End Game Thoughts: Bookworm!

Game Title: Bookworm
Platform: Kindle Touch
Hours Played: about 1 1/2

About The Game


Bookworm is another one of those games that has been released multiple times throughout the years on multiple platforms. It was first released in 2003 I think on the computer? I’m too lazy to do much research. Anywho, the version I played was released in 2012 for the Kindle Touch. (yes, I still have a really old Kindle that has books and games on it!)

So what is Bookworm about? Well, it’s a puzzle game where there are a bunch of Scrabble tiles with letters on them, and you connect the letters together to form words. Shocking, right? Once you make a word, more tiles fall down and you just keep on forming words til your little heart is content… or until the level is over, anyway.

As you progress through the levels, more shit goes down… like, sometimes the tiles will catch on fire and move down the board with each turn! Oh, the horror! If the fire reaches the bottom of the board, you are screwed.

What I Liked


This game is pretty relaxing, for the most part. I really do enjoy word games, so it was fun for me to see how high I could get my score! Even though my Kindle Touch displays everything in black and white, the graphics translated well and I had no problem seeing what I was supposed to be doing!

What I Didn’t Like


Though it is fun, the game does start to drag on the longer you play. It’s definitely designed to play in short bursts- just play a level or two here and there, and it’s fun for everyone!

Closing Thoughts


Bookworm is a fun little game that when played in short bursts, provides a decent distraction from life. I played it for about an hour and a half total, got up to Level 14, and had a final score of 114,790. Not too shabby!

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