My Gaming Month in Review: August 2017!

Well, I have been sick all this week with a lovely cold! It’s a little early for that, isn’t it? I hope that doesn’t mean I’ll be sick all through the fall and winter!

Besides the cold, I am NERVOUS because I live in Central Florida, and Hurricane Irma is supposed to start impacting our weather Sunday. The hurricane is so big and covers such a wide area! The track has shifted a few times, and none of those shifts have been in our favor… it’s been crazy this week as people have been stocking up on supplies and getting their houses ready. I’m still hoping it shifts away from us… anyway, let’s just hope for the best here!

Now to talk about something much more fun… video games of course! I didn’t get a ton of gaming time in for August, but I still managed to make some progress in a few of my games!

First of all, Michael and I had a bit of fun this month playing some games on our Atari Flashback 7 console! I just love Atari games. Anyway, the Atari Flashback 7 has 101 games to choose from, so there’s a ton of different options here! We played a few of them, including Bowling, Frog Pond, Hangman, Miniature Golf, Night Driver, Sky Diver, and Slot Racers.

Night Driver game me a damn headache, and we couldn’t figure out Sky Diver for the life of us, but the other games were a blast to play. Frog Pond had us laughing so hard trying to get our frogs to move and eat the flies! It was simple, silly fun.

I played Doubutsu no Mori a little bit on the N64 this month as well. It seems like it’s always raining when I play!


I FINALLY witnessed a balloon getting stuck in a tree, and I eagerly shook the present down! Inside was… an annoying executive’s toy. Yippee.


One day when I started up the N64, a message popped up on the screen that I hadn’t seen before. I was a little worried, until I realized that the controller wasn’t all the way plugged in! Still, the literal translation of “please throttle controller 1” gave me a good laugh!


I continued working towards paying my debt on my house, and one of the best ways to do that is by fishing. I know I’ve said it before, but fishing is such a royal pain in the ass in this game! My reaction time is way too slow, I guess.

As it stands, I still owe 285,000 Bells to Tom Nook. One day my debt will be paid!


Meanwhile, in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for the Wii, I finally got Bo’s wish! Two people down, eight more to go. I’m getting close to hearing Renee’s wish.


Owen is seriously crushing on me, lol! I sound like a middle schooler. 😉 It is adorable to watch, though. He asked me on a random date at one point, which I thought was pretty cool. I wasn’t expecting such a random event- makes the romance a little more “realistic” in my opinion!

At the end of August, I was on Year 1, Autumn, Day 26…. I didn’t get a screenshot of my progress though!

I also continued playing Juice Cubes on my iPhone. There were some limited time vacation levels to play, set in a world where everything was frozen solid. These levels are really hard! I only played the first level.


Back in the main game, the levels are still pretty tricky. I beat Level 29 on the very last turn!

Currently, I’m on Level 35.


I’m still slogging my way through The Legendary Starfy on the Nintendo DS. The game is so cute, but the gameplay mechanics are so weird sometimes… and I think that’s why it’s taking me so long to beat this.


It’s such a pretty game though!


Also, I spent way too much time laughing at this screenshot:


Yes, I am aware that sometimes I have the same humor as a 12 year old boy. So be it! I’m currently on Level 4-3: Sogwood Forest: The Papes Chase.

That’s it for my gaming fun in August. I had a really productive month in Pokémon GO, which I will detail in my next blog post. 🙂

15 thoughts on “My Gaming Month in Review: August 2017!

  1. I’d love to try Atari Flashback! Actually I would prefer to have the original cartridges bur I don’t want to spend a fortune of them. Are the game well rendered on the console?

    1. I prefer the original cartridges as well, but the Flashback is still great to have! Yeah surprisingly they are rendered very well and look great on the TV! I haven’t played through all the games yet, but the ones I have played are awesome!

    1. Thanks! I felt pretty rough for a few days, but I’m feeling much better now. The hurricane was pretty scary and did cause some damage to our home, but I am happy it’s all over with!

    1. Hurricane Irma was pretty scary! We did have some damage but it’s all stuff that can be fixed. Jose looks like it’s not going to be a threat to us at this point, and I’m grateful- I’ve had my fill of storms for a long time!

      Aww don’t you love the Atari! Makes me happy every time I get to play an Atari game! 🙂

  2. Did you get hit by Irma, or were you able to stay out of the danger zone?
    Whatever you had must have been contagious. I’ve had the cold last week, which is impacting my lungs this week. But, let’s just hope this was out allotted dose of being sick!

    1. We did unfortunately get hit pretty hard by Irma… it was pretty scary! It was supposed to turn away from us, but never did and the eye of the storm (or what was left of it) ended up going right over us!

      Aww sorry to hear you have been fighting a cold as well! I hope you are feeling better now. Yes, maybe we got our sicknesses out of the way early and now we won’t get sick anymore this fall or winter! 😉

      1. It’s definitely not something I want to go through again anytime soon! I’m grateful that my family and friends are all safe and sound and the damage that was done can all be fixed, though. I’m looking at the positive side of things 🙂

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