bastard!

Are you kidding me?! Can you be any more lazy?! Luckily, Goombella loved the idea of adventure, though, and joined my party. Yay!

I’m sure she will be very useful!

We set out to find Goombella’s professor, but first, I rested at the Inn to restore my HP.

Even heroes need to recharge!

We ran into a rude Goomba that I wish I could’ve stomped on…

YOU don’t know nothing, jerk!

And an angry Toad that lost his contact lens. Of course, I accidentally stepped on it, so he blocked my way and refused to let me pass until I got him another contact lens. Asshole!

I also took a peek at the Item Shop, but didn’t purchase anything.

Why do the Toads working in here look so scared?

While walking, some guy ran into me and stole half my coins! I found him in the back alley of Rogueport in a crappy house that had flies and roaches crawling around! He didn’t put up much of a fight when I asked for my money back, but he did tell me that even innocent looking people were thieves! Wow, what is wrong with this town?!

Never carry your wallet in your back pocket!

Come to think of it, the whole back alley was nasty looking. I didn’t really spend too much time there.

Looks shady to me!

After that little excursion, I saved my game. Because this is an RPG and will require a bit of my time and attention, I won’t play it anymore for now. It was fun trying it out, though, and I really enjoyed it! It seems like a really good game! 🙂

A Blast From The Past!

When my husband and I first met, we would play tons of video games together. (Not much has changed in 13 years!) We would play many different games, but two that always provided us with tons of entertainment- and frustration!- were Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 for the GameCube. Many hours would be spent laughing at and cursing at these games!

For those who aren’t familiar, Super Monkey Ball sets you with the task of rolling your monkey who is in a…ball… to the goal. The stages range from easy to incredibly diabolical, and extreme precision is often required.

On a whim, I decided today would be a good day to revisit Super Monkey Ball with my husband!


We played through all of the Beginner and Advanced stages, and it was like riding a bike! Stages we haven’t played in years were so familiar to us, and we just got right back in the habit of how to play and what types of little tricks you can use to beat the stages easier. We still died a lot though!


We finally got tripped up on Expert Stage 9. We lost A LOT of lives on Stage 7, and a few on Stage 8, so we didn’t stand much of a chance. It was still so awesome and fun to revisit the past a little bit and play this game. Who knows, after work tomorrow, it may be time to play Super Monkey Ball 2 😉


Rainy Evening in Animal Crossing!

Just a short little post tonight! I briefly played Animal Crossing, where spring is in full effect. It was a rainy evening, which I really don’t mind. I always loved the music that plays during rainy days!

Rainy evenings are so peaceful in Animal Crossing…

I checked my mailbox, where I had a goodbye letter from Emerald. Farewell friend!

To be honest, I really didn’t know her that well… still sad that she moved though!

I decided I wanted to try to tackle some of the weeds that have been plaguing my town for quite some time. I’m lazy, I know! I looked at my town map and decided to break it up into four sections. Doing a different section each day makes it much more manageable. Soon I will no longer have weeds!

My town map!

While I was plucking weeds, a balloon with a present flew by! I followed it, but it didn’t get snagged on any trees, so it just floated away. Bummer!

Too bad there’s not a slingshot in this version of the game!

Once I pulled up weeds on one section of the map, I decided to head down to the ocean to see if I could catch a coelacanth since it was raining out. I walked back and forth on the shore several times, but didn’t see one. I decided to end my game for the night. On my way back to my house, I ran into Pinky. She gave me a carpet, then thought I didn’t appreciate it at all! What a freak!

Why do you have to ruin a nice moment by being psychotic?!

That’s all for tonight. Bye!

Valentine’s Day Across the Animal Crossing Universe!

Since Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday in the Animal Crossing world that requires much player participation, I decided to combine the events into one blog post. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th (of course!) in all Animal Crossing games with the exception of Animal Crossing: Wild World.

First up is Doubutsu no Mori. Now, in Japan things are a little bit different. Barentein de (Valentine’s Day) is actually a holiday geared towards guys! On this special day, girls will send letters or gifts to the boys in their lives. So, if you are a male, you will receive a letter with a present from your female villagers. Since I am a girl, I didn’t get anything. That doesn’t mean that girls are left out, though- March 14th is Howaito de, and THAT is when girls receive their presents. Anyway, I snapped a picture of the bulletin board announcement for Barentein de:


Next up is Animal Crossing. Here is the announcement on the bulletin board:


And obviously I did not heed Pete’s advice, because my mailbox was full! That means that I didn’t get any Valentine’s! 😦 I was kind of bummed about that. I even saved and played later, after mail would be delivered again- but I got nothing. Boo. I did, however, get a letter from the museum. Apparently I tried to send away my golden rod:


What the hell was I thinking! I must’ve been asleep when I mailed that away! Good thing I didn’t accidentally send it to one of my villagers. Moving on…

In City Folk, Prince was my Valentine. He sent me a letter as well as a chocolate heart.

Here I am with my Valentine!


Lastly, in New Leaf, I got letters from Isabelle and my mom.

Isabelle sent me a chocolate cake, while my mom sent me a spring shirt. Here I am pondering whether or not to eat the cake while wearing my new shirt:


Also, please note that if you go to drink coffee from Brewster in either City Folk or New Leaf, it will actually be hot chocolate instead of coffee! This is a special Valentine’s Day treat.

That’s it for Valentine’s Day in all of the Animal Crossing games! Finally, I am all caught up blogging about February’s holidays. I didn’t mean to get so far behind! The only events left in February are a Fishing Tourney and a Flea Market, which I have blogged about before. See ya!

Groundhog Day in Animal Crossing!

On February 2nd (yes, I know I am behind!) it was Groundhog Day. The holiday was celebrated in Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: City Folk, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I first celebrated Groundhog Day in Animal Crossing!

Will winter carry on, or will spring come early? Let’s find out!

The event begins at 7 a.m. I made my way down to the wishing well for the festivities after stopping to take an adorable pic of Octavian asleep!

Aww, he’s not a morning person either!

I spoke to Mayor Tortimer, who seemed a little confused about what was even happening.

After speaking to everyone who was gathered there, I stood right smack dab in the middle of all of them so I wouldn’t miss any action! We waited excitedly for the groundhog to appear.

Hurry up. groundhog!

At 8 a.m., Resetti appeared, and he was less crabby than usual. Wait…. he’s not even a groundhog! I guess he’ll just have to do. He made his prediction, and that was that.

Tortimer said we were going to stick to the prediction, but I hope that’s not the case. I’m ready for an early spring!

Are you sure you aren’t still confused?

Please note that if this is the first time playing Groundhog Day, you will receive a flower model. I’ve already participated in the past, so I left empty handed. What a rip!

That’s it for Groundhog Day in Animal Crossing. See ya!

New Year’s Day In Animal Crossing!

I was excited to play the GameCube (GCN) version of Animal Crossing, even though I know I have played through the holiday in this game before. This was the game that made me fall in love with the Animal Crossing series, and I have sunk countless hours into it collecting furniture, befriending animals, and discovering all the little secrets the game has to offer. I have owned this game since the day it was released in North America in 2002.

In recent years, however, I have not played this game very frequently. There are many reasons for this, mainly because (1) I have a lot of other games to play and (2) I have completed many of the tasks in the game. Though the game continues on forever without a definite end, eventually there just aren’t a lot of things to do.

Because it has been a long while since I have played this game, I was ready to dive back in! The first thing I did was check my mailbox, which contained a couple strange letters. Why did I order a mossy stone?!

Then I checked the bulletin board, where Tom Nook was displaying a not-so-subtle advertisement for Nookington’s.

Dude, you have the ONLY store in town! It’s not like we can go anywhere else!

I then entered my house and spent about 5 minutes squashing roaches. Gross! That’s what I get for not playing. When I was done with that, I took a moment to admire the way I had decorated my main room. Looks pretty nice to me!

… And then I went upstairs. What. In. The. Hell! I must have been in the process of redoing something, but this is just… pure shit. 😉

I have no idea what is going on in here!

Finally, I entered my basement, which is pretty much how I remembered it. Kind of cluttered, but there are still a lot of rare items, NES games and models in here.

I need to use up all those tickets just laying all over the floor!

After surveying my home, I headed for the wishing well, which is where the New Year’s Day celebration was taking place. I was amazed at how many weeds there were!

That’s just embarrassing…

Upon my arrival at the well, I visited Katrina’s table to get my fortune told.

Humor me, Katrina!

I then talked to Jeremiah. Despite the fact that I scared him, he offered to let me take a turn throwing a penny into the well! I made a wish, then threw my money in.

I felt cheerful for about three seconds until this bitch had some nerve:

Your rudeness pisses me off, Queenie!

Then I chatted with Mayor Tortimer, who gave me his advice.

Right on!

Note that Tortimer will also give you a journal for the new year if it is your first time playing this event. I didn’t get diddly squat since I’ve already played before!

I headed back to my house to save my game, but first I ran into Poncho. He seemed to have a clue as to where I’ve been all this time!

This game is almost self-aware at times. Cool, but creepy!

As you can see from the picture above, I give my animals dirty catchphrases sometimes. I just can’t help myself. Lo and behold, Poncho asked me to give him a new one because his was getting stale. Check out how happy he is!

Yes, Poncho, that phrase will make you SO popular!

I felt bad about neglecting my town for so long, so I returned to the game after midnight to see if I could find Wisp so he would get rid of all my weeds for me. I also chatted up several of my animals to see if someone would tell me just how long I’d been gone. I don’t know why, but I spoke to Queenie again:

I didn’t ask for your opinion, bird brain!

Ugh! She is so rude! Anyway, Axel finally told me that I had been gone for 36 months…

Cool fact about Axel: he has been in my town since I started the game!! 

Wow! Three whole years without playing?! I can’t believe it’s been that long. Well, at least SOMEONE was happy to see me!

Nice to see you too, Rizzo!

Talking to Rizzo paid off, because he wanted that weird mossy stone I randomly ordered three years ago.

Glad you are excited about the mossy stone, cuz I wasn’t!

I walked my whole town, but there was no sign of Wisp. Dammit! The weeds will just have to stay for now, because I am not picking them all! I did decide to make a snowman just for funzies, though. I thought I did good, but it turned out I sucked just as bad as I usually do.

I really enjoyed playing Animal Crossing today! After so long away from the game, it was a welcome return. I’m sure I will play it more in the days to come. I can’t bear to leave my second floor looking so crappy! The next blog entry will be about New Year’s Day in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Bye!