End Game Thoughts: Doubutsu no Mori!

Something I thought would be fun to do is write a few thoughts down after I beat a game. Not a review, exactly, just what I liked and didn’t like about the game, how long it took me to beat, etc. No in-depth writing, just my rambling thoughts! I thought of this idea a few months back, and I’ve actually beaten a few games since then (go me!). The first game on my list is Doubutsu no Mori!

AF N64 Front

Game Title: Doubutsu no Mori
Platform: Nintendo 64
Hours Played: approximately 20

About The Game


Doubutsu no Mori is the first game in the Animal Crossing series. It was only released in Japan, so I played the game entirely in Japanese. It’s a life simulation game, and you live in a village populated entirely by animals. I considered the game beaten when I paid off my house- though it certainly is open-ended and can continue to be played and enjoyed for many years!

What I Liked


Well, it’s Animal Crossing, so of course I loved it! I loved the simplicity of the day to day life in Doubutsu no Mori- chatting with villagers, decorating my house, fishing, digging up fossils… there is something so relaxing about it! I love how since the game was released in Japan, there are Japanese holidays I can take part in. It’s interesting to see some of the cultural differences!

What I Didn’t LikeΒ 

I was a little disappointed in the fact that dressers and other storage chests only hold one item each! Since the house is only one huge main floor, it makes it really hard to have a place to put extra items. Likewise, music players can only hold one song at a time. Also, you can only hold 50,000 bells at one time, which is more annoying than you might think. These are all little nitpicky things, though, and they don’t really detract from the game itself.

Closing Thoughts


I love this game! I am excited that I finally paid off my house, but that doesn’t mean I’m done playing. Like all my other Animal Crossing towns, I will still play Doubutsu no Mori and check in on all my little villagers!

4 thoughts on “End Game Thoughts: Doubutsu no Mori!

  1. Doubutsu no Mori e+ is one of the most interesting Animal Crossing games for me, since it was a sequel to the game in this post, but with added features like Resetti’s Surveillance Center and the first look at what would be called public works in New Leaf! It would have been really cool to start with Doubutsu no Mori (e+), or try it later in life, but I wouldn’t understand the language, I guess.

    1. I actually do own Doubutsu no Mori + and Doubutsu no Mori e+ for the GameCube! πŸ™‚ I have only played a little bit as I just got a Freeloader to finally be able to play them in my GameCube without having to mod it (or buy a Japanese one!). I honestly think if you wanted to play the Japanese games, it’s completely doable! I suck at Japanese, but I get through with the help of Google Translate and my prior experiences playing Animal Crossing games. I think you could definitely do it!

      1. I do sometimes get an itch to return to one of the older Animal Crossing games because they have such charm, and I’m drawn to trying e+ since it seems familiar, but also new & different! But yeah, since it’s so text-heavy and I wouldn’t understand it, that does give me pause, but thanks for the encouragement. πŸ™‚ I hadn’t heard of a Freeloader, that’s interesting! Very cool that you can play it on your GameCube and not just online via emulator *_*

      2. I agree! I do find myself going back to Population Growing just because it’s the first game I played in the series and I still love it all these years later! Playing through Doubutsu no Mori years later on the Nintendo 64 was such a great experience too. It is intimidating to play a game in a language you don’t understand, but fun as well!

        If you can find a Freeloader, it’s pretty cool to use. It’s a little glitchy at times, but still great to use to play games from other regions. I am grateful for the opportunity to play these games with it! Once I’m done playing through City Folk (I’m paying off my house debt, haha) I’m going to dive into Doubutsu no Mori + πŸ™‚

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