Birthday Gaming Goodies!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a wonderful day! My husband gave me several fun video game related goodies, which I will now share! 🙂

First of all, I got an external hard drive for my Xbox 360. My 360 didn’t come with much hard drive space, so it’s great to have an extra 20GB!


I also received a Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition Yahtzee! This is really cool, because I have never even seen this before. Plus, I love Yahtzee, so it’s a win-win!

I also got this super cool “Retro Machine”. This tiny replica of an arcade cabinet fits in the palm of your hand but is still quite comfortable and easy to play. It has 200 games on it, which I think is pretty awesome! The screen is nice and bright and the few games that I tried out actually look and play really great. I can’t wait to try out all of the games!

I also got the Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo, which I am so excited about! I am a huge Yoshi fan and this is just a super cute item to add to my collection! 🙂

Lastly, I got two packs of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards (series 3). I got a couple doubles, but plenty of new ones too.

So, lots of fun stuff for my birthday! My husband also got me a gift certificate to GameStop, so I’m sure I’ll be purchasing something from there very soon! 🙂


Time For A Quick Update!

I haven’t written a blog entry in a couple weeks… bad me! Unfortunately for me, I came down with a really shitty cold and didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING- not even playing games! I pretty much just laid on the couch and watched tv, read some books, and dragged my ass to work.

I’m feeling better for the most part now, which is good! I’ve been doing some sporadic gaming here and there, though not as much as I would like! I am on vacation this week, though, so I may get some more gaming in! So far, I’ve been back to playing Pokémon Blue for the Game Boy. It’s slow going because I’m focusing on leveling up all of my Pokémon, but I’m really enjoying it. One of these days I’ll be all caught up with the Pokémon series!


My team is getting pretty strong. Just a couple more Pokémon to level up, then I’m off to the first Gym to see if I can whoop Brock’s ass! 😉

I’ve also been getting back into Neko Atsume for the iPhone. I had abandoned my little kitty friends for awhile, but I decided to redecorate my yard and see who showed up. Look at all the kitties who came to play!

I love the personalities of all the cats too. What kind of personality type is “sore loser”? Haha!


I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to update this week, since my husband and I will probably be out and about quite a bit as we enjoy our time off from work. Bye for now! 🙂

First Impressions: Donkey Kong Jr.-e!

Next up on my list of games to try out from my Backloggery was Donkey Kong Jr.-e, released for the Nintendo e-Reader in 2002. In case you are unfamiliar with the e-Reader, it is an add on device for the Game Boy Advance.

My GBA, e-Reader, and Donkey Kong Jr.-e cards!

You can scan in specially coded cards to play full games or receive in-game items.

The e-Reader menu.

I purchased several of the game cards for the e-Reader, and I can’t believe there are still a couple I never even played! Note that the e-Reader only saves data for one game at a time, so you have to erase your old game to make way for a new one.

Bye bye Balloon Fight!

Now, I think I have played Donkey Kong Jr. in Animal Crossing, but I never messed with it much. So, I scanned all my cards into my e-Reader and loaded the game up!

Donkey Kong Jr.-e title screen.

Um…yeah. So apparently in this game, the tables have turned and Mario (or Jumpman, as he was first called) is holding Donkey Kong hostage, and it’s up to Donkey Kong Jr. to save him.

This game is a lot tougher than it looks!

Well, that’s nice and all, but Donkey Kong Jr. moves SO slow! He can barely get away from the crocodiles or other obstacles Mario sends his way, he can’t jump worth a shit, and he can’t reach very far, either! I found myself dying multiple times just trying to get passed the first level.

I got well acquainted with the Game Over screen…

Finally, I conquered the clunky controls and got to the second level!

Ummm, yay?

This level was just as annoying. It was made even more annoying by the fact that Donkey Kong Jr. CANNOT JUMP WELL. Ugh! I gave this level a couple more tries, then went ahead and quit the game.

Needless to say, my first impression of this game was not a positive one! I realize the original version of this game has garnered many positive reviews, but I am just not a fan. The controls are very annoying, the gameplay is clunky, and the sound effects are irritating as well. I know that the more I play this game, the better I will get at it… I’m just not sure I really want to!

My Gaming Week in Review (7/03- 7/09)!


Nintendo GameCube

Like I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I played Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the very first time! I won’t do a recap on it since I just wrote about it, but here’s a funny screenshot:



Nintendo 3DS

I played some Animal Crossing: New Leaf for awhile. It was nice to visit my town again! I came out of my house and noticed that I had something to dig up right by my house!

Hmmm, what will it be? Hopefully a valuable fossil!

I decided I needed to update my look a little bit, so I went dyed my hair purple and bought some new clothes! Now I have kind of a cute, sporty look!

I love it! For now. I’ll probably change my mind in a week!

I spotted Leif snoozing near my house, so I decided to help him out and pull some weeds.

Even though he’s so lazy, I love him!

I then spent some time shaking trees and picking fruit. I found an “amazing machine” in a tree and thought it sounded cool, so I immediately went to my house to check it out!

Sounds awesome!

Man, was I disappointed.

Um…. well, that sucks! 

There is nothing amazing about that at all! Ugh! Anyway, I also visited my villagers as I traveled through town. Hippeaux has an extremely fancy house!

Who knew he lived so richly!

I also found a house plot for Rolf, and I am very excited he is moving in! I had him in my Animal Crossing town many many years ago, and I love him- even if he is a bit grumpy!


I also chatted with Rizzo, who was camping in Blorp for the day.

I even stopped for a cup of coffee!

Drinking coffee with Kapp’n!

After awhile, I decided to do some fishing. I caught two new fish:  a guppy and an ocean sunfish!

After fishing and selling various items and fruits, I had quite a bit of Bells in my pocket, so I decided to pay off more of my mortgage. I’m getting there!

Blah, I’m always in debt!

I also played some Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer this week. When I started up the game, I chatted with Isabelle. She told me there were a bunch of new projects available for me!

Not today, my dear! 

However, I wanted to do a little something different this time, so I put off the projects for now. I haven’t used my NFC reader to scan an Amiibo card yet, so I checked that out today. If you aren’t familiar with using Amiibo cards in this game, you simple scan in a card and it “calls” the character on the card. You can then design their home! And since I have the first model of the 3DS, I had to get a separate scanner to be able to use the cards. Luckily, it came bundled with Happy Home Designer. 🙂

Anyway, the first customer I called was Stitches! Of course! I love him! Haha.

I chose a location that was bright and sunny with a little body of water nearby. It seems like he would really enjoy the trees and bright flowers too!

Geez, can I live here too?

I decorated the outside of his house with bright, fun colors. In his yard, I went with tons of flowers, a slide, and two sandboxes for him to play in. I also added a swing so he could look out into the water and relax.


Inside, I made almost everything “Kiddie” and I added a couple toys as well as some crayons and paint supplies for him to play with. I left the middle of the floor pretty open so he would have plenty of room to play!

Stitches absolutely loved his new home, and that made me very happy! 😉




I’ve pretty much made it a habit to play Solitaire before bed almost every night. And surprisingly, I’ve won a few games!


I also played The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed for the first time. I REALLY want to see that movie because it looks absolutely adorable! 😉 Anyway, I downloaded it a couple weeks ago and just decided to check it out earlier today.


This game is a pretty standard Match-3/ Candy Crush/ Juice Cubes type game, but with pets from the movie. At the beginning of the game, I’m greeted by Max, who is very excited!


Every level has a different goal, and it seems like every pet wants something different. Max, for instance, is waiting for his owner to come home.


After a couple levels, I unlocked Leonard, who apparently is a purebred metalhead! My kind of dog!


Leonard’s levels required me to match toys to turn up the volume on his speakers. When his owner leaves, he starts out listening to classical music, and he is sitting up very proper…


But once you give him some volume, he rocks out and starts headbanging! I love it!


I only played 5 levels of this game, but it is super cute and fun so far. I will definitely be playing more of it in the coming days!

Those were all the games I played this week. Thanks for reading!

First Impressions: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door!

Continuing on in my quest to try out all the unplayed games in my backlog, I decided to give Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door a little playtime! This game was released in 2004 for the GameCube. I remember I actually did GET the game in 2004- I was out shopping with my uncle, and he actually lent me the $20 to buy the game because it was on sale. I didn’t play it right away because I hadn’t yet beat Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64, so I didn’t want to play its sequel. Well…. 12 years later I still have not finished Paper Mario, so I wanted to at least play a little bit of this game! 🙂

Title Screen.

The Thousand Year Door starts off with Mario receiving a letter from Princess Peach, telling him she is on vacation (what else is new!). She’s in a town called Rogueport, and she says there is treasure there. She even includes a treasure map!

Poor Luigi, he never gets to go anywhere!

Mario can’t resist the adventure. With that, the Prologue begins!


I arrive in Rogueport, but something seems a little… off about this town. Doesn’t really seem like a vacation destination. Plus, the townsfolk are really damn rude!

Soon, I overhear a conversation between a cute little Goomba and a… bomb? I don’t know what he is.

What ARE you?

The little Goomba sees me and hides behind me, prompting the bomb to pick a fight with me! Hey, I didn’t ask to be involved!

Crap, why does Mario always have to get involved in battles that aren’t his?

The bomb was easily defeated, but he wasn’t happy about it. He set a bunch of his minions to swarm around me and the Goomba, but they were really dumb… so they didn’t notice us getting away!

When we reached the main hub of Rogueport, the Goomba introduced herself as Goombella.

You’re cute, but you owe me!

Goombella must be a girl after my own heart, because she said what I normally say any time I go out in public 😉

Haha I understand your pain!

After chatting with Goombella for a minute, a Toad came over to us and started talking. He was unaware that Princess Peach had sent me a letter, and he had no idea where she was! He said she just disappeared. However, he said he wasn’t up to the task of finding her, so he was off to relax while I tried to find her.

Uggh! What a lazy bastard!

Are you kidding me?! Can you be any more lazy?! Luckily, Goombella loved the idea of adventure, though, and joined my party. Yay!

I’m sure she will be very useful!

We set out to find Goombella’s professor, but first, I rested at the Inn to restore my HP.

Even heroes need to recharge!

We ran into a rude Goomba that I wish I could’ve stomped on…

YOU don’t know nothing, jerk!

And an angry Toad that lost his contact lens. Of course, I accidentally stepped on it, so he blocked my way and refused to let me pass until I got him another contact lens. Asshole!

I also took a peek at the Item Shop, but didn’t purchase anything.

Why do the Toads working in here look so scared?

While walking, some guy ran into me and stole half my coins! I found him in the back alley of Rogueport in a crappy house that had flies and roaches crawling around! He didn’t put up much of a fight when I asked for my money back, but he did tell me that even innocent looking people were thieves! Wow, what is wrong with this town?!

Never carry your wallet in your back pocket!

Come to think of it, the whole back alley was nasty looking. I didn’t really spend too much time there.

Looks shady to me!

After that little excursion, I saved my game. Because this is an RPG and will require a bit of my time and attention, I won’t play it anymore for now. It was fun trying it out, though, and I really enjoyed it! It seems like a really good game! 🙂

My Gaming Week in Review (6/26- 7/02)!

I didn’t play too many games this week, mostly because I was focused on Kirby Planet Robobot! I can’t help it, the game is addicting!! 😉


I played no console games this week. Boo!


Nintendo 3DS

Yep, this week it was all about Kirby Planet Robobot! This game captivated me from the moment I began playing it! And this week, I beat the game (the Story Mode, anyway)!

I picked up where I left off last week, on Level 4 of Area 4- Gigabyte Grounds. In this level, I used the Robobot Armor a lot, which is always a treat. Part of the level was also in Jet form, which has become one of my favorite parts of the game! The end of the level even had a face off against Core Kabula, which is a throwback to one of the very first bosses in Kirby’s Dream Land, Kabula! I didn’t get a very good screenshot of her (she was moving too quickly), but trust me, it was super fun!


Level 5 involved a lot of bomb blasting, and the music in this level was totally bad ass.


The Area 4 boss was Mecha Knight, a souped up version of Meta Knight that crazy Susie and her boss Mr. Haltmann must have dreamed up. He was pretty rude, but I managed to kill him anyway.


After I defeated Mecha Knight, Area 5- Rhythm Route opened up for me.


Level 1 looked and sounded cheerful enough, but I soon realized those thumping musical notes in the background meant business! I had to be careful not to step in front of them at the wrong time, or I would be smooshed up against the screen. This happened a couple times, and was not pleasant!


Level 2 was another charming city-type level, with lots of Waddle Doos driving around. There were also some adorable sleeping turtles in this level! Too bad I had to get in the Robobot armor and punch them out of my way! 🙂


Level 3 was a casino level, which was fun and entertaining. This time around, I had to avoid giant pool balls- until I got in the Robobot armor and destroyed them! Man, I love that armor…


Level 4 was interesting. There were parts where I had to walk on a floor lit up with green LED panels. Certain panels would travel on the floor, lighting up red with skulls on them. If I stepped on those panels, I would get shocked! This made things somewhat fast-paced at times, but still enjoyable.


Level 5 took place on a moving train. Not too difficult, but still fun! I really enjoy all the diverse levels in this game.


The boss of this area was Dedede Clone! Look how surprised Kirby is!


The Dedede Clone behaved much like the King he was modeled after- he tried to suck me in and beat me up with his hammer!


At one point, he split into multiple smaller versions of himself, which was a little creepy.


Just when I thought I was done, the Dedede clones hopped into a machine called D3 and started really acting crazy! This part was a little difficult at first until I learned the patterns of the machine. Finally, he/ it/ they were defeated!


After that freak of nature was dead, I moved on to Area 6- Access Ark.


Level 1 was a bit strange. It seemed like I was just walking down endless corridors with tons of pictures of Mr. Haltmann hung up everywhere. The music was creepy too!


Level 2 looked pretty cool, but there were lasers trying to kill me constantly! A lot of the level was auto-scrolling too.


Level 3 had the same look as Level 2, but involved the use of the Robobot armor. The creativity in this game never ceases to amaze me!


Level 4 made me feel like I was stuck inside a computer or something! The world seemed to be slowly becoming unhinged- and it also seemed like it was trying to kill me! At certain points, shapes would be quickly drawn in the background, then be pushed to the foreground to squish you!


Level 5 was similar to Level 4, with an epic fight against Gigavolt II at the end. He was a jerk, but I managed to beat him!


I entered the boss door, and was pitted in a fight against Mecha Knight+. I wasn’t expecting this as the final boss, so after I beat him, I was pretty sure it wasn’t over.


Sure enough, I finally got to meet the lunatic behind Planet Popstar’s invasion- Mr. Haltmann himself! He droned on about his perfect machine, then jumped into a gaudy gold mecha suit and just about kicked my ass. His insane laughter will haunt my dreams for sure!


Nevertheless, I defeated him… but I wasn’t done yet!


The machine (which was named Star Dream) that Haltmann had created suddenly became self-aware… and it wasn’t very nice! Susie, who decided Haltmann was an idiot, presented me with my Robobot armor and told me to get in.

This part, by the way, was Area 7- Mind in the Program. It doesn’t show up on the World Map, and my guess is you can only access it by defeating Haltmann first.


Anyway! Meta Knight suddenly flew by with his ship (the Halberd), and I fused together with it to create some totally bad ass version of it!


I fought against the Star Dream, which kept creating random missiles and other weird things for me to shoot at. It exploded, and I was done…


or not! Most of Star Dream was destroyed, but I guess the core was still alive and well. This part was a little difficult, as it fired at me mercilessly. Piece by piece, the core’s armor was stripped away, until it finally blew up. Was I done…?


HELL NO! This boss seemed to go on forever! Now Star Dream was a totally creepy … thing that had a face! I could almost feel the insanity at this point. It shot everything it had at me, from numbers to random items, all in an attempt to kill me. It took me a couple tries, but I finally whittled its life away. And did Star Dream die?


NOT YET! I actually yelled at the game, “Jesus Christ, it’s still not done!” Which made my husband die laughing and tell me how I am “cute” when I yell at games! Anyway! The last part was easy, as Star Dream hardly fought back as I unscrewed every piece of it. Finally, IT EXPLODED AND WAS GONE.


Afterwards, Kirby floated off through space and landed safely back on Planet Popstar, which was returning to normal.

The credits rolled, and I had fun playing the mini game that went along with it (punching the names as they scrolled by). The question mark after the words The End made me a little nervous- I didn’t want to have to fight Star Dream AGAIN any time soon!


As it turns out, I unlocked two additional game modes when I completed Story Mode! That would explain the question mark (whew!). MetaKnightmare Returns allows you to play the game as Meta Knight, which sounds amazing! The Arena is all boss fights.


I just want to say that this game was AMAZING! The replay value is very high, too, considering there are two whole modes I haven’t even explored yet, as well as two subgames I haven’t played. Plus there are many more stickers to collect as well as Code Cubes I missed! This game is definitely one I really enjoyed. ❤



I played some more Solitaire this week, though I don’t know why I bothered- my losing streak continues! I played 6 hands, and lost them all! This is probably my worst losing streak ever.


I also played a little bit more Crossy Road. I still suck at it, but I unlocked two new characters this week. One was Jaguar…

and the other was Chimney Sweep. (okay…?)

That’s it for the games I played this week. If you haven’t picked up Kirby Planet Robobot yet, I highly recommend it. It’s amazing! See ya next time!