Winter in Neko Atsume!

I wanted to check on my kitties in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector today. When I loaded the game, I was pleasantly surprised to find that snow was covering the yard and the music had changed to a beautiful holiday tune. I also love the little snow bunny on the table! (The snow bunny also happens to be one of my favorite items in the Animal Crossing series)

How pretty!

I hadn’t realized the game would correlate to real life seasons, so that’s a pretty cool discovery! I bought a couple new items for my kitties, including a Blizzard Tent and a Bunny Kick Toy. Before long, Dottie showed up to play with the kick toy!

How cute!!

She looks like she had a blast with it. Again, I am reminded of my cat Misty when I see behaviors like this, because she does the same exact thing!

Misty loves her toys!

After Dottie left, my frequent visitor Snowball came by to hang out in a sock.

I can always count on Snowball to come visit me!

These kitties are so cute, it makes me smile every time I play. Good night everyone!

Quick Entry…

Because of the holidays, I haven’t been playing too many games the past few days. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about games, though! =) I have a neat idea for something that I want to do this upcoming year.

I have been enjoying the Animal Crossing series for years, but one thing I have yet to do in any of the games is see all of the holidays. Understandable for Doubutsu no Mori, since I just got the game in November, but somehow I’ve missed holidays in all the other games as well! This may be because I was busy, forgot about it, etc.

So, my gaming resolution of 2016 is this: I am going to make it a point to see every single holiday in every Animal Crossing game this year. Seriously. This seems like a tall order considering that’s FIVE games I have to account for, but I’m a very organized person. As long as I look ahead and write down the days I need to play, I don’t think I’ll have any problems.

With that being said… ONLY for this reason will I allow myself to time travel if I need to. And that would only be as a last resort because I turned the game on too late or I was too busy with the real-life version of the holiday to play.

So, I’m really excited for this! I’ll hope you’ll enjoy reading about all of my adventures as much as I’m going to enjoy playing and writing about them. Of course, I’ll be playing other games as well. My backlog isn’t getting any smaller! =)

A Quick Update…

Just wanted to write a quick update while I have a little bit of downtime! I got home late on Christmas Eve, but as I was putting stuff away and cleaning up, I realized that I needed to check Doubutsu no Mori to see if Jinguru (Jingle) was in town! Jinguru is the self-described black-nosed reindeer who visits your town on Christmas Eve to give you a gift. In Animal Crossing, he is walking around until 1 a.m. on Christmas morning. Since it was 12:52 a.m., I figured I needed to hurry up and find him!

Surprisingly, Jinguru was very close to my house when I began playing, so I thought that was cool! I spoke to him and he explained to me what he does every year and how he enjoys it. He didn’t give me a present, though, which meant that the holiday is identical to Animal Crossing. This means that you have to find and talk to Jinguru five separate times in order to get ONE gift. I figured there was no way I would do that before 1 a.m., but I tried anyway. I found him a second time, then as I found him for the third time, the clock struck 1 a.m. and he disappeared. Bummer! Next year I will get him to give me a gift for sure =)

Also, I just wanted to mention that last weekend I entered a fishing tourney in Animal Crossing: Wild World. I didn’t play the game for a few days, so I wasn’t sure if I won or not. I was happy to see that when I played the game very early this morning, I had a letter saying that I won! I got a fishing trophy for my troubles.

One last thing to say: I retired Christmas Sweeper for another year. Boo! It’s a fun game, but after the last level that took me forever to complete, I got kinda burned out on it. Maybe next year I will be in the mood to play more!

Christmas Eve Fun With Doubutsu no Mori!

The holidays are here, which means that the next few days will be pretty busy. Nevertheless, I had some free time this afternoon to play Doubustu no Mori.

I was really happy when I came out of my house and saw that it was snowing! Also, my favorite music from Animal Crossing was playing (the Christmas theme). It immediately put me in the holiday spirit!

I ran around saying hello to all my villagers, many of whom said I hadn’t talked to them in two weeks.

One of my neighbors, Diana, even said she was pissed! Look at what my translator says!

That made me laugh. Sorry to piss you off, Diana! =) After saying hello to everyone, I went back to my house. Upon entering, I realized that I was infested with roaches! Yuck!

Look at those three little bastards, just waiting to be squished!

I stepped on them all and once my house was bug-free, I decided to do some fishing. I’ve greatly improved my fishing skills, but they still need a little bit of work.

Fishing from the waterfall was fun, even though all I caught was a can!

Besides catching a chiisaibasu (small bass) and a futsuunobasu (bass), I caught nothing but a bunch of wakasagi (pond smelt)! What is up with that!?!

I went to Tanukichi and sold my goods to him, then I bought some paper because I had a ton of fossils that I needed to mail away. I hate buying paper in this game because he only gives you one sheet at a time!

40 Bells for one sheet of paper? What a cheapskate!

I then mailed away all my fossils and saved my game for the day. Merry Christmas everyone!


Still Collecting Kitties…

Two blog posts in one night? That’s a new record for me! Ha. Anyway, I have been ignoring my kitty collecting duties lately, so today I played a bit of Neko Atsume Kitty Collector to make up for it. I purchased a couple new items and placed them in my yard. Soon, I had several kitties playing!

Snowball (the all white one) has visited me 37 times!

I checked the game on and off throughout the day, which is customary for this game. I was thrilled to see that I had finally caught Misty hanging out in a box!

Misty the cat has made a few visits, but I never managed to get her picture until now. The reason why I was so happy to finally have a picture of this cat is because I have a REAL cat named Misty, and I’m pretty sure they share some of the same personality traits.

Just like her in-game counterpart, the real Misty loves boxes and is very lazy!

So far, I have seen 26 cats, and have pictures of 21 of them. That’s pretty good progress! I don’t mind taking my time collecting all the cats though. I have a feeling I’ll be sad when I’ve gotten them all!

Who will visit next? You never know!

Trying To Get In The Holiday Spirit…

I haven’t been playing as much of Christmas Sweeper as I had originally planned on this season, so I’m very far behind. It’s been hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit this year, so I haven’t felt like playing it much. Since Christmas is only a few days away, I decided to play a little bit and finish a few levels!

I left off on Level 21, which I sailed through with no problems.

I already cleared some of the board by the time I snapped this pic, but it still wasn’t too hard.

Level 22 wasn’t too bad either.

Looks complex, but it wasn’t too bad!

Then I got to Level 23. Wow! This one looks like it’s going to take some work!

Are you sure this is only Level 23?!?

Clearing the chained up pieces of the board really proved to be challenging, especially the ones on the very bottom row.

I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to ever clear it, but I finally did.

One star is better than none!

Over sixteen minutes to complete one level? Uggh! I’m glad I got it done, but I wasn’t in the mood to play any other levels after that.  I started playing a couple other games in the meantime- I may blog about that either later tonight or tomorrow. =)

First (And Last) Impressions: Bloodborne!

A few days ago, my husband finally finished up the Metal Gear Solid game he had been grinding away on for weeks. He decided to start playing Bloodborne, a newer game for the PS4 that he had purchased recently. The game received rave reviews and is even going to be re-released with a Game of The Year Edition, at least for our European friends.

The loading screen, which you’ll be seeing an awful lot of!

A few minutes into the game, he came into my office, told me it was a ridiculous game and he was trading it in! He told me the difficulty level was insane and I should come check it out.

Being interested in the game myself, I sat down to play. I started out in some kind of gloomy room with a bunch of skeletons coming out of the floor at different moments. I took a moment to admire the scenery. This game is pretty!

I walked into another room where a very ugly werewolf (or Scourge Beast, if you want to get technical) was enjoying a human snack. He saw me, and immediately decided I looked tasty!

Well, shit!

I got a couple punches in, but it pretty much ripped my throat out. I died, then the game reloaded (the reload time is TOO long) and I went after him again. And… he killed me again. And again. What an asshole!

Another screen you will be seeing a lot of….

I decided to give the beast the middle finger and run past him. I ran up some steps and opened a door…. but my character took too long to open the door and the werewolf ate me again before I could get out into an area known as Central Yharnam. Uggh! The next time the game loaded, though, the door was already open, so I just ran through and was able to outrun Mr. Hungry.

The courtyard/ graveyard area I stood in was kind of neat, but there wasn’t much going on. I ran to one gate, which was locked, then ran to another gate on the opposite side of the courtyard. That one opened up for me, and I continued running towards who-knows-where!


The next area contained some overturned/ broken down wagons and random stuff, including dead bodies. I saw movement from behind one of the wagons, and I walked over to investigate. I thought maybe it was someone to talk to, someone that would give me some insight as to what the hell was going on.

Nope! Turned out it was a Huntsman, who immediately burned my ass and chopped me up with his axe! I tried a couple more times to kill him, but had no luck.

My husband played a little more, and at one point he almost defeated the Scourge Beast. It’s definitely apparent that this game takes practice, as the difficulty level is pretty high from the get-go.

Almost had him!

Is it a game I would want to play again? Maybe at some point. However, I have so many games that I need to play though, it would be a long time before I even got back to it. My husband decided he didn’t really want to deal with it, so he took it to Target the next day and traded it in. So long, Bloodborne!


Winter In Wild World!

Just a quick post for tonight! I played some Animal Crossing: Wild World and was happy to see snow covering the ground, which means winter has officially come to Wild World!

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland…

I began walking around town and immediately tripped over a snowball, almost destroying it in the process! Luckily, it didn’t break up against the tree I pushed it into (they are very fragile when they are small!). I kept walking and soon found the other one.

Since I had found two snowballs, it was time to make a snowman! For some reason, I have a hard time making perfect snowmen in this game. I carefully formed the two halves of the snowman, and….

uh oh….

Ah….well, shit! How did the head suddenly get bigger than the body? It didn’t look that way when I had them side by side! Ugh! I almost destroyed the poor, misshapen thing with my shovel, but I decided to keep him around for now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have better luck!

After that debacle, I fished for awhile and dug up a fossil and gyroid. My pockets became full, and Nookington’s was already closed for the night, so I couldn’t sell my goods. That’s okay though. I’ll be earning a nice chunk of change when I turn the game on tomorrow. Good night everyone!

Oh yeah, and P.S.: No one has moved in since Octavian left yet. I’m expecting a new neighbor soon!

Finally, A Snow-Covered Ground!

I wanted to play Doubutsu no Mori today, because I haven’t played it in several days. I had some extra time tonight, so I was able to play for a bit!

The first thing I noticed when my game loaded and I came out of my house was that not only was it snowing, but snow now covered the ground! I always love this time of year in all the Animal Crossing games- everything looks so beautiful! Plus, since it never snows where I live, I get to have some winter fun even when it’s 80 degrees (or more) out!

I then walked around and said hello to all my neighbors. Some missed me, some were annoyed that I hadn’t talked to them. Hey, life gets busy, chill out!

I also noticed that I had another new villager in my town, so I hurried over to their house to meet them. It’s Dalman (Hopper)! He’s a really cool penguin character I’ve never had in any of my other games. Even though he supposedly has a cranky personality, I hope he sticks around for awhile!

I didn’t have much time left to play, so I decided to go to Tanukichi’s shop and see what he had for sale. I saw something really weird when I approached his shop: all of the flowers I planted a couple weeks ago turned into weeds!

What in the hell…???

That’s never happened in any of the other games. In Animal Crossing, the flowers never die. In all subsequent games, the flowers will wilt after a few days of no water/ rain/ snow, but you can water them and they will come back to life. I’m stumped! There is no watering can in this game… I’m not sure what to make of it. Maybe because it’s winter the flowers lost all their petals?

Anyway, I ended up buying a large festive tree from Tanukichi, even though I already have a small one in my house. I love the holiday season, what can I say! =)

What, don’t you have more than one Christmas tree in your house?

One other thing I’ve been thinking about. I wonder if you can build snowmen in this game too? I’m pretty sure you can, because an online guide I’ve been consulting shows the Snowman Series furniture. I didn’t see any snowballs tonight, but I didn’t do a full sweep of the town either. So, it’s possible I just didn’t see them. By the way, I only like to look up stuff when absolutely necessary, like if I’m trying to translate a name or something like that. I like discovering things on my own! Games are way more fun that way. I guess I will find out soon enough if I can make a snowman!

Goodbye, Octavian =(

Today I booted up Animal Crossing: Wild World and was happy to see that it was snowing in my town! This is the first time I’ve seen snowfall in the game this year; lately it’s been nothing but sunny! It was nice to see some wintry weather.

It’s so pretty when it snows!

My good mood lasted until I open up my mailbox and discovered I had a letter from Octavian. Something told me this wasn’t a letter to just say hi…

Say it ain’t so!

Yep, just as I suspected- he moved away! A couple days ago when I played, he mentioned he was moving, and I tried really hard to stop him. My pleading obviously didn’t work! Well, I still have him in my Animal Crossing (GCN) town, so he better stay there!

I continued my walk around town, chatting with villagers and collecting fruit to sell. Stitches acted completely normal to me, but then sent a weird letter to Gladys. What gives?

While I was walking around, I noticed a strange flower on the ground. I’ve never really been into creating hybrids (they are cool, but too much work!) but it still looked out of place to me. I picked it up, and sure enough, it was some black tulips! A quick reference check on Thonky (they have many great guides, check them out if you never have!) confirmed that I did indeed have a hybrid flower. I thought that was very neat, because I wasn’t even trying! I picked it up and stuck it in my hair, but it really didn’t look right.

I decided to keep my hybrid flower close to my house, where I could make sure it’s always watered and taken care of. If I know I’m going to take a hiatus from the game for awhile, I’ll try to remember to pick it up so it doesn’t wilt!

Happily watering my rare flowers…

I also visited Kabuki in his house, and noticed that he had the green frog chair I gave him a couple weeks ago. Glad to see him enjoying it! He asked me for more green furniture, but Nookington’s unfortunately had nothing that fit the bill.

It’s cool to see the characters actually utilize what they ask you for!

I played a few more times on and off throughout the day, just fishing and making more Bells. I’m still working on paying off my final  house expansion. Only 439,000 Bells until I am done! Good night!